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From the darkness, the true darkness, the Dark Imperator will rise. He will bring about the end of all pretenders. Behind him, an army that will bring the Cluster to heel. Under his command, legions of nightmares made manifest, unstoppable and indomitable. And above him, a god will watch as the universe is subdued!

- Xae Vandon

Mar-Júnn was a Basileus who served as one of the modern Vanguards of the nightmarish Essential Shu'wokerama, and was a famed member of the Corruptus. A power-hungry individual since his early days, discontent with the abilities of the governments he lived in, he eventually researched the power of the Nightmare Energy and attracted the attention of the living nightmares of the Corruptus, who made him one of their greatest lieutenants. Turned into an immortal demon, Mar-Júun served his new master with a fervent zeal, eager to display his terrifying might upon any who may opposed him.

History Edit

Early HistoryEdit


Mar-Júun being rude to his younger brother, Nirndal as a baby.

Very little is known about Mar-Júun's past except for his rivalry with his younger brother, Nirndal, once he joined the Basileus Navy. Some few reports indicate he was a narcissist with a superiority complex since his early teen days, coming to develop a hatred for the Libertus race due to their prevalence and influence in the Cyrannus Galaxy. During his adulthood, Mar-Júun also joined the Basileus Navy but made an effort to keep away from Nirndal due to not accepting his brother as being higher-ranking than he was, and during the existence of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, he dedicated much of his time to research ways of obtaining power for himself so that he could destroy the Libertus of the United Republic of Cyrannus as quickly as possible.

Mar-Júun eventually began studies the powers and properties of the Essences, an art uncommon in Cyrannus, and his great desire for harnessing them eventually attracted the attention of the great demon god Shu'wokerama, who was at the time looking for servants in order to act as his eyes and fist in the First Gigaquadrant. Confronted by the demon, Mar-Júun was in awe of his might and accepted a deal involving being granted the power over Nightmare Energy for the price of eternal servitude, and despite his superiority complex, Mar-Júun would come to devote himself entirely for Shu'wokerama, believing he would grant him the tools to free the Basileus people from the clutches of the Libertus and grant them unlimited power once and for all. The now half-demon Mar-Júun's eyes would turn back to Cyrannus as he decided the best way to deliver the Republic his message would be by assassinating their president, Apollo.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Mar-Júun decided to pay Apollo a visit during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War. In the New Year night, Mar-Júun attempted to murder Apollo in his sleep, but was stopped by Mezzadriel. After a fight, Mar-Júun attempted to keep Gianne Inviá hostage, but ended being pushed out of a window by Apollo. As more Miluiel and guards started to appear, Mar-Júun was forced to retreat, swearing revenge.

Basileus Meeting

Mar-Júun meeting with the Imperator Tyranus

Months later, Mar-Júun attempted to murder Apollo once again, this time also being rivalled by Meketanor of the Mornûnendur. Despite having almost succeeded in their attack, both were defeated by Chaneonix of the Oikoumene, leading Mar-Júun to grow intense resentment over Apollo due to him continuously escaping him - while originally doing it for the sake of Basileus supremacy, he begun considering the Libertus President a personal enemy.

After his torture, Mar-Júun decided to pay Imperator Tyranus a friendly visit, saying that he would fight for the New Basileus Empire when he was available. His services, however, were not needed at the moment. Mar-Júun disappeared, going back to his usual routines. Mar-Júun was later placed under the services of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus after Shu'wokerama's alliance with Tyrómairon, where he became a captain of the Imperial Navy.

Serving the EmpireEdit


Imperator Tyranus and Mar-Júun listen to the Shodrae declare their loyality to the Indoctrinate Collective

Mar-Júun's first Imperial mission would be the conquest of the Shodrae, creatures aligned to the Indoctrinate Collective who did not evacuate the galaxy when the Dark Times began. When Mar-Júun received this mission, he was pleased that he could finally see some action and immediately set course to the Shodrae Homeworld of Shrakéo in order to quell the rebellion.

Shodrae Surrender

Mar-Júun negotiating with the Shodrae leaders

Mar-Júun took his new Basileus Majestic-class Supercarrier, the Dark Dream and a medium sized fleet and dropped out of hyperspace directly over the glistening blue oceans of Shrakéo and before him lay the Shodrae fleet, made up of several Collective Battleship and Destroyers. The dark Basileus was pleased that the enemy fleet was large, meaning that he could gather more victims. The Shodrae Fleet immediately opened fire, trying to protect their homeworld and culture from the evil Empire. Both sides began experiancing heavy casualities, but in the end the sheer might of the Imperial Fleet managed to overwhelm the Shodrae, with the mighty cannons of the Dark Dream ripping through dozens of enemy warships. Within three hours, the Shodrae fleet was in ruins, leaving Shrakéo at the mercy of Mar-Júun's evil.


