I rule my people with a fair hand. My husband and I are devoted to them and only them.

- Moch Na

Moch-Na a female Mortalitas and the current Imperial Mandator of her race, having previously ruled her people for about two hundred and ten years as queen. She is also the feared Zillum's wife. Regal, stately and at times, vicious, Moch-Na is still considered to be relatively beautiful among her people, and her charisma and popularity among the Mortalitas make her a great ruler.

Under the influence of her husband, arguably the true leader of the Mortalitas, she has made many decisions, such as aiding the Trucinex in their war, joining the Imperial Alliance, and most recently, the Mortalitas' entry into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. She remains a strong supporter of Tyrómairon, despite losing her throne to her husband during the opening stages of the New Cyrandia Wars, thus leading to her arrest. Though she was later liberated by the Empire, she fell into captivity once again during the reign of the Great Star Dominion, which conquered Moreuse during the Second Great Cyrannus War.

History Edit

Early History Edit


Zillum is believed to have originally loved Moch-Na.

Moch Na was born on the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse two hundred and fifty years ago. From the moment of her birth, she was destined to become the queen of the Mortalitas as her mother's first daughter. She grew to idolize her mother, and tried to do her best to please her. When he mother eventually died, she became the new Queen and was generally very popular with her subjects.

She eventually met the young commander known as Zillum, and fell in love with him. However, unbeknowsnt to her, Zillum was only using the young queen in order to achieve more power. After two years of courting, the couple were married. Because the Mortalitas only have a queen, no king exists in their culture, as such Zillum worked his way up the military command structure, eventually becoming the de facto leader of the Mortalitas, his wife, a mere puppet leader.

Dark Times Edit

Power Struggle 02

Moch-Na and Savra Mathen argue on Orbispira.

Moch Na was influenced by her husband to join the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, making the Mortalitas vastly more powerful then before. By this time, Zillum had complete control over his wife and the Mortalitas as a whole. Despite this, Moch Na still believes that her husband loves her, when Zillum in actuality is incapable of such emotions. She is now trying to become the Imperial Grand Mandator of the Unknown Regions, a title sought after by the Emperor of the Corthrinus, Savra Mathen, bringing her into conflict with him. This internal argument reached boiling point after the first meeting of the Mandators on Orbispira, where the two promised to each other that they would be the Grand Mandator. Unfortunately for her, Tyrómairon learned of this and appointed Bri'sa'tana as Grand Mandator.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


Moch-Na is arrested.

Soon after the New Cyrandia Wars began, Moch-Na began to worry about her husband, who escaped the Empire's clutches after they attempted to arrest him. However, the Mortalitas Monarch would soon her husband's fate. Joining the Cyrannian Imperial State, Zillum led the first battle of the war over Moreuse with a massive fleet that smashed the planet's Imperial defenses. Shocked and horrified, Moch-Na nonetheless welcomed her husband to her palace, though was promptly arrested by her husband, who deposed her from her lofty throne.

Personality and Traits Edit

Moch Na is now completely under the control over her sinister husband, Zillum. She loves her husband more then anything, though Zillum himself has no love for his wife, at least anymore. Despite this, Moch Na is a very powerful woman and her wrath and will are known and feared across the Cyrannus Galaxy. She is quite vindictive and is willing to go to any lengths to achieve her goals. This said, her power is limited in comparison to her husband.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green faceI give our relationship my blessing.

  • Zillum - My beloved husband! Our marriage is strong and true.
  • Tyrómairon - The mighty and powerful Emperor of the galaxy.
  • Mortikran - A loyal Mortalitas!

Neutral Edit

Yellow face...

Enemies Edit

Red faceThe armies of the Mortalitas fight at my command!

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Quotes Edit

You'll be useful in my plans, for now.

- Zillum

Mortalitas fool. That title is mine.

- Savra Mathen

All power demands sacrifice. Yours would be perfect.

- Agnassana

My Empress! I will defend her with my life if need so!

- Mortikran

Like your relative, you'll suffer my wrath.

- Commandant Khuenaten

I never really cared for her, to be honest. Zillum is the true leader of the Mortalitas to me.

- Tyrant

Keep your claws OUT of the unknown regions! The arcane sector is under CAAON's control.

- Tyton Sialis

Trivia Edit

  • Moch-Na is the first female Mortalitas on the wiki.

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