Mazipnos Tokzhalat was a Fectonian who became the final Emperor of the Girdo Empire, and the first non-Taukappan, non-Tentekh to hold the position, before later becoming an avatar for Apalos.

Biography Edit

Mazipnos was the son of Karndifos Tokzhalat. Karndifos was stationed on Zkaniaz in the Girdo Galaxy after its conquest by the Fectonian Empire in 2735, officially serving as an ambassador to the ostensibly-independent Taltaket nations in order to keep peace between them and their imperial masters. After Fecton's empire was in turn conquered and dismantled by Commodore Hlraka of the Girdo Empire in 2750, Karndifos and his wife became part of Hlraka's crew, and Karndifos adopted an attitude that was relatively anti-war for an individual in the Girdo group mind, since he had witnessed a great deal of bloodshed in the two successive invasions of Zkaniaz. Although separated from his wife at the start of the Tigris War, shortly after they were reunited they had a son, Mazipnos.

In 2770, at the age of fifteen, Mazipnos joined the Imperial Space Force in an act of teenage rebellion against his pacifist father. Presumably for related reasons, Emperor Ghelax Dreyk personally tutored the boy and focused a great deal of attention on developing his political and military knowledge to an almost obsessive degree. In 2772, Ghelax gave Mazipnos command of the newly-built Imperial-class starship Zkaniaz. His only major military action was for his ship to be used as bait in the prelude to the First Battle of Borg Space, marking the beginning of the Girdo Campaigns.

However, over the course of the Campaigns, he had an influence on the Girdo Empire's internal politics, talking regularly with members of the Imperial Council on a variety of matters. Some of his opinions drifted slightly from those of Emperor Ghelax, and due to the Empire's group mind, this was a significant change, and enough to cause the Emperor to begin to dislike him, although the two never came to any real conflict with each other.

After the Campaigns ended and Ghelax either died or resigned, Mazipnos was elected Emperor with his foreign policy of indirect intervention in international affairs, which scored him 45% of the votes in the election. Mazipnos is notable both for being the first leader of the Empire to not be a native Taukappan, and at the age of seventeen, for being the second youngest person to be elected Emperor: the youngest (according to legend) was the first ruler of the Apalosian Empire over 7000 years earlier, whose coronation was the day after his fifteenth birthday.

After ruling for ten years, Mazipnos joined the evacuation of Girdo during the destruction of the universe, and was merged into Apalos along with everyone else there. While most individuals became equally part of the collective consciousness, Mazipnos was also used as an avatar with which Apalos could communicate with other civilisations who prefered to deal with clearly living beings rather than spaceships.

Equipment and abilities Edit

Mazipnos spent most of his waking time after he joined the Girdo Space Force improving his combat skills. After becoming Emperor, he worked with veterans of the Girdo Galactic War training with numerous weapons, perfecting the use of Missile Flingers and Plasma Pulsers, developing his skills in Imperial Bladework and throwing antimatter explosives, and even pioneering the use of experimental "death ray" guns (modified from Shooters).

He also trained his psychic powers with the help of Zxxon monks, and had implants (much like those of the Zxxon) installed into his body to allow him to easily access these powers in case of an emergency in which his ability to use his other weapons was compromised (such as his dermal cybernetic layer being removed somehow). Before merging into Apalos, he only managed to develop the same basic telepathic skills that all Zxxon were capable of.

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