The very shadows work against you. The Empire has eyes everywhere.

- Moranonúngur

Moranonúngur is a male Bisistar that serves as the leader of both Imperial Intelligence and the Imperial Inquisition as well as a high ranking member of the Phaedric Order, the closest acolytes of the Dark Lord Tyrómairon. Formerly a commander in the Bisistar Domain, Moranonúngur infiltrated thousands of civilisations across the universe, including the United Republic of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation and Humanity, all the while gaining much in the way of power, which increased expodentially when he was recruited by the Dark Lord into his ranks during the Great Cyrannus War.

As the secretive leader of Imperial Intelligence, codenamed Phantom, Moranonúngur's main occupation is rooting out enemies of the Empire and inflicting upon them the full wrath of Imperial retribution. In addition, Moranonúngur also often serves as an infiltrator to some of the Empire's most fearsome enemies, most notably the Cognatus Empire prior to the rise of the Primercer. In the years after his failure to destroy the Cognatus from within however, Moranonúngur has committed fully to orchestrating the various operations undertaken by the Empire's premier intelligence agency often bringing him into contact with the equally mysterious Imperial Overseer.


Early Life[]

Like most Bisistar, Moranonúngur's early life and childhood are clouded in utmost secracy, and he is willing to kill anyone who questions him about it. Nevertheless, he, from a young age was always on the lookout for powers that would make him stronger than his adversaries and he was always looking to better himself and tower above his peers. In his young adult years, he joined the military, and his primary function was gathering intelligence on his enemies, both actual and potential across the Gigaquadrant.

As he travelled farther and farther, his knowledge of ancient civilizations and their powers and energies grew until he was one of the most powerful Bisistar in existence. However, he was soon about to become even more powerful, more so then he could possibly imagine. While exploring the empires of the Kraw Galaxy, the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon used his charm and charisma to convince Moranonúngur into joining the Mornûnendur, becoming a terrifying, yet awe inspiring sight to behold.

New Ramhall[]

Moranonúngur leaves Claire and Mortikran on New Ramhall.

Soon after his master unveiled his master plan, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Moranonúngur was called into its service as a dark messenger and executor. His first mission was to the Rambo planet New Ramhall, under siege by the Empire. He had brought a device to unleash his wrath upon Claire Rambo in order to turn him into his personal bodyguard and Imperial Hand. The device took control over Claire's mind, turning her into a slave of the Empire. Moranonúngur than turned to the Imperial captain in charge of the assault, Mortikran and charged both him and Claire with the pursuit of the former President Apollo. His mission completed, the evil Bisistar acolyte returned to his master, confident that things would play out as planned.

Leader of Intelligence[]

Moranonúngur was later ordered to take over the supercomputer-planet known as HAFKLJCYR1463, lair of the Cyrannian Vida'Rranlora. Moranonúngur hacked into the Database and inserted a device of Mornûnenduran origin, which started to electrocut the machinery of the Database while erasing it's basic functions. The Vida'Rranlora all screeched in pain, and the defenses of the planet stopped. Some moments later, the electric burst was over, and the Vida'Rranlora greeted Moranonúngur like a friend. He had hacked their normal functions and made them loyal to the Empire.

Moranonúngur in the Vida'Rranlora Database

He later travelled to Cognalorilos, where he watched as the Cognatus Empire was formed. Contacting his master, Tyrómairon ordered him to assume the identity of The'naman, one of the Cognatus hierarchs. Bowing to his master, Moranonúngur tracked down The'naman and killed him, assuming his identity, thus bringing the Theocracy under the watchful eyes of the Dark Lord. Moranonúngur remained in the form of The'naman for months, influencing many of the Cognatus' decisions as a nation, leading them unknowingly toward disaster.

To his relative surprise however, Vos Adamae led a Cognatus fleet allied with his former Bisistar comrades into battle against the Neraida Gigamatrix, eventually winning and returning to Cognatus space with the ancient Oikoumene construct known as the Licent. This troubled Moranonúngur, but he agreed to pray before the Licent to maintain his disguise. However, when the Licent discovered Moranonúngur's loyalty to Tyrómairon, the angry AI fired at the acolyte with a power beam which translocated him directly to his master.

