Before meeting Mazarothas, the Mahanayans had always seemed in my eyes to carry themselves in this mystical way, that they - as a people - are beyond any conventional contact when it comes to us 'normal' people. To be fair, it comes off as a given when you consider that they are seekers of harmony and peace in a galaxy oozing with conflict. But now I feel that it is important to note that it doesn't come from dogma; that they are, in fact, just like us.

- Talnin Aneivin

Mazarothas Thaalomyanhaadad (Mahanayan: Māzārotĥās Tḫāalomyānhaādad) is a Mahanayan adaḫānaolĥōolōmyan living within the Tuuros Galaxy. One of a number of spiritualists traversing the stars of the First Gigaquadrant, Mazarothas lives with the goal of achieving a sense of harmony and balance within his own life. With the inception of the Centauran Defence, Mazarothas, despite his incredibly advanced age in comparison to the rest of the galaxy has aligned himself with the peacekeeping organisation, believing it instrumental to the survival of the galaxy.


Born nearly 2700 years ago, Mazarothas was born into the tribal and ancient society of Mahanaya and thus was educated in the nature of the native philosophies. At a young age, Mazarothas was one of few Mahanayans in the galaxy that elected to leave their homeworld and travel; a journey rarely undertaken by Mahanayans at such an age. Several Mahanayans often leave for purposes to better understand themselves in the universe by experiencing the wider galaxy around them; for Mazarothas, Mazarothas chose to live among the conflict and difficulties of the Tuurosian underworld. Unusual among Mahanayans to not live in seclusion, Mazarothas became well known in Tuuros' underground. Despite his life in violent conditions, Mazarothas refrained from violence himself; undertaking the classical philosophies of Mahanayan pacifism and practices of peace. On various occasions however, Mazarothas defended himself from aggressors, earning him a position of establishment and respect among criminal bosses.

Over time, several mercenaries and assassins began to request audiences with him, utilising his wisdom to better understand and justify their crimes as a necessary device to harness eventual balance of the galaxy. Mazarothas eventually settled on Hol Hallar, one of Tuuros' most fortified strongholds in the criminal underworld, and worked as a spiritual advsior to several. Over the millennia, Mazarothas had worked within both Hol Hallar and travelled across the galaxy, usually under the employment of criminal bosses. Whilst Mazarothas was disdainful of the nature of the work, he came to rationalise his duties as an understanding of the imbalances that were brought about in the galaxy. Several more youthful Mahanayans that undergone the same journey that he did in his youth came to respect his life as an instrument of harmony and discord as result.

After some time, Mazarothas came to refuse working for criminal bosses and returned to live in Hol Hallar, undertaking a more meditative and peaceful approach to his practices. Upon the inception of the Centauran Defence in 2760, Mazarothas travelled to Tashun's Hand and assigned himself to the cause. For a number of years, Mazarothas was an advisor to several agents - functioning as a psychiatrist of sorts, however he was later assigned to live incognito back on Hol Hallar to observe criminal activities. In 2811, Mazarothas encountered a Kicath known as Kitmnárochoaltánún on Hol Hallar - discovering a potential in him in which he indirectly pointed the Kicath to the Centauran Defence.



Typical of most Mahanayan spiritualists, Mazarothas is clothed in traditional Mahanayan robes; typically grey in colour and possesses thick furs at the shoulders and around the collar that are more typical of spacefaring Mahanayans who are not accustomed to the colder temperatures of other worlds. Mazarothas is a Mahanayan of typical height, standing approximately four and a half metres tall and is of an average Mahanayan build. Like many Mahanayans, Mazarothas wears dark braces on his arms and shins and typically walks barefooted. Common of Mahanayans, Mazarothas exudes a sense of intimidation among others. Mazarothas walks with the gait typical of spiritualists, and sometimes appears as if he hovers in his walk.


Pragmatic by nature, Mazarothas is level-headed and has a philosophical approach towards morality. Unlike several Mahanayans however, Mazarothas has a more open personality than that of many, likely due to several millennia living with foreigners across the galaxy. Mazarothas is typically better-humoured than the humourless personalities of most Mahanayans and sometimes comes across as witty and sometimes even sarcastic. In conjunction with the archetypal intelligence of most Mahanayans, Mazarothas proves difficult to outsmart on most occasions.


As a spiritualist, Mazarothas is well versed in the nature of Essence, and is a master of Mahanayan martial arts. Several years worth of meditation has granted Mazarothas unusual patience, which has aided him in his practice of Essence to a near masterful degree. Mazarothas is of typical physical fitness for most Mahanayans and is extremely formidable in physical terms; the combined characteristics of which have made him a terrifying force among those in the criminal underworld.









  • Galaxy Colonisation - Open
  • Native Civilisation System Limit - 62,500
  • Foreign Civilisation System Limit - 10,000
  • Advancement Cap - Tier 3.5/Kardashev Scale II