The Tyrant of the Drakodominatus Tyranny and the sole daughter of the now deceased Tyrant Abaddon Heimdall. Medusa Heimdall is a cold and manipulative individual who uses words as weapons to make everybody around her serve her. Like other female Dominatus, she is reserved in her violence and is not brutal but plotting, manipulative, and deceptive. Her intelligence as a Dominatus Omega and her status as the daughter of the Tyrant along wit her incredible intellectual prowess even among her subtype in her specialized fields along with her relatively young age have made her the chief diplomat of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. She is currently the Tyrant of the Drakodominatus Tyranny, where her capacity to wage war on powers comparable to the Tyranny has been shown to be far less than that of her father.


Early HistoryEdit

Medusa was born into the most esteemed bloodline in the Tyranny - that of the Heimdalls, and upon hatching was initiated into a position that would lead to her becoming one of the most powerful figures, mortal or immortal, in the entire Gigaquadrant. From the day, her status served not as a cushion, but instead as an expectation for hr to be the best, and thus she was born she was pushed to perform at the fullest possible extent. Even during her schooling she combined her natural intelligence as an Omega with her incredible will to succeed, even amongst the Drakodominatus and she graduated at top of her class when she was six. However, this changed when she was shown to be a Drakodominatus Omega and thus put into Harveton - an institution design specifically for Omegas where she graduated with extremely high scores in all of her subjects. However, during this time, she was confronted with the knowledge that even though she was the best on aggregate, that she was not best in each individual subject. While she was the best in things related to politics and pure mathematics, despite all of her effort, she was merely excellent in others, with a mediocre standing on warfare classes. Given her spectacular results, she was then given the opportunity to enter any position she wanted and ended up with a joint appointment as both a researcher in Installation 3, the Tyranny's premier mathematical research institute as well as an internal administrator. With respect to her non-academic side, she was always doted upon and spoiled by her father, who indulged each wish of his only daughter who was the only person he ever felt anything close to an emotional connection with other than the Tyranny itself.

Prodigy and PuppetmistressEdit

While at Installation 3, Medusa worked in the purest of pure mathematics, working out extremely important results and proving some long-standing open conjectures while solving other previously intractable problems. She used the cunning she had gained in Harveton as well as her talent to bypass anything related to seniority and thus gained higher postings as well as the best advisors who also competed amongst themselves to mentor the mathematical prodigy. In addition to this, Medusa gained success in improving the administrative efficiency of the Tyranny through mathematical optimization as well as her persuasiveness in which she convinced others to join her faction in order to allow things to go through without having to go through tedious bureaucracy. This latter work brought her once again to the attention of her father, who gave her a positing on the fringes of the Tyranny's Mirus territories. The Tyranny's technology at this point enabled her to collaborate in real time with those still on Installation 3, so she was still able to work on mathematics. While her achievements at this point demarcated her as a true prodigy, it also gave her a sense of pride that while extremely justified in those matters, told her that she was a prodigy who was the best at everything and did not need the advice of others despite her not being the best in fields other than math or politics. This pride was further exacerbated by her successful interactions in making less advanced powers fight each other, enabling easier conquest by the Tyranny, and this made her think that she was not only a prodigy but also a puppetmistress.

Bigger FishEdit

Her first experience with failure in these endeavors first came when she was dealing with the leader of the Golden Movement , Crispy , when she was trying to get into weapons deals so as to get Shidium technology in order to boost the hypermatter research of the Drakodominatus Tyranny. However, although she tried an approach that generally worked on whoever she met, seduction, Crispy revealed that he had been playing with Medusa for the whole time and that Medusa's ploy did not work. He followed up with a rather pricy deal for Medusa, she would get technology at the cost of 300 Dominatus, a sizeable force. Medusa left stunned, although she dismissed this with her hubris as an isolated incident. However as she dealt more and more with bigger players on the Gigaquadrantic scene, it became obvious that she did not have as much charisma as she thought.

Expanding the TyrannyEdit

During the years preceding Attero Dominatus, Medusa Heimdall ascended in her power, manipulating officials into the Tyranny using her cunning and her status as the Tyrant's daughter in order to climb the Tyranny's ranks. Through intimidation and coercion as well as the credibility gained from her successful campaigns at assimilating lower scope powers by pitting them against each other before sending in the Tyranny's forces to crush them, she gathered a sizable following. She was instrumental in accelerating the growth of the Tyranny, resulting in what historians would later call it's hypergrowth. She showed her expertise in empire-building when the only foes she had to face were lower scope powers which could not really threaten the Tyranny. In these wars of expansion, military strategy did not matter much as the Tyranny possessed enough technological superiority that for the most part, the lower scope powers they conquered were powerless against them. Furthermore, her ability to manipulate nations that did not have the foresight to put aside their differences and engage the Tyranny as an alliance allowed the Tyranny to conquer vast tracts of space.

Dealing with the AGCEdit

However, despite her successes on these fronts emboldened her too much, and her hubris became quickly apparent when dealing with higher scope powers such as the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth , where she tried to make a good first impression so as to manipulate them. Even though she was initially successful with getting on the good side of Uriel Ultanos , she was unable to follow up and Uriel began to know of the more unsavory aspects of the Dominatus. This was followed with her failures when trying to covnert Alessa Ultanos to her side by making her more amoral. Although she succeeded in chasing away a suitor to get to talk to the daughter of Uriel, the conversation eventually devolved into Medusa failing with Alessa reduced to tears, which infuriated Uriel even more. When the worlds of the Pariahs were found, Alessa arrived their first, followed by Medusa, and Medusa failed later on in a trial on Alcanti to prove that the Pariahs should be given back to the Tyranny for punishment. Needless to say, this endeavor also failed and proceeded to make the entire Draconid Imperium hate the Tyranny.


