Matheoward is the supreme general of the Divinarium military, and is said to be the greatest warrior of all Radeons - save for Tadjamad, of course. He is the most influental person in the Divinarium Conclave and is said to be favoured by the Iovera for his campaign of conquest of the Twilight Sector.

Biography Edit

Matheoward was born in the slums of the outer colonies of the Church, living in poverty. Being strong and endurant from his childhood, a trait unusual for a Radeon, he was conscripted by War Predictor Tadjamad during his visit of the empire. After years of training, he became the military general of the Church of Spode, and fought for its cause during the War of Ages. He was with Tadjamad and the Church's elite forces during the Anjourkhal, and it is said he killed ten Xhodocto with one swing of his energy blade. He was fighting later in the Ascension War and the March of the Apocalypse, but after the War of Ages he retired from the military and returned to his original home on Sanctuarium, where he lived until the Annihilation.

When Iovera was gathering Radeons to join her in her crusade to restore the glory of their kind, Matheoward was the first to join. Archpriestess granted him the power over the newly formed military of the Divinarium. He was leading the Divinarium's forces in the Second War of Faith, where he persuaded Fyrvrtha to join the Radeons and conquered Praestol.

During the Andromeda War, Matheoward took command of the Dei'Ar Order once more, crushing the enemies of the Divinarium both with his strategies and his own strength. However, when the Divinarium allied the Brood of War, led by Tyraz Breek, the brother of the Zazane responsible for Tadjamad's death, Matheoward started to doubt the Clericarch decisions, unwilling to tolerate the Zazane. This doubt left Matheoward unable to defend himself against Master Br'klakkon's evil; the deceitful Mali'Nar quickly recruited him into his ranks and ordered him to ensure that all Andromedan artifacts that caused the war will eventually end up in his ranks.

During the battle for Cathemera, Matheoward at last showed his true colours, allowing Br'klakkon to claim the Artifacts. The Mali'Nar quickly returned the favour to him when Gratz'kaoz, Br'klakkon's second-in-command, devoured him, thus ending Matheoward Alvarie's life.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

In a constant with most of Radeons, Matheoward is strong and bulky. Most of his body has been replaced by cybernetics during the Tigris War, making him even stronger, to the point he could kill a Congregation Sentinel with a single punch of his warhammer and without even a sweat. His fur is dark grey, almost black, a sign of a true warrior. His face is scarred thanks to the Xhodocto warrior who clawed his face during the Anjourkhal (he managed to kill this Xhodocto afterwards, though.

Personality Edit

Matheoward was a bit bloodthirsty, devoted to the war and nothing else; while a bit cruel due to it, he was still devoted to the ways of the Divinarium. Despite his love of war and conflict, he could be rational when needed, and he was known as the great strategist. When he was bored, he liked to play board games with his subordinates. Matheoward was a good friend - some even say lover - of Iovera, and followed her words without question.

Matheoward had sworn to avenge Tadjamad after the Holy Shadow War, and distrusted Zazane of all kinds, which had led to several misunderstandings during the communications between the Brood of War and the Divinarium and eventually, Matheoward's betrayal. He was also often seen as a spiritual liege to the warriors of the Divinarium.

Abilities Edit

Matheoward had limited control over the Elemental energy, making him able to predict his enemies' movements and granting him immense tactical genius, to the point he could ambush his enemies using his tanks. In the battle, Matheoward was as fierce, using his warhammer with fearsome effectiveness, smashing the enemies of the Divinarium with ease.

Equipment Edit

Matheoward's body was enchanced with the cybernetics, genetical enchancements and the power armor he was wielding. His favourite weapon was a huge warhammer, which Matheoward calls 'Warden'. This warhammer was powered with the graviton forcefield, making it an extremely potent weapon which can even destroy buildings. The plasmagun was also incorporated within a hammer, making Matheoward able to fire his gun and wield his hammer at the same time.

Relations Edit


Blue faceGreetings.

  • Master Br'klakkon - Together, we shall achieve our vengeance.
  • Iovera IX - You did not understand, mistress, I only did what I had to do.


Red faceSay hello to my hammer.

Quotes from othersEdit

Who can I trust now...

- Iovera IX during the battle for Cathemera

Awww, so the War Predictor has a crush over the Cleriarch?...How PATHETIC! When I come for her, I'll eliminate him as well!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

Hate. It is a strong word. Not as strong as the gravity of your forthcoming death, mortal.

- Xhodocto

...guess the Xhodocto were right.

- Kithworto


- Gratz'kaoz

May everlasting pain await for you, traitor!

- Tyraz


  • War Predictor Matheoward is named after Matthew Ward, the codex writer of Games Workshop.
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