Heard tales of this one. Once a man of station, chance turned his life upside down and now he's a monster. Wherever he goes, chaos follows and people die. Not always but some wonder if he's responsible.

- Unknown Villager

Marcos Ridgewood is a former noble of one of the vassals of the Empire of Man who became a wanderer in 28 NA due to his capture at Olembrook and subsequent transformation he carries a burning hatred for the Zazanite Cult and everything it stands for. Originally the son of a baron (and later declared the Baron of Redshire), Marcos carries only trace signs of his noble heritage.


Marcos was born to Ariel and Mathieus Ridgewood in 5BNA within the walls of Redhelm castle. The castle acted as the bastion of Redshire, a barony locaed on the outer ends of a human kingdom in Northern Koldenwelt. At the age of six, Marcos was assigned to Sir Boronis, a knight who tained him i nthe ats of swordplay. Alongside this he studied classical literature and had a gernaly educted upbringing. He was inducted into the Redhelm militia at 14 and by age 16 he was a fully-inducted member, serving as an officer for the third regiment. Under his command the third regiment secured the eastern forests from all manner of beasts, protecting farmland and solidifying Marcos' reputation as a protector.

At 17 he was infatuated with the young Elanaa of Southbridge, the daughter of Baroness Vemissa of the nighbouring barony. Marcos spent a year wooing her, going up against several suitors over this period but he was dedicated. Each knight, Marcos snuck to her balcony and attempted to woo her with stories and poems, she fell in love, becoming deeply infatuated however there was oen problem: Her father had already engaged her to a knight of his armies. Upon learning this, Marcos pressed to convince her father of his dedication and after considerable pressure her father agreed marcos could take her hand so long as Marcos vanquished the knight in honourable combat.

Taking part in the harvest tournament at age 18, Marcos battled to prove himself worthy of fighting the knight, who happened ot be the tournament's champion. As the sun began to set, Marcos was placed into a duel with the knight. The two fought ferociously, both sustaining several injuries as the two battled, fueled by their desire for Elanaa's hand in marriage. It was in this battle that both Marcos and the knight had temporarily forgotten Marcos was the sun of the baron of Redshire. It did not matter, in this arena it was all about skill and the two had given it their all until eventually Marcos managed to use his sword to trip up the knight and forced him to yield by pointing his sword at the fallen knight's throat. Satisfied, the baron awarded Marcos with Elanaa's hand in marriage.

Married LifeEdit

marcos continued to serve as a general in his father's army until Mathieus was killed after defending a farm in Southern Redshire from a gnoll raid. When Marcos was twenty-five, Mathieus was taken prisoner after a gnoll gave him a concussion and dragged him back to their camp. Marcos insisted on leading a search party to fidn his father's remains. Finding the gnoll camp, Marcos ordered for archers to surround the camp and fire on the inhabitant gnolls before he lead a frontal assault, killing the chieftan in his own hut and, armed with torches, all of them burned the camp to the ground. Before the camp was burned, Marcos discovered his father's bloodied armour with his father's blooded corpse in a food pit. Marcos recovered the armour and the body along with the gnoll chieftan's head, returning to Redshire with the grim news.

A week later, after the funeral was held, Marcos leanred his father had decided to present the title of baron to his only son and marcos took up thep osition with honour. Quickly finding himself among the courts of nobles in the kingdom's capital. He also had to settle numerous disputes both in the capital and back in Redshire. By the time he was thirty-two, Marcos had two sons and one daughter agesseven, four and three respectively and he lived happily with Elanaa until the winter of 28 NA. By this time, his mother had fallen ill and in the weeks she was bed-ridden Marcos fequently made visits her to comfort her. That winter there were rumours of villages on the outskirts of Redshire being attacked by strange creatures who overwhemed the militia of each one. Desperate to find an answer, Marcos deployed soldiers from Redhelm, led by his knights, to find an answer.

Orlembrook and CorruptionEdit

That winter Marcos and his men rested in the village of Orlembrook in order to plan out and see who was causing trouble. As they were planning however the village came under assault from the Zazanite Cult, who easily overhelmed the village's defences and either killed or took hostage the entire settlement. Marcos himself found himself battling a Pathosses. The ill-fated fight resulted in recieving a crushed leg and later his capture by the cult.

During his time as a captive (where the cult planned to use him as food), Marcos resorted to cannibalism in order to stay alive. He kept to the back roads and dark corners of the settlement to avoid detection, fighting off roving Cides and Edacitas while dodging patrolling Pathosses. After four days Marcos was finally captured by a Cides patrol and brought to be converted into one of them. He was dragged to the building in full view of bystanders, at the time unaware of what was about to happen to him.

Within the building Marcos was exposed to the corrupting energies commonly used by the Cult. Killing the guards in the room with him and almost having a mask fuse to his face, Marcos was exposed to the point where he had become as strong as the average Cide and with partially-transfomrd flesh. After killing his guards Marcos ran from the room to the surprise of both attending cultists and fellow prisoners, the latter of which cheered him on to run. marcos finallyescaped the settlement by jumping from the walls and into the wilderness outside.

