Ultimately, Cyrannus will not accept dictatorship.

- Mer Mirea

Mer Mirea was a female Libertus, who served as the Senator of Cruandai in the Inner Rim of the Cyrannus Galaxy, one of the few worlds in that area of the Cyrannus Galaxy which enjoys New Republic membership. Known for her strong belief in the principles of democracy and freedom as well as her hatred for the Galactic Empire's tyranny and oppression, Mirea was a strong Republic Loyalist that refused to accept the legitimacy of the Empire upon its formation at the close of the Great Cyrannus War.

Later in the Dark Times, she met with potential allies in the form of other Loyalist Senators and ultimately had a hand in the creation of the New Cyrannian Republic, becoming one of its first Senators. She served loyally for over a decade, before being killed during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm.


Republic SenatorEdit


Gauisa attacks Mirea's vessel.

Mer Mirea was born on Cruandai in the year 33 BNE. As a child, she was very charismatic and popular and yet, she was also quite quiet and subdued. She grew up with a sense of duty to serve her people the best way she could and was soon elected one of the senators in the United Republic of Cyrannus. When she joined the senate, she made many political alliances with like minded senators such as Gianne Inviá and Raen Magalen, even becoming a close political ally to Apollo, the president at the time.

When the Great Cyrannus War began, Mirea was outspoken in her desire for peace and yet also rejected the Confederacy of Allied Systems as a legitimate government. Her views on the Confederacy grew to the point where the Confederate Military decided that she has spoken against them and the war for long enough. Hiring the Bounty Hunter, Éaltar Gauisa, they decided that they would hold her hostage and make demands to the Republic. Quickly attacking Mirea's luxury vessel, the bounty hunter boarded her ship and kidnapped the senator. In the aftermath of Senator Mirea's kidnapping, the senate on Corunnia was in chaos. The Confederacy demanded that the Republic surrender to the Confederacy and give up the Core Worlds to the supposed rightful government or Mirea would be thrown out an airlock. Secretly, Willelmus Cretacea ordered a subvert operation to rescue the senator from the Confederacy's clutches and eventually managed to succeed.

As the war dragged on, Mirea remained an advocate of peace, though when peace came, it arrived in a way she could only dread.

Imperial SenatorEdit

I really don't think we should bicker. I met with Apollo before he left on his voyage, and he told me to support the Emperor publicly, but work against him in private. Still... I-I cannot bring myself to do so, even as a lie.
"Please Mer, I do not want to see you harmed. Opposing the Emperor publicly will only lead to your imprisonment. Or worse.''

- Mer Mirea and Raen Magalen meeting during the Dark Times.

To Mirea's utter horror, the Republic she loved so dearly was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus when the Great Cyrannus War drew to a close. When Tyrómairon addressed the senate for the first time, Mirea watched in awe as her life work was destroyed in a matter of minutes. In the months that followed, she remained as senator of Cruandia, though she grew increasingly bitter that the power of the Senate was being transferred to the Emperor and the newly created Mandators, essentially making the Senate a waste of time.


The senators conduct a private meeting on Orbispira.

After a year of Imperial Rule, Mirea met with Senator Magalen several times to discuss a possible course of action. Together, they decided that they would need more allies and thus sought out Senator Ramthrace, a Serindia loyal to the Cyrandia Alliance and Senator Ilas-Shei, a militant senator of Cora. Together, the four finally met together on Orbispira, deciding to work against the Empire in secret while publicly appearing loyal. Ultimately, the senators decided that an armed resistance may be the only option to restore democracy to the galaxy.

Rebel LeaderEdit

Mirea ran out of patience with the Empire quickly despite her colleagues insisting that outward loyalty was the wisest course of action. Mirea however, saw this as abhorrent to every feeling in her body and in a passionate speech in front of the entire Imperial Senate, declared that the Empire was detrimental to the Cyrannus Galaxy and indeed, the entire Gigaquadrant. Raen Magalen was shocked that Mirea put herself in danger and urged her to go into hiding. Mirea agreed to this, but insisted that she would find allies against the Empire. Mirea later met with Apaltar of the Republic in Exile, who managed to convince Mirea not to pursue violent action against the Empire, ultimately managing to convince her to aid Apollo in his efforts to create the New Republic. She attended the Cyrandia Conference as an official attendee and even shed some tears when Apollo formed the New Cyrannian Republic.

New Republic SenatorEdit


The last moment on Mou'Cyran.

Mirea was overjoyed that the Republic was reformed and ultimately led her world to becoming one of the first members of the New Republic, with Mirea representing it in the New Republic Senate. For over a decade, she led her people with grace and honour and though she did not always agree with the policies of President Nexarón Valkistair, she strongly believed that the Republic was moving in the right direction. On the eve of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Mirea was killed alongside most of her colleagues when the Empire launched a preemptive strike against the Republic government, by destroying Mou'Cyran.


Mer Mirea her late husband, Altus Mirea raised the Lusitania Squadron in honor of her demise and vowed revenge against the Galactic Empire. The Lusitania Consular-class Mer Mirea was named in honor of the late senator.

A painting of her is used as the official insigna of the Lusitania Squadron as well.

Physical Appearance Edit

Mer Mirea was similar in appearance to other female Libertus her age, though was slightly thinner than her peers and unlike most Libertus, was a herbivore. Mirea's skin was a soft, tanned colour, though the tips of her feathers were golden in colour, similar to other Libertus found on her homeworld. Her most common attire was a very formal dress made using Dvottie feathers, making her position in power quite apparent.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mirea was a stately and old-fashioned woman who came across as being quite snobbish in the eyes of many who met her. In reality however, Mirea cared deeply about all life forms and viewed all sentient beings as equals. That said, she had no time for corrupt individuals or those who use democracy to achieve unlawful power. It is for this reason that the Emperor's rise to power was so abhorrent in Mirea's eyes that she could not bare to serve him.

Mer Mirea was married and had children with her husband, fellow Libertus Altus Mirea who later became aligned with the Resistance following her death.



Green faceIt's good to see you!

  • Raen Magalen - He's the best public speaker in the senate and a useful ally.


Blue faceGood day.

  • Apollo - His term as president was successful. If only it wasn't ruined by war.
  • Apaltar - I can tell that he's a great leader.
  • Riordan Rambertan - Thank you for the transport!


Yellow face...


Orange faceQuite a dislikeable person.

  • Tyrómairon - Your time as emperor will end eventually.


A wise and charismatic senator. I certainly hope that she has survived the shameful rise of the Empire.

- Apollo

One of my closest allies in the Senate, together we will support the ideals of democracy.

- Raen Magalen

Take care, senator. Disloyalty is not tolerated.

- Guolivian


  • Mirea was based on Mon Mothma from the Star Wars saga.



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