After the rather successful Deep Core operation led by her mate Angrus Mortarius , as well as the subsequent AGC takeback, Medusa did nothing but administrate the territories as Angrus led the charge. Captured while unconscious from an antimatter blast beneath him, Angrus Mortarius was killed by Iovera IX and Tyraz while attempting to blackmail Uriel. However, this was a ploy within a ploy by Angrus as he knew that when he died, he could be resurrected on Installation 13 by his good friend Cruciatus Infernus, the director of Occult Operations and a powerful descended Dominatus. She was reunited with her loved one and they proceeded to consumate their love, and with a stroke of luck, they came out with a fertile egg, which was taken by Installation 11 as it was needed for the Dominatus Ultima project, the project that meant the creation of Dominatus demigods, the next step in Dominatus evolution, as it was their baby that was needed, since it represented the perfect blend of Alpha and Omega genes.

Attero DominatusEdit

During the Great Tyranny War, Medusa's fallings were exposed right as she was in a position with the most influence on the Tyranny possible - that of the Tyrant. Though she immediately recognized that she could not turn the myriad enemies of the Tyranny on each other to make war easier as she came to the immediate conclusion that they recognized the Tyranny as an existential threat, she still took control over the Tyranny's campaigns at the highest scope. Faced with the difficult prospect of a multi-front war against the Gigaquadrant's premier powers, while dealing with most of the slaves except the United Free People's Coalition and reestablishing most of the Tyranny's pre-revolt borders, she stationed as many fleets as she could on the borders with those powers while trying to rebuild the Tyranny's industrial capacity using biodrones before the inevitable war with the rest of the Gigaquadrant's powers. When the Great Tyranny War really broke out, she ordered her officers to commence a massive attack on all of the Tyranny's enemies while not giving any ground at all. She took this approach in part due to her viewpoint as a mathematician - if a strategy worked on a similar case, namely the Tyranny's indiscriminate attacks on smaller scope powers, surely it would work on higher scope powers as well. While the Tyranny's forces almost achieved these objectives on all fronts, they were eventually pulled back, and Medusa, given the false cushion of her pride ordered a horrible defense of the Tyranny's extragalactic colonies, not allowing any elastic defense at all as well as not allowing reinforcements from Mirus on the basis that they were expanding the Tyranny's colonies there.


Like all fully grown Dominatus, she is a towering individual an intimidating female at 10 meters tall. Her intimidating physique is on the outside one made of pure genetically and biologically engineered muscle. However underneath this is the intricate network of engineered neurological matter that gives her an IQ that is in excess of 1200, even in excess if only a bit of the average for Dominatus Omegas. She does not use her biomass very much and generally keeps a static figure, keeping her elegance within her form.

Generally speaking, she wears a contained liquid metal dress made out of a form of mercury that through internally motivated nanobots can change color depending on her temperament.


She is cold, methodical, manipulative and calculating. She sees everyone around her as pieces to be moved around in a figurative game of chess so as to accommodate what she wants. Her ability at this in her interactions with everyone around her has gained her respect and renown throughout the Tyranny. She is also not as mindlessly sadistic as male Dominatus and instead is an avid proponent of plotting even if the odds are much in the favor of a simpler course of action.


Like all Dominatus, she is capable of incredible feats of strength that would put to shame many other races. As a fully grown Dominatus She has the ability to toss objects that are heavier than most mechs and main battle tanks. In combat skills however, she does not have the prowess of Tyranny Dominatus actually trained for combat, as it was seen that Omegas would be better used for officer positions and science positions as oppose to front line positions. This however, does not mean she is incompetent at combat, as she is actually quite adept at it.

She is also incredibly intelligent and talented in practically every intellectual endeavour. Her formal academic specialties are Theoretical Physics, Pure Mathematics, Xenopsychology, Xenosociology, and Political Science. She is also a very talented musician. It has been noted however, that she is a rather incompetent leader, at least compared to her father. This can be attributed to the fact that she never learned how to lead or struggle as she always had anything. Furthermore, most of her intellectual skills belong in the domain of theoretical works and are hard to apply to politics. However, it is hoped by the Dominatus public that experience will improve her leadership skills so that she can lead them to their self ordained destiny of conquering everything. While when coordinating resources or making tactical decisions outside the stage of realpolitik, she's a real savant, skills in those areas are what a Tyrant needs, and because she is such a prodigy in the other fields, she is too arrogant to listen to her advisors in others.



Green faceTogether, the Tyranny will become stronger!

  • Angrus Mortarius - My one true love, the universe is ours!
  • Cruciatus Infernus - I have heard of your abilities, now I know you command the eldritch forces that bind.
  • Mortrig Malevon - You are a warlord of the Tyranny, I merely hope that you find your son before he is too corrupted.
  • Crispy - As much respect as I can give to a non Dominatus.


Red faceThe Tyranny will ground you to dust, and when you wish for death, you will only have pain...

  • Tyraz - The half breed ruler of the Brood is an outcast among everything, he kill know pain.
  • Iovera IX - The wife of Tyraz, and by extension an enemy, she deserves her essences to entangle her in chaos.
  • Uriel Ultanos - The worm king of the stagnating Draconis, he deserves nothing but lamentation.
  • Alessa Ultanos - The harlot of the Draconid Imperium, she deserves to die a painful death.


The reign of the Heimdalls will end soon.

- Praetor La'isran of the Thérenian Dominion

Girl, your attempts at manipulation amuse a master of the art. But, I will respect what power you do hold. What isn't about to slip through your buttery claws.

- Bisarko


The Tyranny Shall Conquer!