If I hear about you pulling something like this again, punch yourself in the face so I don't have to.

- Empress Minarela, criticising Admiral Tai'Rex

Minarela is a female Vulrulan, the current Empress of the Regellis Star Empire. A member of a fairly common, albeit aristocratic subspecies of Vulrulan, Minerala seized her political power upon the discovery of a Rambulan vessel, and quickly forged the Star Empire into one of the most powerful civilisations in the Quadrant Galaxies. Petty and vindictive, Minarela rules through fear and subterfuge, and isn't afraid of using violence or deception to get what she wants. Though eccentric, Minarela knows how to wield power for the good of her people, and despite her failures during the New Cyrandia Wars, she remains committed to ruling for the rest of her life.


Upon her rise to the Regellian throne, Minarela began expanding her influence throughout the stars, investing in technological advances and the exponential growth of the Star Empire's fleets. Expanding into the Cyrannus Galaxy, Minarela presided over the conquest of the peaceful, albeit deceptive Rihanaen people, who proved instrumental in increasing the power of the Star Empire. As the Regellians began expanding further in Cyrannus, toward the galactic core, they happened upon the world which would ultimately become known as Mou'Cyran. When she learned that Admiral Tai'Rex had arrived at the planet and besieged it, in spite of a New Republic presence, Minarela humiliated her in front of her bridge officers, ordering her to withdraw.

A year later, and in response to New Republic expansion toward Regellis space, Minarela met with Regent Wels of the Jenassian Regency, and together, the two formed the Rihanae Pact, which began a war of aggression against the Republic. However, outmatched by the Republic's numerical superiority, the Pact was eventually defeated at the Siege of Rihanae, which resulted in the collapse of the Pact and the loss of Minarela's hold over the Rihanaens, who eventually formed their own star empire in opposition to hers. In later years, Minarela consolidated her power against these threats, and when the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted, she began moving her pieces into place.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Are you an idiot, admiral? That’s not a rhetorical question, I literally want you to tell me if you're mentally slow so I can be sure I can raise the standards for new recruits.

- Minarela is vicious when berating her subordinates

Malicious and ruthless, Minarela rules the Regellis Star Empire through fear and deception, and has overseen the deaths of thousands of political prisoners who dared to criticise her, or at least, criticism in Minarela's view. Indeed, she has been known to publicly flog those who question her choice in footwear, and execute those who claim that Regellian involvement in the New Cyrandia Wars was not a complete success. Eccentric in her own way, Minarela has no filter on what she says, and often humiliates those around her with puerile humour and punishment for failing to live up to unrealistic expectations.



Blue faceI'm on the edge of my seat. What do you want?

  • Unknown


Orange faceI'll have you stabbed in your sleep.


The Republic will bring her to justice before long, mark my words.

- Willelmus Cretacea



  • Minarela was created in 2013, though her page was made in 2017.


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