I have spent most of my childhood by her side, and I can easily say she is my best friend. A most gentle entity, if not slightly mischievous, I don't know if I would be able to live without her. She is simply that important to us.

- Maryah

Avahlarómahlya, nicknamed Mimi, is a notable member of the Thoi'olerthae race who serves as one of Sonhadromerith's main agents in the Onuris Universe. Originally sent to this universe for the purpose of aiding in the rebirth of Laminoula'Fuerq, she has since taken residence in it, living today at the Dracogonarious capital of New Draka and serving as the best friend of Empress Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective.

A zealous servant of the God of Dreams, Mimi dedicates herself to him at all times and does his will whenever she is requested, but also takes her time to grant bliss to mortals like all Thoi'olerthae do, in her case choosing to be the familiar of Maryah's family. Girly, hyperactive and protective for the half-Spinker empress, there are few who can keep up with Mimi's antics, and fewer who can make sense of her mannerisms.


Early History[]

Mimi is a long-time servant of Sonhadromerith and one of Thea'Nhirara's thousands of sisters. As the Realm of Dreams exists outside of time, Mimi doesn't have a determinate age, though she was around during the War of Black Fog and has fought against the Corruptus inside the Realm since Shu'rimrodir was imprisoned. Mimi herself led several battles against the Shu'olerthae hordes and continuously came in conflict with the servants of the Corruptus trapped inside the Realm.

Second War of Black Fog[]

9 billion years after the War of Black Fog, Mimi would take part of the Second War of Black Fog. After Laminoula'Fuerq was murdered by Shu'wokerama, Sonhadromerith sent Mimi and Thea'Nhirara to the Onuris Universe to recover his shattered body from the hands of the Dark Five. Mimi stood little chance against the high demons and was nearly destroyed in battle by Eleielord. However, before she was killed, she was saved by Inquisitor Kelsos. Under the care of the Grand Inquisition, Mimi was healed and aided in defeating Eleielord by exposing his weakspots.

After the death of Kolossus and the recovery of all of Laminoula'Fuerq's pieces, Mimi and Thea'Nhirara used their powers to bring him back to life and led the Thoi Armies of the Thoi'olerthae to combat the Marinoxidiz. During this time, Mimi befriended and grew a close bond with Maryah. In the final battle against Errr, Mimi and her Thoi'olerthae kin were destroyed by the scientist, though she was saved and her death reverted by the sacrifice of Laminoula'Fuerq. Mimi was also present in the final battle against Shu'rimrodir himself, helping the mortal group overcome the demon's corrupting powers. Following the end of the war, Mimi took residence at New Draka with Maryah, sometimes visiting the Realm of Dreams to report back to Sonhadromerith.



Mimi appears as a standard member of the Thoi'olerthae race, often taking the form of a spherical, angelic entity. One notable trait on her, though, is the presence of a headband which holds a large purple-coloured jewel which she uses to make herself distinct from her sisters. Attempts to remove this headband have proven fruitless, implying it is a shapeshifted part of her body rather than an accessory.


Mimi is noted for having a very hyperactive and perky personality, being quickly to try and befriend new individuals and always wanting to have fun with them, even if they sometimes do not want to. She is zealously dedicated to Sonhadromerith, seeing him as a master and ensuring his will is done. Mimi has good relations with other Thoi'olerthae and is one of the closest of her race in relation to Thea'Nhirara, who she considers her big sister. Mimi's mannerisms are often seen as odd by others due to her hyperactivity, something she seems to shrug off completely.


As a Thoi'olerthae, Mimi has all the powers typical to members of her race, such as using Dream energy and shapeshifting. She can create tendrils out of her form to manipulate or interact with other individuals or objects, and she is also noted for being surprisingly resilient to damage, being seen surviving a close blast from spaceship-grade weapons at one occasion.



Green face.pngHi! Hi hi hi hi!


Blue face.pngHey!

  • Agent Mu - He's all weird now!
  • Hachiman - The new destined is cute!
  • Titanozor - Big strong lanky legs!
  • Keldar - Cute face. Cute!


Yellow face.pngOh.


Orange face.pngBoo, go away.

  • N/A


Red face.pngYou're too naughty for my liking.


A friend for literally all eternity indeed. Her presence made growing up so much better...

- Maryah

No, I don't find you cute. Stop rubbing yourself against me while I'm asleep, you creep.

- Herquie

Of all the Thoi'olerthae who exist in all of the infinity of reality, you are simply the most disgusting one.

- Arrtkar Crowart





  • Mimi possesses a Pareidolia counterpart.
  • Mimi's original concept was of a genetically defective Shu'olerthae who was born of the opposite essence it was supposed to.
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