You will find no loyalty from me in your dishonourable hulk of an empire."
"Good. For we fight against them and require your aid."

- Voro Acetenus meets Morin Ehtar, mistaking him for a servant of the Primercer

Morin Ehtar is a male Cogsangui serving as a Fleetlord in the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, commanding the mighty dreadnought Endurance of the Hallowed Star. Born in 80 BNE on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, like most of his kin, Ehtar fought in the Intergalactic War, a devastating conflict throughout the Gigaquadrant during which the Cognatus aimed to destroy all those who worked contrary to their scriptures. Ehtar was a shiplord on the Milky Way Galaxy front, fighting in many engagements against the Delpha Coalition of Planets, earning him the admiration of his enemies for his honourable modus operandi in battle.

After the war, Morin Ehtar pledged his allegiance to Voro Acetenus and his Cognatus Remnant, accepting the truce with the allies and even travelling to the Delpha Coalition to meet his former foes and reminisce about their bouts in battle. When the Dark Times brought about the exile of Acetenus and the rise of the Cognatus Empire, Ehtar was sceptical to the point where he abandoned his ship, becoming a rebel and a heretic in the eyes of the zealous leadership of the Cognatus. However, his days as a rebel would come to an end when he had a major role in the formation of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos.


Intergalactic WarEdit

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Ehtar and the Cognatus Battlefleet annihilates the forces of the Plazithian Allies during the Intergalactic War's darkest chapter.

Your planets will shine with glass, and the smell of charred Grimbolsaurians will be blown away in the wind!

- Morin Ehtar sending a transmission to the Delpha Coalition of Planets during the Intergalactic War

Morin Ehtar was born in 80 BNE on the Cogsangui homeworld of Cognalorilos, where he was aggressively trained in the arts of a Cogsangui warrior with both a blade and a blaster. When he came of age, he was sent to fight with the armed battalions of the First Cognatus Empire, ultimately rising to the position of Shiplord by the time the Intergalactic War broke out. Ehtar's first major engagement occurred over the planet Virashadon in the Outer Rim of Cyrannus, where he was responsible for the destruction of a Delpha Coalition of Planets expeditionary force in what became known as the Genocide of Virashadon.

Impressed with his performance, the leadership of the Cognatus sent the young shiplord to the Milky Way Galaxy to oversee the destruction of the heretical forces there who opposed the Cognatus. Countless battles were raged between Ehtar's forces and those of the Coalition of Planets, with both pitting their highly advanced technological prowess against one another. Though momentarily ensured that the Cognatus would be victorious with the invention of highly advanced warships which destroyed allied fleet after allied fleet in a bloody crusade which cut a swath throughout the Plazith Rim, the war nonetheless began to turn in the favour of the Allies. Ehtar however, gained a somewhat positive reputation amongst the DCP as an honourable and worthy foe. However, as the war in Cyrannus drew to a close, the combined effort of the allies pushed Ehtar and his forces out of the Plazith Rim and back in time for them to realise that much of their military had been swallowed up and taken to realities unknown.

After the war, Ehtar joined the Cognatus Remnant under the honourable Voro Acetenus, whom Ehtar learned to greatly respect and trust. Though he was originally sceptical of the Remnant's attempts to make peace with the Cyrandia Alliance and the other factions which had fought against the Cognatus during the war, he grew to accept it and even travelled to the Delpha Coalition of Planets to meet with those he faced in battle, spar with them and reminisce about their bouts in honourable combat. When the Dark Times heralded the end of the Cognatus Remnant and the birth of the Cognatus Empire, Ehtar served it for a time before taking his ship and his crew deep into the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus, where they lingered for years.


Voro, Corva and Tironus meet with Morin Ehtar and Thaur Vicliquam.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit

Morin Ehtar eventually came into contact with fellow rebel Cogsangui Thaur Vicliquam and ultimately joined him in his quest to locate Voro Acetenus and bestow upon him the mantle of rightful ruler of the Cognatus. In order to do so, Ehtar led a massive attack on the vast Melkón-class Dreadnought Harbinger of Truth, ultimately managing to capture the vessel from the Cognatus under the thrall of the Primercer. Hearing word from the New Cyrannian Republic that Acetenus was in the Quadrant Galaxies, Ehtar, Vicliquam and those under their command travelled there, where they eventually encountered Voro and his friends on Koerband. To Morin's relief, Voro decided to join with the rebel Cognatus, declaring the rise of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos.

Later Conflicts

During the Wars, Ehtar was tasked by the newly appointed Primarch Voro Acetenus to accompany him to Mou'Cyran, where they joined a fleet known as the Pax Infinitus Armada in a massive battle known as the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone, fighting against the Corruptus overworld Brezank. Though more content commanding ships in orbit, Ehtar decided to head down to the massive demon world, where he joined a team which included Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va, Agent Tau and Venoriel. Considered the first team of the three sent to Brezank, they successfully managed to complete their mission before returning to orbit. After the arrival of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and the end of the battle, Ehtar returned to allied space.


The Endurance of the Hallowed Star tows the damaged Republica away from the battlefield during the Neraida War.

When the New Cyrandia Wars came to an end, Ehtar was called upon to lead the Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence during the Concordian Liberation, which ultimately succeeded in freeing the peaceful planet Concordia from the Cognatus Empire's grasp, thus winning a key battle in the ongoing Sundering of the Cognatus.