Tyranus and Mar-Júun conspire on Orbispira

Mar-Júun, accompanied by two Basileus Justiciars, entered the government palace and made the Shodrae president and his advisors hostage. Threatening to destroy all Shodrae remaining on Cyrannus, the president eventually officialized the surrender of the species to Imperial rule. Mar-Júun laughed and left the building back to the Dark Dream, where he reported his sucess to Imperator Tyranus.

Betraying the EmpireEdit

Mar-Júun's loyalty to the Cyrannian Empire, however, ended when Tereyn Aeresius was made Potentate of the Empire, replacing Imperator Tyranus as the empire's second-in-command. Joining forces with Tyranus, Mar-Júun prepared to aid in usurping the throne from Tyrómairon, so the Basileus could finally rule the galaxy as they were destined to. Mar-Júun also deduced that his master would be pleased with the removal of a rival. In the run-up to the assassination attempt, Mar-Júun was present at a meeting between Tyranus and two other Basileus Mandators, Santanan and Rachalia, plotting to kill the Emperor.


Nirndal confronts Mar-Júun

The plans were twarted, however, by none other than Tyrómairon himself. The Emperor appeared in a meeting between the conspirators at Orbispira and killed them one by one. Mar-Júun attempted to attack him, but was easily defeated and throw out of the building, causing him to fall for hours until he crashed on a parked speeder at the core of Orbispira. He would then be confronted by his brother Nirndal, who he nearly killed, but was stopped on his tracks by Meketanor. The two fought, with Meketanor defeating Mar-Júun and banishing the demon Basileus out of the Cyrandia Cluster.

Tantummodo MortemEdit

Mar-Júun, along with the rest of Shu'wokerama's servants, played a fundamental role in the formation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he aided in uniting the demon armies of the defunct Congregation, Mali'Nar and Xi'Arazulha together under the direct rule of the Xhodocto. When the Third Xhodocto War began, Mar-Júun was stationed in the megaconstruct Draynia and encountered the allied group which planned to destroy it. Briefly kidnapping Apollo and fooling the group into thinking he was the real Libertus, Mar-Júun would challenge the group to a battle alongside Dominion captain Skhánaróton -01. Despite the combined powers of the two, Mar-Júun was defeated by Apollo, Sarec and Agent Nu. He would disappear after Skhánaróton-01 ordered a retreat, but vowed to return later.

Mar-Júun, alongside the other servants, later joined forces with the now-corrupted Arsac to assault on the Grand Cathedral of the Grand Inquisition, where he helped slay the Inner Circle and obtain information about the Reliquaries, with the main objective of discovering the Inquisition's secrets and finding the location of the Xhodocto Eye Terastia. When Kithworto's team attempted to reach Anazopyrosi, Mar-Júun and all other servants of Shu'wokerama tried to stop them, but were eventually defeated in combat and forced to retreat.


Mar-Júun confronting Apollo, Tyraz and Iovera

Mar-Júun would reemerge years later in a fateful day when Apollo was paying a visit to the Republic of Cirith Beleg while accompanied by Tyraz and Iovera IX. Ambushing the trio during their state visit, Mar-Júun attacked and killed Theodynak, the Praesator of the Republic and then attempted to destroy the others, but failed and was defeated by Tyraz and Iovera's combined efforts. Nonetheless, Mar-Júun's attack was followed by a great horde of demons which would destroy the capital of the Republic, Cirith Beleg, to the point its surviving inhabitants were forced to abandon it completely.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit


Mar-Júun strikes at Heleanorbis

Following the incident at Cirith Beleg, Mar-Júun would be unheard of until he suddenly reappeared in the galactic scene during the Second Great Cyrannus War, where he was first spotted during the Borealis Front by launching a demonic invasion at the planet of Heleanorbis, which was at the time under the control of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Using his nightmarish powers, he corrupted the population of the planet and of nearby sectors, turning them into slaves, before vanishing when confronted by Phaedric Lord Archaxys. By the end of the Borealan campaign, Mar-Júun's corrupted servants were defeated by the New Cyrannian Republic and their allies, causing them to flee to deep space, though that would not be the last they would hear of the demon; he was allegedly building an army, one which would defeat both the Republic and the Empire.

Soon enough, traces of this so-called army begun to be uncovered. At the Quadrant Galaxies, Mar-Júun possessed the body and mind of High King Rambert Ramveral, turning him into a loyal follower of his ideals, which would lead to many Rambo Serindia being captured by Corruptus demons and taken away to parts unknown to serve Mar-Júun's growing war machine. Simultaneously, the demonic Basileus used his dark powers on the former First Cognatus Empire colonies of the Milky Way Galaxy to raise its warriors - including the dreaded Warmaster Xae Vandon - from the dead as an army of undead monstrosities fueled by a single-minded desire to serve their new master's wishes.

