Our empress is complete. She will lead our people to a new Golden Age. Dracogonarious and Spinker, creator and creation, and now one and only one. The Indoctrinate Collective will prosper for centuries to come under the guise of our hybrid queen, she who cares so much for the people who pledged themselves to her. I am nothing short of proud of her efforts.

- Tarygan Tersly

Maryah Cardoni Spinkarius is an artificial hybrid between Dracogonarious and Spinker created by the efforts of Tarygan Tersly for the purpose of leading the successor of the Dracogonarious Empire, the Indoctrinate Collective. Trained from a baby for this very purpose, she eventually assumed the position reserved for her, and has led the Collective for many decades, displaying great leadership skill and proving to be a successful ruler despite her somewhat neurotic worry. After being done with leadership, she has spent the rest of her days as a trusted advisor of the Advisory Board.



Maryah is created

Maryah was created as part of Project Indoctrination, a secret project of Dracogonarious and Spinker scientists who were planning to create a hybrid to lead both species, following the succeeded assassination of the current Dracogonarious emperor and the attempted assassination of Windey Spinkarius by Arrtkar Crowart during the Second War of Black Fog. The Dracogonarious used genetic material of their preserved very first emperor, Gareile Kronk, and the material of famous Spinker admiral Koluap to make the hybrid. Despite being a child of two males, bioengineering led her to be born as a female, which would see Koluap as a father and Windey Spinkarius as a mother.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Some time after being born, Emperor Marigrax ordered the destruction of the Dracogonarious homeworld of Draka-2, Maryah only barely managed to escape being killed by the blast of entropic energy that annihilated the planet. When Mimi joined forces with the Dracogonarious Empire, she grew a very close bond with Maryah and began acting as her personal "guardian angel". She also grew a friendship with Kezoreg during his short stay at New Draka. Following the death of Kolossus and and growing activity of the Marinoxidiz, Maryah was nearly killed by Commandant Karnak in an invasion on planet New Draka, before being saved by Koluap, Jerkon, Herquie and Mimi. When the war was over and the Indoctrinate Collective was created, Maryah was chosen to become its future ruler.

Early Adulthood[]

Maryah meeting Laoi, Kara and Princess Ramanei at the Rambo Capital

Following the end of the Second Coming, Maryah has been studying under the Supreme Advisors and the Royal Guard to become leader. She appears to be content with her promised future but, due to being a teen, is prone to rebelling at times. Maryah was present in Tyraz and Iovera's wedding, where she met once more with Kezoreg and also met Septis Ultanos, Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá. She had a play date with Laoi and became friends with Kara, while remaining mostly neutral toward Septis. It was noted that she appeared admired by Kezoreg, to the point Windey believed she had a crush on him.

Years later, she would meet again with Kezoreg in a visit by him to the planet of New Draka. Kezoreg discovered Maryah had become a socially inept workaholic obsessed in making herself a competent monarch, despite being a good leader already. Kezoreg would save Maryah from being kidnapped by the Vengeful Claw, and following this, the two hybrids began a relationship. Afterwards, she paid a visit to Empress Ramashe with the objective of amending the Collective's links to the Rambo Nation, leading to the two of them in addition to Apollo, Laoi Cretacea and Kara Inviá being ambushed by mercenaries manipulated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. However, they were eventually warded off and the meeting resumed as normal, leading to the Dracogonarious and Rambo people regaining their trust for one another.

Maryah would eventually lead the Collective into a new era by leading its reform from a monarchy into a republic, with her serving as its first president. After her term ended, she retired from political matters, though remained as a confidant of future presidents and the Advisory Board.



Maryah appears as a female creature who sports traits present in both Dracogonarious and Spinker. She stand in a humanoid position, taller than a Spinker usually do, and her scales are coloured orange much like a Dracogonarious female. Maryah's features are not considered unpleasant to look at by either species, who would rather refer to her as soft or even cute-looking, as since she was created to be a ruler, her creators made sure she would not be repugnant to her future subjects. Maryah is often seen wearing an unique monarch outfit which serves both to display her position and as armor for potential ambushes.


Maryah is described as a just and reasonable leader who listens to the complaints of her people and makes efforts to solve them. However, closer individuals can see that she is a heavy workoholic who suffers from neurotic attacks due to the pressure of being leader. As she was created specifically to lead the Collective, she believed she had to put all of her efforts on doing it as efficiently as possible, even if she must sacrifice eating, sleeping and social interaction to do so. Her relationship with Kezoreg has allowed her to open herself up slightly, but she nonetheless remains somewhat pessimistic about her own skills.


Maryah has received basic training for the purpose of self-defense, and she knows how to combat foes by using plasma pistols. However, she is most definitely not a fighter and her skills are concentrated on leading the Indoctrinate Collective and making sure it is running as it should be. Other than this, Maryah has no true special abilities despite her unique biology.



LoveRelation.pngMy family is my dearest treasure.

  • Windey Spinkarius - I care not if I had no biological mother, you served as one just fine.
  • Koliren - I'll teach you what I can, little brother.
  • Kezoreg - I love you.


Green face.pngIt's good to see you.

  • Jerkon - I've learned much with him.
  • Herquie - A rough but good natured person.
  • Tarygan Tersly - What can I say? She is my creator.
  • Mimi - Ah, the times we spent together.
  • Laoi Cretacea - He seems a bit nervous around my presence.
  • Kara Inviá - She has an interesting point of view.
  • Apollo - Its an honour to have spoken to you in person.
  • Ramashe - A glorious future for us both.


Yellow face.pngGreetings.

  • N/A


Red face.pngI'm afraid you need to die.

  • N/A


Hey, don't wear yourself out so much.

- Koluap

Education successful. Our leader is complete.

- Jerkon

An hybrid as a leader? I don't see why not, really.

- Errr

I'm not going to let you get taken away from me again, princess. There is something for me that is worth fighting for now and I would do anything to make sure I don't lose it.

- Kezoreg

Responsibility. Irrelevant. Conceptual. Abstract. Immaterial.

- Khazurhal Angazhar


- Template:CaptainIovera IX

I can't imagine leading an entire empire at our age, but Maryah does so brilliantly!

- Laoi Cretacea

She reminds me of me. We are both artificially grown people who would do anything to uphold our duty.

- Tyton Sialis

Hmmm. She's, interesting. For a spoilsport that is.

- Zarveltyr

She embodies all the best characteristics of both the Dracogonarious and the Spinkers, and to think that she is so young! The future of the Collective is bright indeed.

- Apollo




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