Becoming a WandererEdit

When marcos returned to Redhelm he was greeted with open arms, but it was not long until his family grew uncomortable around his new appearence. Although Elanaa still loved him greatly, the people grew slightly afraid. Worse still, after his return the Zazanite CUlt pressed on to Redhelm, burning villages and farms along the way. Worried that he was responsible, Marcos bid his farewells and, gathering his two swords, a knife, a set of armour forged for his new physique and his horse Bellerophon, he set out into the wilderness in a desperate attempt to divert the cult away from Redhelm.

After a few days travelling however, he discovered rumours in the nearby village of Thoremva that Redhelm had be nattacked by the cult ,with no news of waht happened to Elanaa. Disheartened by this news, Marcos gathered more provisions and set out to travel Koldenwelt. With presumably no home to return to and with cultists constantly on the hunt for him, he had no choice but to keep moving, travelling from town-to-town exploring the wilderness and keeping to himself. He grew afraid that peopel he got close to could get hurt or that they would be afraid of him.

In his time wandering, his habit of leaving settlements after instinctively knowing the Cult were nearby led to the growing reputation that he was some sor of herald, or that he frequented towns where the Cult could potentially strike next. It became increasingly common for him to sleep in the stables or in the wilderness as innkeepers were too afrad to let him sleep in their inns. On occasion, Marcos stayed to ddefend settlements from cultist attack, only to move on shortly afterward.



Marcos is a tall human, standing just under two metres tall with broad shoulders and a firm well-defined musculature. Originally of a pale complexion, his skin has a darkened tinge underneath his clothes are numeorus blotches of sar kskin on his chest, back, arms and legs. His head is adorned with a curtain of coarse blonde hair with a brownish tinge. Around his mouth is more blonde hair arranged as a thick Van Dyke with strands of hair on the edge of his jaw leading ot his ears. Inside his mouth he posesses a set of fang-like teeth His eyes are deep-set with dark chestnut irises. His eyes suggest a worn expression, heavy with stress and time. Physically he is in his thirties and despite a grubby facade natural to world-weary travellers he appears handsome and there are hints to a priveliged upbringing.

He often wears worn travelling gear kept under a thick woolen hooded cloak, the hood of which he pulls over when he is among crowds. Underneath the cloak is a set of artisan-quality armour that appears scratched and dented from extended periods of battle. Stapped to his torso are various satchels and puches holding various pieces of equipment.


originalyl bearing a proud demeanor, marcos has become a cynic through his experiences. He heeps away from strangers, acting evasive as if not to involve them in his lifestyle. he is quiet, reserved and defensive when around people and is somewhat sensetive about the nature of his lifestyle and why he chose to become a wanderer. The only being he shows affection for other than citizens of Redshire is a powerful eastern horse he refers to as Bellerophon. Growing up in the plains of the east he had grown accustomed to caring for horses and Bellerophon was one of the things he took with him after his return to Redhelm. Marcos regards him as a close companion and waould do almost anything to protect him.

Prolonged periods of time without sleep have left him grouchy on occasion, sometiems snapping at the slightest provocation. When he can he is also a heavy drinker, preferrign stronger liquors including those more suited to more hearty species such as dwarves.

Above all though he is very sensetive whenever the Zazanite Cult is mentioned, and can quickly change from calm to annyoed whenever the subject is brought up. Originalyl a generally-calm man. When angered or under enough stress, Marcos enters a state of bloodlust, becoming incredibly aggressive until he calms himself down, which often involves hurting the thing that sent him into this state but other times waiting out the rage is good enough.


Underneath a ragged brown-green cloak, Marcos wears a set of artisan-crafted armour that has clearly seen montths of battle without repair. Chipped and scratched, somehow it retains integrity despite its sheen being lost to wear long ago.

Marcos primarily uses a greatsword for battle. The silver-trimmed crossguard has been notched from battle and there is a leather binding around the base of the blade. Poking from out of the binding are two blunted spikes used for parrying. Down the notch in the middle of the sword are various markings that appear to denote a tally.

Along with a greatsword, Marcos also carries an arming sword strapped to his belt, a dagger strapped to the other side and a simple javelin with a sheath that attaches to the greatsword sheath.


Marcos' foremost skilsl are in using a greatsword in battle, to which he is very adept at using. His skill and flexibility allows him ot fight groups of soldiers at a time. He posesses above-average strength for one of his species, with strength comparable to one of the Zazanite Cult's Cides. Thus, able to lift up human-sized enemies with little effort which not only allows him to fight with force but also speed as the sword in his hand is not hindered by weight due to his strength. This musculature also increases hsi speed, amking him a deadly opponent on the battlefield as his speed belies his bulk.

Both battle and the circumstances of becoming a wanderer have bestowed him with a high level of endurance, allowing him to shrug off sizeable blows such as arrows and sword gashes. His skin is also tougher tha normal. When under his bloodlust state - from rage or stress - his body's limits are lifted, increasing his strength and endurace but above all his rage makes him a terror in combat as through bloodlust he becomes a remorseless, single-minded killing machine.

