Victory at any cost. For the Republic!

- Monoud

Monoud is a male Cavaneu that serves in the Starfleet of the New Cyrannian Republic as the commanding officer of the 32nd Fleet from his flagship CRS Tythóran. A gruff and seasoned figure, Monoud is determined to win at any cost and expects nothing but the best from the officers under his command. Monoud has led Republic forces in the Milky Way Galaxy since the declaration of the Republic, fighting in conflicts such as the Dominatus War and the Kicathian Dissension.


Early Life[]

Born on the Cavaneu homeworld of Neudan in 154 BNE, Monoud spent much of his childhood under constant fear of a Basileus invasion. The two species were at each others throats for centuries, existing in a state of perpetual war. However, as he grew older he molded this fear into hate, joining the Cavaneu navy in the hopes of fighting against the threat of the "red-skins". Throughout his youth, Monoud served on dozens of Cavaneu warships, earning him a reputation as a cold though honourable warrior determined to rid his people of all threats facing them. Word of this paragon of Cavaneu culture reached the ears of Neudan High Command and he was soon awarded his own command, serving on the front lines of the conflict with the Basileus.

Monoud fought alongside Admiral Cretacea and General Sesoka during the liberation of Neudan.

Eventually, Monoud decided to transfer his command over to the Republic Navy, becoming a captain tasked with the defence of his home sector. During the Great Cyrannus War, he was included in the Neudan Fleet over his homeworld that came under attack from a primarily Basileus Confederate task-force. Though the planet was briefly occupied by the Basileus, the timely aid of Admiral Willelmus Cretacea and General Sesoka liberated the world, cementing Monoud's profound respect for the Republic.

New Republic Commodore[]

Attero Dominatus

Take heed allies, the Cyrannian Republic sends aid against these nightmarish brutes. Form up on my command and we will drive them all the way to Hades Prime!

- Monoud rallies his allies during the Battle of Chalcedon during the Dominatus War.

The CRS Tythóran participates in the massive battle of Chalcedon during Attero Dominatus.

Unwilling to join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus during the Dark Times, primarily due to the influence the Basileus had over it, Monoud went into hiding for three years, only to surface when Apollo created the New Cyrannian Republic in 03 NE. Quickly declaring his allegiance, Monoud was promoted to Commodore by Admiral Cretacea on Mou'Cyran and was soon given command over the Procurator-class Battlecruiser the CRS Tythóran as well as overall command of the 32nd Fleet assigned to the Milky Way Galaxy. Soon after his arrival, Republic Command ordered him to aid the Allied Terran Republic, which stood alone against the vile Drakodominatus Tyranny during its campaign against them. During the Battle of Chalcedon, Monoud along with a vast Republic fleet arrived and helped destroy the Dominatus fleet. Afterwards, he took part in the Mirus Campaign, aiming to rid the universe of the Dominatus for good. After returning victorious to the Milky Way, Monoud was tasked with leading Republic forces allied to the Kicathian Republic against the tyrannical Kicath Empire.

Physical Appearance[]

Monoud is in most ways a typical male Cavaneu. Possessing dark blue skin, a long crocodile-like snout, piercing eyes and large clawed feet, he can be quite a fearsome sight to non-saurians, a fact that he often uses to his advantages to intimidate his enemies or insubordinate officers under his command. Often seen garbed in the typical uniform for Cavaneu Republic officers, Monoud conveys his high rank by garbing himself in an elaborate hat and shoulder pads, which allow him to stand out on the bridge of his warship. Monoud's voice is often remarked as being gruff and with a slight Neudanian accent typical of Cavaneu born on his homeworld.

Personality and Traits[]

A gruff, no-nonsense officer, Monoud is respected and feared by those who serve under him in equal measure. Though he is stern and perhaps unforgiving to those who have wronged him in the past, he is also known to have a healthy sense of humour and often holds meetings involving his senior officers in which he serves Cavaneu brandy and other forms of alcoholic beverages that Republic relulations frown upon. During his long life, Monoud has never relinquished his utter hatred for the Basileus which soon translated into an utter hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when it was formed in the closing stages of the Great Cyrannus War. Nevertheless, when the Basileus government broke off from the Empire during the New Cyrandia Wars, his opinion of the galactic hyperpower softened somewhat.



Green face.pngHmph. You're alright.


Blue face.png*grumble*


Orange face.pngGrr...

  • Val Niathan: Don't start a war that isn't needed.
  • Guolivian: Just about as tolerable as a Basileus can be.


Red face.pngBah! My teeth to your throat!


Never hate an entire race, Monoud. I'm sure there are pleasant Basileus that do not conform to the stereotypes.

- Willelmus Cretacea

He was instrumental in saving my people during the Dominatus War. He has the respect of humanity and the Terran Republic.

- Elethien

History will take note of your actions at Chalcedon, for you have signed the death warrant of the entire Republic with your intervention. In due time we will consume your worlds and devour your entire people, we will swallow whole the very ideals of your precious Republic and only then will you wish for a fate as sweet as death.

- Grand Admiral Hinderkrazt Ludderfotz, December 2794



  • Despite the Cavaneu being introduced to the wiki in 2010, Monoud is the first individual to gain his own page.


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