If it's my job to kill people, then so be it. But the very least I could do is make as clean and painless as possible.

- Misael Tanyan

Admiral Misael Tanyan (often referred to as Admiral Tanyan, Tanyan, or Tan, sometimes affectionately called Armada Mom) is the commander of the 3rd Regiment of the Assault Armada of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation and one of the oldest active military officers in the entire Federation. Tanyan is widely respected as a seasoned veteran, having command experience reaching back to the Intimadando War of the Genesis Era, and for her signature professionalism in battlefield situations, often regarded as an increasingly rare trait among TIAF military commanders. Her stern, but understanding conduct towards her subordinates also makes her one of the most well-liked commanders in the Assault Armada.









  • Tanyan's character was overhauled in 2016 as part of a Main Strike Fleet revamp effort, with Tanyan undergoing the most dramatic character change out of all the MSF characters. She was changed from a generally friendly, cheerful "diplomatic specialist" to a mother-like, stern-but-sympathetic veteran commander.
    • Tanyan's given name was changed from the mundane "Michelle" to the more alien-sounding "Misael" as part of this revamp.


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