Being a wanderer, Marcos is an adept in wilderness survival, often hunting for his food using traps, his knife or his javelin to down all kinds of wild animals. Along with hunting he is self-taught in skinning and cooking. He is also an accomplished rider. When alone he pratices a "rest trance", an elven technique that allows him to hover between the state of sleep and waefulness, reducing the risk of ambush when out in the wilderness. Because he has been corrupted by Zazane energies, Marcos posesses a for mof ESP which he can use ot detect for the presence of nearby Zazanite cultists. However these energies also make him easier to detect around said cultists.



Green faceI will die for these people.

  • Elena Ridgewood - I will return one day. I swear.
  • Redshire Populace - One day... I will return.
  • Hrafn - Despite his reputation, he is rather honourable.


Blue faceWe get on well. I don't say that often.


Yellow faceI have no quarrel with you.

  • Strangers - Keep your distance, please.
  • Sea Witch - Watch your magic around me, hag.
  • Hachi - I suppose I was a little harsh on you.
  • Lekren-Lex - I tolerate you.
  • Archavior - And here I thought the Lagosi was delusional.


Red faceYou will bleed. And I will watch.

  • Zazanite Cult - I will enjoy dismantling you all.
    • The Crux - Whatever you are, get out of my head!
    • Unknown Cult Entity - I will repay you in kind for trying to shatter my mind.
  • Imperator Kalarah - Your age and power means nothing. One day, you will die.


Deiwos are weak. Feel free to prove me wrong.

- Sea Witch

You can be back to your loved ones...through the Maw.

- Praenuntius

Looks like we have much in common, huh.

- Sigilite Xantis Belysning

Find peace. In death.

- Lich Lord Praetinnath

We are alike, you and I, however you are yet to experience true ordeals.

- Kinmorunddraver World-Walker

I͎͚̓͛̆̆ͭ͋͂ͧ͗́T̼̥̥͒̏̉͒͆͒ ̵̗͕͔͖͎̜̞́̏ͭͫ̆Ḯ̶̘̦̲̉̾ͮ̅́̕ͅS̵̺̙̗̪͓͕̎̔̓ͬ͛́ͫ͗́ ̋͊̌̐͒҉̰̜̩̥̖W̛̳͓͈̟̜̺͔͂͒ͨͨͧ͒͢Ị̶͓̻͎̰ͤ̆̐T̷̮̥̮̤̫͈̙͕̰̔̌́ͤ̚̚H̸̤̦ͬ̏̍̚Ȋ̴͎̤͓̀͋ͬ̅̾̄͠N̳̼͌ͣ̇̾͊̈ͨ̌̕ ̢̳̺̦̲ͮ͟O̜̳̖̓͐ͩ̈̚Û̶͍̗̝̼̳͊R̮͈̼̗̞̹̳̘̀ͥ̓̏̇ͮ͞ ̸̹̞̻ͫ̉̾̏ͅR̗̲̯͖̯͔̾̔ͯ͟E̶̠ͭ̽͛ͣ̿̂ͤ̌̉͞A̢͓̞̥̘̦͑̐ͭ͗C̢̳ͬͥ̈̊ͧͪ̆͂̂͞H̡͕̤͔̣̫̐́́ ̆̃̅͢͏̪̼͕ͅÄ̶̧̟̙͖̪́̍͌́̌ͤ̌N̝͋̄̉̿̌D̤̬̤̝̻ͥ̾̋ͦ̃̊̓̎ͦ͠ ̗̩̥̰͇̫̫͑̀̃ͭ͢W̠̱͍̑̔ͥ́͢͟E̻͓̥̥ͫ͂ͥͅ ̿̀ͮ̓̅͋̍ͬ͡҉̩̗Á̳͔̠̺̣̼̤̘̥͂͌͒̌͌͗ͮ̏R̴̵̺͚̫̭̗̹ͪE͇̳̳̪͚͋͑ ̷ͩ͆͑́́̿̂̓̍͏̜̳̜̩̞̘͟R̥̗͚̯̋ͭE̢͚̞̒ͪͤͣ̌̎̉A̱̖̫̻͚̖̞ͫ̈́̃̂ͫ̔͝͠C̵̲̟̺̥̟̣̳̪̊̈ͧͦͨ̓H͚̪̦̱̫̝ͨ̿I̶̧̠͈̱̾͊ͨ̊̾N̝̘͎͇̠̘̰̥̩̐̎̂͝G̨̨̟̞̞͇͎̘̞̪̈́̒͘.̸̟͚̮̰̮̃̐ͯͧ̽̊͒̆

- The Crux

That you've had a miserable life does not mean you have the right to whine all the time. Take my advice, go ahead and forget the past.

- The Collector

Don't let anything or anyone change you, Marcos.

- Hrafn


  • Marcos is based off a player character Monet47 created for the MMO World of Warcraft.
  • Marcos' theme is "The Only Thing I know"[1], the theme is shared with "Jetstream Sam" from Metal Gear Rising: Revengence.
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