Master Kroc is the leader of the Singularim Pact, having led its previous incarnations like the Cianju Alliance and the Krassio Host. He is arguably the most potent psionic user in the multiverse. He is known for his accomplishments against the The Congregation, being able to lead the ancient Cianju Alliance against their rampant conquest during the devastating War of Ages. A veteran demon-slayer and a master tactician, his tactical and military prowess stand unmatched, and his legend is spread long and wide across the First Gigaquadrant as one of the most powerful beings in the known universe.

His mysterious and calculative demeanor rend him a complete puzzle to mere mortals, and even gods who are close to him, such as his mentor Singul'Aren (who stands as the most potent psionic deity to date), are weary in Kroc's presence, for nobody knows truly what he is, being considered by demons as "Anathema", the "irregular". Being as powerful as he is, he is the only one who can bring the Ibil Katarn, the legendary blade said to have slain even Zhuhultu during the great war, to its true, maximum potential.

On a more down-to-earth basis, however, his people recognize him as their irrefutable leader who will ensure the survival of their species. Kroc loves his Civatron roots, as well as his people. For his friends and allies, he is kind and benevolent, albeit somewhat stoic, but to his enemies, he stands as a true nightmare.


Kroc with his trusted blade, Ibil Katarn, ignited.

Kroc is known to be a stoic and serious figure, despite his reptilian grin giving him a vicious expression. Although he is psionic power incarnate, and his mastery over essence itself is second to few in the Universe, he will always limit his aura and power around his followers or subordinates, even his friends. He tends to have a very indifferent reaction to every matter that is presented to him despite actually caring. And he always seems to be thinking about something else rather than in the actual matter at hand.

In reality, the reason of why he is always so peaceful and calm to the point of detachment is the fact that his decision-making skills are unlike any other, and his ability to ponder the different consequences of action or inaction is truly fast. Kroc has always one idea or two, or three, by the time a problem is presented to him. Other times, he is just one-minded about certain situations, deciding upon the only clear choice to him rather than speculating and comparing options.

Kroc sometimes breaks his stoic nature in favor of showing strong emotions that overwhelm those nearby. For instance, he always makes sure that his Kroios, or 'favored', know what he is going through as a form of training to them. He also opened up to others such as Grand Master Ryen of the Aldárae. As for his peers, Singul'Aren and Ynur'Vae, he is always connected and never acts misaligned to them.


Kroc was able to match and wound Lord Zhuleshxi at the climax of the Tigris War.

As an essence user, Kroc stands as one of the strongest in the entire universe, capable of matching the skill of a Chaos Lord, an entity that goes beyond the comprehension of mortals and essentials alike. During the devastating Tigris War, Master Kroc faced Lord Zhulexshi in a duel that marked the end of the war and the destruction of the galaxy. Albeit Zhuleshxi managed to fulfill his plan of destroying the galaxy, the Master of the Civatrons managed to wound him mortally, killing his nemesis as he tried to activate his Scourge weapon.

Kroc is by far the greatest psionic master there is in reality, the essence that is very effective against chaos-based essences such as demonic energy. He teaches his followers in psionic arts, making them effective pacifiers and demon hunters that travel the stars cleansing corruption. However, psionic energy is not all Kroc knows, as he has been shown to use Life Energy, the very essence that pervades matter, as well as Chronoschopic energy.


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My parting gift was allowing you to watch your galaxy die.

- Lord Zhuleshxi
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