Merdila Gelabi-Drescov is a Terratrix mercenary commander and House Ultanos underlord who gained reknown in noble circles for her efforts alongside paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI during the Holy Shadow War. Despite her distinguishment, Merdila is a pragmatic live-the-moment figure with an immense enthusiasm for pyrotechnics and military hardware. Despite this attitude, she shows great compassion for Lavlitta, her only daughter.

While she has served as a member of the Talon Ground Legions and in special-op units, Merdila's attitude makes her a strained individual in the eyes of the Military Council.


Merdila was born to Evelrikka and Gothemo Gilabi on the agrarian colony of Elyssthis II, a planet colonised by the Terratrix in the Tholfame-7 sector. She grew up in a small town with three siblings. From a young age, Merdila displayed herself as a tomboy, always enjoying play-scraps with her two brothers. As Gothemo served in the Imperial Talon Navy, he was often away for months at a time, but Merdila always rememebred enjoying when he returned to their home when on shore-leave.

During her days in school, Merdila always had trouble on the academic side of study. While far from unintelligent, she always had trouble when it came ot mathematics depite the support of several tutors. It was in physical education classes where she shone brightly and proved herself ot be highly capable of thinking on the spot. Not wanting to suffer the humiliation from spending more time in longer academic life, Merdila refused to attend a military academy despite her father's wishes and signed up as a soldier in the Imperial Talon Navy in ID.219473, but still retained contact with home.

For six years, Merdila served in the garrisons of dozens of Imperial planets thoughout three sectors, collecting numerous momentos that she kept with her on ehr travels. Near the end of this period she met Oshokor Drescov on a shore leave period on Alias XVIII. Oshokor was a Terratrix navigator who at the time was assigned to the TNSS Lumina. After a few drinks, the two became very comfortable talking to each other and spent seven months maintaining a long-distance relationship with each other. The two eventually signed a declaration of mutual cohabitation (a Terratrix equivilent ot marriage) in the late tenth month of ID.219478. A year later, Merdila laid what was to be Lavlitta's egg and a period of maternal leave was authorised by her regiment's commanding officer.

As Lavlitta grew up, Oshokor and Merdila grew increasingly tired of each other, rows breaking out between the two which often startled Lavlitta to hide inside her room. In ID.18.7.487 the two attended a courthouse to arrange for an official separation, with Oshokor taking custody of Merdila and establishing a restraining order of two miles due to acusations of parental abuse towards Lavlitta, which in reality was far from the truth. Merdila continued to serve in the Talon Ground legions while Oshokor used the finances won fro mthe trial to buy an apartment on Minos'Drakon.

In ID.219489 Merdila became acquianted with Vrom'Toorgh - a Val'Kar mechanic - after a night of heavy drinking in a bar on Tontas IV. The two of them became fast friends over the year, Merdial claiming Vrom was "less stuck-up than my ex, with a good hook" and they often met up when Merdila was on leave. After several months of pressure, Oshokor finally agreed in ID.27.2.490 to temporarily lift the restraining order and give Merdila a chance to see her daughter after three years.

Holy Shadow War and Beyond[]



A terratrix standing just under 2.2 metres in height, Merdila is ever-so-slighly below average height for her species, a slim but toned body with a generous amount of feathers adorning her shoulders and uppper torso. Her body is adorned with a set of deep blue fathers, which become a more icy blue close to the root. Despite being slightly shorter than average, Merdila posesses a smooth but toned build, hidden by the numerous feathers adorning her body. Her beak is stubby and a bold yellow, although it is scarred around the rim of her mouth, as well as being chipped in some places.







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