Neraida WarEdit

During the Neraida War, Ehtar was handpicked by the Primarch to serve as the Order's champion against the Neraida Gigamatrix, which had launched a genocidal campaign against the New Cyrannian Republic. After the Battle of Coruanthor, Ehtar happened upon a distress signal sent out by the C.R.S. Republica, the flagship of the Republic fleet. Travelling to the source of the beacon, Ehtar and the crew of his new flagship, the Endurance of the Hallowed Star, discovered that the Republica had been severely damaged in a battle against a Neraida flagship and was saved only by the arrival of the Endurance, which towed the Republica back to allied space.


The Battle of the Neraida War rages.

After the battle, Ehtar's armada was soon joined by the Herald of Retribution, the flagship of the Primarch himself. Together, they led the Cognatus forces into a wormhole leading to the heart of Neraida space, where the allies began preparations for the destruction of the Neraida Core.

During that climactic battle, Ehtar, and his young student, Ankhnes Nar Monomai joined a team of warriors to the Core, where they finally put an end to the Neraida's reign of terror. With the war concluded, Ehtar and his warriors returned to Cognatus space, only to be reassigned to the Milky Way Galaxy, where, during the War of Cleansing, he reported to the Primarch that an unknown number of Cognatus empire worlds had mysterious vanished. Though ordered to investigate the matter, Ehtar would soon be recalled to Cyrannus, in light of rising tensions with the Empire.

Second Great WarEdit

Battle of Xellunactos

Morin Ehtar plans his assault on the bridge of the Hallowed Stars.

Opening Stages

Ehtar was infuriated when he learned that the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus had unleashed the power of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation on Mou'Cyran and was one of the first Cognatus to sound the drums of war. During the opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Ehtar and the crew of the Endurance of the Hallowed Star were assigned as the sole vessel in defence of Xellunactos, in the Swords of the Primarch region. Though outnumbered by an Imperial battlefleet, Ehtar displayed his tactical genius by emerging victorious over the invaders, destroying each vessel and killing the Imperial Mortalitas commander in an honourable duel.

The victory at Xellunactos came as a boon to the beleaguered allied forces, beginning a string of Cognatus victories over the Empire that continued with the Battle of Corathon, during which Ehtar fought alongside Primarch Acetenus and the Indoctrinate Collective to win the first major victory for the Allies after the Battle of Cadian.

SGCW Battle of Corutaran

Morin and Kuestantine's armada clashes with Mornauó's.

Several months later, Ehtar was assigned by Primarch Acetenus to aid the New Republic Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine in his invasion of the southern sectors of the Outer Rim. At Corutaran, Ehtar's forces proved a boon to Kuestantine's push to take the planet, though the arrival of the Imperial admiral Lucaevon Pierea forced them to retreat. However, before he did so, Ehtar ordered the Hallowed Star to ramming speed, and activated the deconfinement disruptors just as the ship was about to impact against an Imperator-class destroyer, utterly destroying it. When the Cognatus and the Republic arrived at allied-controlled Laurantia, Ehtar pledged to have his revenge on Pierea.


Several months later, Ehtar had been summoned back to Cognalorilos to counter a potential invasion from a new faction led by a Nequam warlord agitating on the borders of Cognatus Space. Present on the planet during the Great Star Dominion's bold attack, Ehtar fought alongside Ankhnes Nar Monomai, Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris against the Mortalitas forces, and later commanded the Hallowed Star in driving off the Dominion fleet after the destruction of the Republica.

Personality and TraitsEdit

An excellent leader and an ingenious tactician, Morin Ehtar is a valued addition to any battle often using his often unorthodox tactics to great effect against his opponents, even great enemies such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets. This may have something to do with his opinion on the code of honour held by most of his kinsmen, being that he believes that it is more of an ideal to aspire to rather than a way of life which must be rigidly followed, especially when it does not suit him in battle. This pragmatic aspect of his personality has served him well during military campaigns, though it did not prevent his failure in carrying out the Crusades of the Milky Way during the Intergalactic War. Prior to joining the Cognatus Remnant, he saw this as a great moment of shame, though ultimately learned to accept his failure was probably for the best, given the corrupted nature of the Cognatus religion. This later developed into him forging strong friendships with many Grimbolsaurians he faced in battle.


Endurance of the Hallowed StarEdit


What fools to face our cannons!

- Morin Ehtar, during combat with the Cognatus Empire at the Concordian Liberation, 06 NE

A vast Exaltatio-class Assault Carrier, the Endurance of the Hallowed Star is the command ship of the Fleetlord Ehtar and the flagship of the Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence. Though the Exaltatio-class was considered outdated by the beginning of the Sundering of the Cognatus, the success of N'thavo Xellunaion's flagship Resolution and Truth compelled the shipyards of Cognethril to reopen production. The Endurance of the Hallowed Star was soon completed as the first Exaltatio-class built in twenty years, ultimately proving itself to be a feared hunter of the remnants of the Cognatus Empire.



Green faceIt is agreeable to see you.


Blue faceWhat do you need friend?


Yellow faceSpeak. There is no time to dither.


Orange faceIt is the wisdom of the Primarch that stays my blade!

  • AnPthak: Politician with no spine!


Red faceDie now!


I can always trust your counsel, Morin.

- Voro Acetenus

Quite stable for a Cogsangui, it seems.

- Aneen Daerethal



  • Though created by Cyrannian, much of Ehtar's history in the Intergalactic War is based on information provided by Wormulon.


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