The youngest of the four, she shines the brightest of them all with great reluctance. She upholds the values and ideals of peace and tolerance, even acceptance. In the end, she strives only for peace in our chaotic world.

- Dominion cult's passage on Mithra

Mithra Virios is the one of the divine princesses of the Draconizane Dominion of Universe 822912-3. She is reluctant to accept her placement as a demigoddess over the Dominion and prefers to search for a more peaceful way to maintain the Dominion, Mithra is often recognized as the most generous and kind-hearted of Kordan's spawn.


Mithra was born to Kordan and a Draconizane woman. She is one of four powerful offspring that was raised during the closing years of the Gruggysul War. Her birth marked the foundation of the five realms She was raised in comfort and loved by her father. Her older siblings however displayed varying attitudes towards her not long after her birth.

Her brothers were often mean to her, palying tricks and making her feel insignificant, with Kragh going as far as destroying her toys. Despite all the bullying, Mithra kept a positive attitude in live, seeing the goodness in all beings as she grew older.



Mithra is a reasonably large Draconizane due to her heritage as the daughter of Kordan Virios. Her scales are a somewhat stunning golden colour which add to perceptions that she is incredibly attractive. She enjoys wearing fine clothing


One thing that many notice about her is that despite being over a century old she can come off as rather childish and naive. Unlike her siblings she holds neither the capacity or the will to commit acts of cruelty, evidenced by how Amesai - her real min the dominion - has no slaves, putting all citizens in equal footing with each other. Having a heart of gold, she would never consider doing anything that she feels is bad or would anger her father.

One characteristic of hers' is that in order to get the attention of zomething (or somone) she will let out a repeated and long-drawn-out cry of their name until they respond. Depite the way she acts, she is capable of being naughty such as pulling pranks off her siblings. Her sweet and gentle nature often means she is never punished for it.



While in denial over her divinity, Mithra displays an immense amount of subconscious talent. Her very presence has the ability to lift spirits and promote health in those around her both for plants and animals. Long exposure to her aura has the ability to extend a person's lifespan and grand them a much stronger immune system while flora is boosted to potentially grow to immense sizes, or blossoming with a bounty rarely found in their natural state. While she does not consider herself divine, Mithra holds the ability to create life from nothing, summoning plants or animals and can influence even the most minute biological functions like the target's metabolic rate or their blood's ability to congeal. Despite her naivete, Mithra's self-control holds the potential for her talents with Descension Energy to surpass even her father's talents, making her in theory much more powerful than her siblings. How her power over biological processes display themselves depends on her emotional state and while normally her talents are lifegiving, when distraught her power over life can be harmful, even lethal depending on how distraught she is.



Green face.pngYou're my best friends!


Yellow face.pngB-But we just met!


Red face.pngHelp...


She's fun to play jokes on.

- Vetarion Virios

Adorable specimen.

- Kolossus