This army, given the name of Glorious Crimson Imperium of Cyrandia, assaulted the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband and took it over, making a significant portion of space in the Outer Rim hostage. The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic would both fight against it, ultimately leading to Mar-Júun being killed by being struck with the Spear of Ramielum, an ancient Vida'Rra artifact able to sever a Vanguard's connection to Shu'wokerama.

Mar-Júun's death marked the first true death of a Vanguard in over nine billion years, as well as the last time the Corruptus would ever attack the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Personality and Traits Edit


Full body picture

Mar-Júun was noted to have been power-hungry ever since his childhood, always having a need to make himself superior to others including his own brother Nirndal. While some may argue this is typical Basileus behavior, Mar-Júun took it to comparably extreme levels, to the point other Basileus found him unpleasant. He showed no remorse for betraying his people and family for the Corruptus, and instead saw it as the greatest decision of his life, though despite his need for being at the top, he displayed complete loyalty to Shu'wokerama. It was unknown whether Mar-Júun's descension brainwashed him or if he genuinely admired his master, though he insisted on the latter. Due to the numerous times he had escaped him, Mar-Júun considers Apollo his greatest foe and would go to great lengths to attempt against his life.

Mar-Júun's role among the eight modern Vanguards was that of a stealth assassin, trained to deliver swift, deadly strikes at his enemies' weakest spots by using highly advanced vibroblades shaped like daggers. However, he was easily able to fight head-on against most supersoldiers, being several times stronger than a normal Basileus thanks to his essence. Like all Corruptus demons, he had displayed the power of creating tentacle-shaped tendrils out of his flesh and had been seen disappearing in the shadows as well as shapeshifting in order to hide his demonic form completely. Mar-Júun was a rare practitioner of the more necromantic side of his Essence, and he was able to use it to bring back long-dead Cogsangui warriors (including the infamous Xae Vandon) from the dead as an army of loyal undead servants.

Relations Edit


Green faceThe universe will tremble before the might of the Nightmare.

  • Shu'wokerama - The most glorious being to ever exist.
    • Arrtkar Crowart - I respect your accomplishments, ancient.
    • Mahedore - Are you truly worthy of the master? I think not.
    • Mordathai - You try the patience of the master with your incessant rambling.
    • Murangon Nal - Hollow and uninteresting. Our conquest will not be achieved with combat alone.
    • Vouinas - He has armies to lead in the master's name, as do I.
    • Geltastra - If only you were as competent as you are devoted to the cause.
    • Varugr - You will never be as beautiful as a Basileus, abomination.
  • Cairaovén - I somewhat dread the thought of earning her ire.
  • High Inquisitor Arsac - Spread the dark truth of the master to the rest of your ilk and you may yet gain his favour.
  • Xae Vandon - March, my Warmaster.


Yellow faceBelieve yourself to be worthy of my time?

  • N/A


Red faceI will gut you like the animal you are!

  • Apollo - I will never stop tormenting you!
  • Nirndal - I am no brother of a worm like you.
  • Tyrómairon - Your time is coming to a close, pretender!
  • Aoirtae Valaeris - Filthy little mammal.
  • Kara Inviá - I would kill you just to spite your father.
  • Vanikaimar - Join the rest of your species in the grave.
  • Hachiman - You are destined to die, you petulant child!
  • Qurik Skel - Whoever or whatever you are, you will fall for fighting me.
  • Voro Acetenus - Your kind are little more than barbarians. You should cherish me giving them a chance.

Quotes Edit

The shadows move against the enemies of the Nightmare. Rise to rule as you are meant to. Serve our will!

- Shu'wokerama

You have disgraced your people. You are no longer Basileus, scum.

- Carandial

Serve...and spill blood in our name.

- Angazhar

He seems a fine individual indeed, and he is faithful to Master...but his intentions with one individual mortal may be his downfall...

- Mordati


- Zevracence

Don't know much about this one, we should be careful.

- Ugandalore the Great

I can't wait for the family reunion...

- Nirndal

I can be consumed by his black fog anyday. Woo!

- Erissare

The vestigial flesh dies and decays. The entropy has dissipated. Now, only my hand can be deemed of any value.

- Krathazhrukhal

Gallery Edit


  • Mar-Júun held many races with contempt, including the Libertus (for being the dominant race of Cyrannus), the Cavaneu (for the events of the War of Red Wastes), the Draconis (for being apparently "lofty and corpulent") and the Ortella, Chinawkya and Tezelteän (for being prominent humanoid mammals, Mar-Júun's most detested form of mammalians).
  • Much to his own chagrin, Mar-Júun had the tendency of being thrown out of windows into very deep falls.
  • When news of Mar-Júun's turn from Confederate to demon hit the general populace of the Basileus, many ended up admiring him for his apparent resolve and power - largely due to the Corruptus being poorly understood at the time. Following the death of Imperator Tyranus and better understanding of what the Corruptus was being spread across Cyrannus, most Basileus now see Mar-Júun as one of their people's greatest traitors.


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