The pursuit of personal power is intolerable. As an Imperial officer, your first and only concern should be to the service of our great Empire.

- Marquar Cuinn

Marquar Cuinn is a male Libertus officer who proudly serves the Imperial Navy as the captain of the Star Destroyer Basilisk. Unlike many of his colleagues in the Imperial Navy, Cuinn is motivated purely by a dedication to the Empire and all that it stands for, proudly considering it to be the epitome of what civilisation can accomplish. As an officer of the Basilisk, Cuinn is well regarded by those who serve under him, though is also characterised by his strict attitude and his refusal to tolerate insubordination. As a strong Imperial patriot, Cuinn believes that the future will bring about an Imperial conquest of known space and particularly the New Republic, a civilisation he deeply distrusts.


Early LifeEdit

Born on the Inner Rim ecumenopolis of Tharasavis in 21 BNE, the young Marquar Cuinn was still attending the Republic Naval Academy on Melainon when the Great Cyrannus War resulted in the dissolution of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Impressed with the Empire's expansionism and efficiency, Cuinn quickly became a loyal Imperial patriot, whose military prowess quickly allowed him to ascend through the ranks of the Empire's meritocracy, ultimately becoming second officer on the Praetor-class Battlecruiser Subjugator in 02 NE. Serving in multiple tours of duty in the Outer Rim during the Dark Times, Cuinn earned his own command as the New Cyrandia Wars broke out, the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Basilisk.

New Cyrandia WarsEdit


Meketanor and Venatorius speak with Captain Cuinn.

Captain Cuinn was stationed over the Outer Rim world of Antemurale during the New Cyrandia Wars when the Battle of Antemurale broke out. Fighting alongside Gaius Prentus against the forces of the Cyrannian Imperial State, the two young Libertus officers managed to hold their own against the far larger State fleet under reinforcements from Rambo Nation arrived. His valour and skill in battle was rewarded by Grand Mandator Taev Voseatiur when he arrived on Antemurale in the battle's aftermath. Afterwards, he was sent to Orbispira to conduct a mission for Lord Venatorius.

Battle of Nandóband

Travelling with the Phaedric Lords Venatorius and Meketanor, Cuinn rallied the crew of the Basilisk as well as a small escort fleet to prepare for a voyage to the ancient world of Nandóband in the Outer Rim, where to his surprise the Cognatus Empire awaited them. Coordinating the Imperial fleet in orbit as well as the ground forces engaged on the surface of the planet, Cuinn earned the respect of the Phaedric Lords during their mission to free Thaurlathrón from the planet, despite remaining unaware of their purpose on the planet. After the battle's successful conclusion, Captain Cuinn ferried the Phaedra and their mysterious new guest to Orbispira before being reassigned to the warfront against the Cognatus.

Battle of Cognalorilos
Vectors of Chaos and Order 01

The Basilisk arrives as the battle rages over Cognalorilos.

Prepare for broadside! What fools they are to face our cannons.

- Marquar Cuinn, during the Basilisk's broadside with a Cognatus Destroyer

As part of his assignment to this front of the conflict, Captain Cuinn was soon contacted by the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin, whom he had met previously during the Battle of Nandóband, to help coordinate an Imperial strike on the capital of the Cognatus Empire. Though Cuinn distrusted the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, he nonetheless agreed to fight alongside them. During the battle in orbit, Cuinn led the Basilisk against many Cognatus Destroyers, utilising the ship's diplacement cannon to annihilate any and all threats which it encountered. By the time the battle moved to the planet's surface, Cuinn helped coordinate precision bombardments as well as dealing with the remainder of the Cognatus fleet. After the battle, Cuinn and the crew of the Basilisk were hailed by Imperial Command. After a ceremony on Orbispira, he was sent to the Southern Outer Rim for the final push to Vasuband.

Fall of Vasuband

The titanic Battle of Vasuband erupts.

Thanks to information provided by Imperial Intelligence agent Caranye, this is as far as we know, a clear picture of the current situation on the planet. We will use shock and awe tactics to win. The Imperial ships will provide the heavy guns to the fight, the Rambo ships will provide the speed and the Republic, our defences along the flank.

- Marquar Cuinn detailing the battle plan to the allied leader.

