We serve the true Oikoumene. The Mornûnendúr. The Lord of Light is a relic from a time long past. He claims that he is the First Born of the Oikoumene, as if Light sprang forth from Light. No, it is Darkness that lies at the beginning of all things and at the end. As you all shall see.

- Mezzadriel

Mezzadriel was a female Miluiel who occupied a high rank within Tyrómairon's Phaedric Order. Like all Miluiel, Mezzadriel was an artificial construct created by the Oikoumene countless millennia prior to the Great Cyrannus War, created as a harbinger of the Lord of Light Apolithanatár. Like all Miluiel, Mezzadriel was created to serve and protect sentient life in the Cyrannus Galaxy, a task which ultimately led her to join the United Republic of Cyrannus as an official guard to the President of the Republic. A staunch protector of Apollo, Mezzadriel would fight off demons and even agents of the Dark Lord.

When the Great War ended with the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Mezzadriel attempted to fight off the influence of the Dark Lord, but to no avail. She, like her people, would be hardwired into serving the Oikoumene Lord, with Mezzadriel being further corrupted by experiments carried out under the aegis of Mormuadáin. Though she knew deep down that she did not belong in the Emperor's service, she ultimately had no choice but to serve, eventually convincing herself that her devotion was of her own free will. Arguably the quickest of the Phaedra, her power was spent not on physical strength, but strength over the mind itself, quickly gaining a key role in the many roles the acolytes serve.

The return of Apolithanatár in the second decade of the Empire marked a subtle shift in the Miluiel toward the Light, though Mezzadriel remained committed to the Dark Lord. She was killed at the Battle of Ambar in 15 NE, finding serenity in her last moment free from Tyrómairon's clutches. Her death marked the liberation of the Miluiel from the Empire, with her kin joining the Aldárae Order.


Early History[]

Like all known Miluiel, Mezzadriel's past is clouded in mystery with most evidence pointing to her creation during the reign of the Oikoumene, who created the Miluiel in order to fulfill their role to protect and serve life. As such,Mezzadriel was a being of purity and light, believed to be uncorruptable by the dark powers of the Mornûnendur. When the Miluiel came into contact with the United Republic of Cyrannus, Mezzadriel quickly offered her services as a protector to the Republic's leader, Apollo during the Intergalactic War.

Apollo's Protector[]

Mezzadriel and a fellow Miluiel defending Apollo against the Martyr.

During the Intergalactic War, she accompanied Apollo to the planet Coruindia, along with a fellow Miluiel guard. When a mysterious Cogsangui Martyr appeared, tasked with Apollo's death, Mezzadriel succeeded in destroying the assassin. This event prompted Apollo to consider Mezzadriel a dear friend, who rarely left his side for the duration of the war.

Mezzadriel remained Apollo's protector throughout the Intergalactic War, and into the Great Cyrannus War, where the attempts on Apollo's life were made even more numerous. Nevertheless, Mezzadriel stood by her friends side, even when the demonic Basileus, Mar-Júun attempted to kill him during the third year of the war. However, Mezzadriel used her powers to stun Mar-Júun, who was thrown out a window by Apollo when he attempted to harm Apollo's wife, Gianne Inviá. Unfortunately, Mar-Júun managed to escape.

Mezzadriel continued to serve as Apollo's protector throughout the Great War. Even when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, Mezzadriel used her powers to cast a ball of light against Apollo's attackers, who attempted to arrest him during his escape from Orbispira at the beginning of the Dark Times. In this way, she is responsible for the survival of the Republic Remnant, in it's earliest moments, though she decided not to join the Remnant, instead wanting to protect her people.

Phaedric Lord[]

In the months following the Empire's formation, the Miluiel went into hiding, Mezzadriel among them, acting as a leader to her brothers and sisters of light. However, for several weeks she began experiencing dark dreams, unheard of from a being of pure light. Eventually, these dreams reached a climax when she was approached by the Mornûnendur, Mormudáin, who wished to test his powers in order to corrupt a Miluiel. Despite all her best efforts to resist, Mezzadriel was corrupted, turning into an acolyte of darkness, completely devoted to Tyrómairon. She was killed in 15 NE during the Battle of Ambar, where Apolithanatár's influence briefly freed her from the Dark Lord's clutches before she succumbed.

Personality and Traits[]

Mezzadriel, as a Miluiel stems from the light, with ancient tales about her people often stating that if a Miluiel is destroyed, the universe itself grows darker. However, these rumours have no basis in conventional science. Nevertheless, Mezzadriel was once a graceful being, of intense kindness and beauty. However, when she was corrupted by Mormudáin, all of the kindness that once inhabited her heart died, replaced by complete loyalty to the Mornûnendur. Nevertheless, she still remembers her old life, and often mixes her former powers over light, with her new powers over darkness, making her a devious opponent in battle.



Green face.pngMay the Dark Lord show you the truth path.


Yellow face.pngThe Dark Lord has no further use for you.

  • Jiha'Rana - She was unworthy.
  • Apollo - If my master says the word, I'll have no qualms in killing you.


Red face.pngYou existence shall end soon.

  • None yet



Serve me well, Miluiel.

- Tyrómairon

I wonder what happened to her, she was a great friend.

- Apollo

Her power is to be respected.

- Moranonúngur

Bahahaha! You deserve no better fate!

- Mar-Júun


  • Mezzadriel was the first Miluiel character on the wiki.


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