It was like a mountain. A mountain with razor sharp teeth, huge spikes and three blood-red eyes which stared right at you. How something that big can exist in a planet, I don't know... but I know I don't want to visit that part of Borealis ever again. I thought the Devourer's Chosen were bad but this guy? He makes them look like toddlers.

- Koluap

Lord-Padre Maknagrius was a descended Kondrakar who served as the ruler of the Kondrakar Dominion and as the highest authority of the Dominion of the Xhodocto in the Borealis Galaxy. An immensely old entity dating from before the birth of the galaxy's modern inhabitants, Maknagrius was once the ruler of the Eastern Arm until he was weakened by the efforts of the Rovegar and the Ganthorea, though after becoming a demon lord of his own right under the Xhodocto Dominion, he had become more powerful than ever.

A zealous follower of the Xhodocto Eye known as Diafthora, Maknagrius's sheer power over the demonic arts made him among the most powerful modern entities residing the Borealis Galaxy. With immense power over demonic energy and a desire to retake what he considered his by right, Maknagrius hoped to one day fulfill what all other demonic empires in the galaxy failed to do and send it into a complete state of chaos and destruction, with him as the head of all.


Maknagrius dates back to the Dark Age of the Borealis Galaxy, where control over the galaxy was divided between the Kondrakar, the Rovegar Matriarchy and the Ganthorea. Born at the Kondrakar's homeworld, Maknagrius was made emperor following the death of the previous leader after a Ganthorean attack. Sometime during his young adult life, Maknagrius found a Doomstone and was descended by it, becoming a demonic behemoth powerful enough to fight off any enemy who attempted to invade the Kondrakar's holy worlds. Eventually, the war against the Rovegar became too much for the Kondrakar to handle, and Maknagrius ordered his people to seclude themselves at their home sector of Muvogura, in the hope that the Rovegar and Ganthorea would eventually kill off and weaken each other.

Maknagrius reigned over the Kondrakar since then, all the way to around the 2770's, where him and his people joined the Congregation. Maknagrius was made a member of the Eternal Circulus, serving as an advisor for Hez'Kalka. Following the Congregation's dissolution and later the rise of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, Maknagrius was made one of its high commanders, wishing for the opportunity to increase his influence in Borealis once more.

During the Third Xhodocto War, Kithworto and his team went after Maknagrius after he was revealed to have been in the possession of the Xhodocto Eye Diafthora for several years before the war had even started. They would meet and confront him at the homeworld of the Kondrakar, and though they managed to best him in combat, Maknagrius would reveal that he had in fact already sent the Xhodocto Eye to the Dominion of the Xhodocto's Andromedan territory many days before they arrived. The Kondrakar leader survived his injuries and resumed his activities after the team left his world.

The Lord-Padre would finally resurface during the War of the Ancient Three, where he used the opportunity given by the Polar Crystal Alliance's war with the Ganthorea to finish it off himself and then destroy the fatigued Alliance and Rovegar in one mighty swoop. However, his efforts were foiled due to the extragalactic supporters of the Alliance coming to their aid. Maknagrius himself was killed by the Penumbra Unit at his homeworld of Kondrak, using his final energies to cause the massive empire-wide destruction which led to the creation of the Eternal Wound, a permanent wormhole linking the realm of the Corruptus to Borealis.



Maknagrius appeared as a titanic sized and heavily disfigurated Kondrakar who reached over four hundred meters long, a feat only possible due to his demonic heritage. Such was Maknagrius's gigantic bulk that he spent most of his idle time meditating at the top of the highest peaks of Kondrak, the Serpent King's Rest, and he was able to wrap his tail around most of the mountains' length. The Doomstone which descended Maknagrius was embbed into his central eye and was referred to as "Diafthora's Tear", and according to the Kondrakar, it was created by the Xhodocto Eye itself.


Maknagrius was a zealous follower of the Corruptus and was willing to do anything to please his nightmarish gods. He viewed those who resisted him or his allies to be inferiors and unworthy of being part of the universe. Maknagrius was seen as a hero for the Kondrakar and deeply cared for his people, and at the same time had a deep vendetta against the Rovegar and the Ganthorea for pushing his people out of the rest of Borealis, which they saw as belonging to them.


Being descended by a Doomstone, Maknagrius could use Demonic Energy. Using his powers, he had the ability of using telekinesis, pyrokinesis and teleportation. He could also arcanize his weapons of choice, a pair of huge high frequency blades, with Demonic Energy to enhance its effectiveness. If forced to fight bare-handed, Maknagrius would make full use of his monstrous physical strength and endurance, which was higher than even the power of numerous demon races.



Blue face.pngFor the Eye and the Ouroboros.


Yellow face.pngDo not waste my time with nonsense.

  • Siaokono Tylstatkyo - His lapdog.
  • Nai-Ar'natl - You would do well to not fail again.
  • Kitoruka - Risen to serve again.
  • Arrtkar Crowart - Worthy of my respect, spawn of the Eye.
  • Maleus - Anger has its uses.


Red face.pngHell calls you, and I will deliver you to it personally.

  • Vileraz IV - You are nothing but a mere whelp.
  • Ganthorea - I will have my galaxy back.
  • Kithworto - You have ultimately failed your quest, Kicath.


Millennia old and still incapable of correcting that sorrowful accent.

- Zarkhator Prime

Don't think he'd make a good meal, eh?

- Billig Oltauris

Welp. Deceptively strong, I believe.

- Tuolog

I've watched that one very closely. And as much as the Sovereign denies it, he is at the highest level of threat against everything we strive for. Borealis needs to cleansed of this monstrosity.

- Mukharduuild

While I respect him as one of the Divine Eyes of our masters, I suspect he grows complacent by eternally meditating on that mountain of his.

- Maleus





  • Maknagrius was originally meant to appear as an antagonist during Tantummodo Mortem's late stages where he would deliver Diafthora to the Corruptus and face the Onuris team in combat. While this was never written, it is still considered canon.
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