Tyrómairon punishes his acolyte.

When Moranonúngur appeared before Tyrómairon, he was punished by his master for failing in his mission. Tyrómairon brought his acolyte close to death, but relented when Moranonúngur told him that the Licent was responsible for his mission failing. Tyrómairon appeared to be shocked by this revelation and dismissed Moranonúngur. With his pride damaged, Moranonúngur travelled deep within the surface of Orbispira and oversaw the construction of the Emperor's flagship, the Imperium, which held position deep within the planet's cavernous depths.

Over the next several years, Moranonúngur managed to regain his master's esteem and was eventually appointed the mysterious leader of the enigmatic Imperial Intelligence and the decidedly more sinister Inquisition some time later. To agents of both organisations, he went by the codename Phantom. During the New Cyrandia Wars however, Moranonúngur left his lofty perch on Orbispira in order to join his peers in a massive attack on the Corruptus Overworld Brezank in an operation led by the newly awakened Thaurlathrón. Several months later, Moranonúngur contacted Intelligence Agent Caranye Valaeris during the Great Geopolitical Calamity of 05 NE, where he was informed that the near-war between the New Cyrannian Republic and the Empire was caused by the Cyrannian Syndicate. After receiving this information, Moranonúngur passed on the information to the Imperial Overseer.

Second Great War[]

May you enjoy your freedom, people of Arcadia. And may you enjoy your peace. Your freedom from life. And your peace, in eternal death.

- Moranonúngur, to the people of Terrae prior to its destruction

After the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Moranonúngur intensified his operations against the Republic, and in the aftermath of the disastrous Borealis Front of the war, which saw Imperial territory in Borealis fall to the Corruptus and the Republic, he attended a meeting of the Phaedric Lords. During the meeting, Moranonúngur chided Meketanor for his attitude toward his fellow Phaedric Lords, and assigned him to investigate reports that Mar-Júun sought to expand his influence in the Cyrandia Cluster. Several months later, he travelled to the Milky Way Galaxy, where he presided over the surrender of Terrae to the Empire. When crowds assembled in the city of Arcadia, and began to agitate against their new Imperial masters, Moranonúngur carried out the Dark Lord's command, and began bombarding the city—utterly destroying it. He later joined Grand Admiral Tector Decimius in presiding over the fall of Rambo Nation, which had fallen prey to the Corruptus.

Personality and Traits[]

A cold, analytical, cunning and sinister individual, in many respects Moranonúngur perfectly encapsulates what it means to be both a Bisistar and a member of the Emperor's Phaedric Order. Though he holds a great capacity to be cruel and merciliess, he does not allow these basal emotions cloud his judgement during both personal assignments given by his superiors or when orchestrating the power plays which define Imperial Intelligence. Indeed, Moranonúngur is somewhat unique amongst his peers in that he much prefers working as a manipulator of events from afar and has been known to underpreform during missions where a more direct approach is required. Furthermore, Moranonúngur almost always accepts responsibility for the burden of failure rather than lashing out on those under his command.



Green face.pngWhat is your will, master?


Blue face.png You must serve my master if you are to survive.

  • Meketanor - He serves the Dark Lord well.
  • Vandorallen - I had the honour of showing him the true path of power.
  • Agonânghâsh - He commands the greatest amount of power our master has blessed him with.
  • Claire Rambo - A mere pawn. Her usefulness however can be respected.
  • Venatorius - You wield great power, old one.


Yellow face.png ...


Red face.png Tremble at my feet!


You will be useful in the Plan.

- Dark Lord Tyrómairon

Moranonúngur is a fine servant of the master and a worth ally.

- Meketanor

...JOIN ME... don't you see... order is meaningless... Power lies here, not in this Empire but in blood... in war and anarchy...

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

He was one of our best. Now missing in action...

- Catulus




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