Meeting with a coalition of commanders from the Empire, the Republic and Rambo Nation on the Imperial command ship Imperatore, Cuinn briefed the group about the parameters of the plan. When the Rambo and Republic officers left the briefing to prepare for the attack, Cuinn suggested betraying the Republic during the battle but his idea was rejected by both Grand Admiral Carandial and Sarcophoneus, who claimed it would not be in the Empire's best interests.

During the battle to come, Cuinn led the Basilisk valiantly against the remaining forces loyal to the Imperial State and through his efforts, as well as those of his compatriots, the State was ultimately smashed. After meeting with his fellow Imperials on the surface of Vasuband, Cuinn was reassigned to another region of the Empire, glad that peace for the galaxy had been won.

Cold WarEdit

Three years after the Fall of Vasuband, Cuinn and the Basilisk were reassigned to the gathering armada of Grand Admiral Mortalagueis in the Unknown Regions, in preparation for an inevitable strike on the Capricorn Remnant Alliance. When word came that Agent Caranye Valaeris of Imperial Intelligence had secured the location of the Alliance hubworld, Cuinn joined the Battle of the Hubworld. The Alliance fleet, outmatched by the Empire, quickly buckled, allowing Cuinn to watch with awe and trepidation as the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation incinerated the system.

Battle of Ambar

The Battle of Ambar was the first Resistance victory over the Empire in a decade, fought in 15 NE.

Battle of Ambar

Almost a decade after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Basilisk was redeployed from patrol operations in the Mid Rim to blockade the Miluiel homeworld of Ambar, in preparation for a possible Republic invasion. In the first week of 15 NE, the planet was attacked by a combined force consisting of the Cyrandia Resistance and the Aldárae Order. During the battle, Cuinn served as the overall fleet commander, much to the chagrin of his rival, Captain Gaius Prentus of the Accuser.

Outmatched by the Imperial fleet, the Resistance armada began to buckle, with the combined firepower of the Basilisk and the Accuser destroying the Resistance flagship Liberty, causing the fleet to scatter. However, the Aldárae team on the group forced the Empire's Phaedric allies to flee, and in so doing, forced Cuinn to withdraw the fleet to the Outer Rim. Irritated by the Phaedra's actions, Cuinn was convinced that he was moments away from activating the Basilisk's interdiction fields, preventing the Resistance from escaping what he considered to be their inevitable defeat.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Professionalism, distinction and honour are what all Imperial officers, myself included, should strive for.

- Marquar Cuinn

An extremely loyal servant of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Marquar Cuinn is often seen as the embodiment of a perfect young Imperial officer, who tolerates neither insubordination or failure. To the crew of the Basilisk, Cuinn is well regarded as a masterful tactician and strategist who despite his strict and professional demeanour, is not above rewarding the most capable under his command. A by-the-book officer with an acute knowledge of military history, Cuinn is a foe to be reckoned with in battle and has been known to use the abilities of his Star Destroyer to destroy far larger dreadnoughts by use of superior tactics. Despite being intensely loyal to the Imperial hierarchy, Cuinn is by no means a sycophant and has been known to openly defy orders he disagrees with, even if they come from a higher rank. In terms of appearance, Cuinn has dark colouration similar to many Libertus native to Tharasavis and is considered to be quite attractive by other members of his race, possessing sharp and well groomed features.




The Basilisk (ICS Basilisk ISD-2921) is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer serving in the Imperial Navy under the command of Captain Marquar Cuinn. Introduced in 05 NE at the shipyards over Imperavelli, the Basilisk is one of the most advanced Star Destroyers in the fleet, being introduced after the Corona update to the Imperator-class took effect. Under the command of Captain Cuinn, the Basilisk is often involved in campaigns in the Northern Outer Rim and has seen active engagements with both the Cyrannian Imperial State and the Cognatus Empire.



Blue faceIt's a pleasure.

  • Tyrómairon: What is your will, Lord Emperor?
  • Tector Decimius: I'm very impressed, captain.
  • Carandial: Your service to the Imperial Navy should be aspired to.
  • Nirndal: I hope to work with you some day.
  • Venatorius: He leads his forces into battle with conviction.
  • Taev Voseatiur: Grand Mandator, it is an honour to serve under your command.
  • Maethoruin: A privilege to serve, my lord.


Yellow faceI have little time for mundane concerns.


Orange faceI'm revelling in your hatred.


A rising figure in the Imperial Navy. I'll watch your career closely.

- Grand Mandator Taev Voseatiur

You have not failed me before, captain. I trust you will continue to impress.

- Lord Venatorius




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