Stand with us and live. Stand against us and may this space be your cold grave.

- Maethoruin, during the Battle of Cognalorilos

Maethoruin is a male Phaedric Lord that serves as a warrior and battle commander in service to the Dark Lord Tyrómairon, Emperor of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Born on Nandóband close to the end of the ancient Phaedric Empire's reign over twenty three thousand years prior to the Second Great Cyrannus War, Maethoruin became a guardian to the chambers of the Oikoumene known as Thaurlathrón, where he remained in seemingly perpetual stasis until the Battle of Nandóband.

Swearing fealty to the Dark Lord and his Phaedric Order, Maethoruin quickly distinguished himself as one of the more senior Phaedric Lords, whose commitment to the Empire was unquestioned, even by his rivals. A terrifying warrior, Maethoruin is merciless toward his enemies, though has been known to display great pragmatism while serving the Empire's interests, such as forging an ad hoc alliance with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos during the pivotal Battle of Cognalorilos.

Maethoruin believes in the necessity of war to the fabric of the universe, and while his power over the enigmatic Darkness is great, he is unwilling to use violent means unless necessary, deploring fellow Phaedra who dismiss the Empire, or kill subordinates for their failures. Indeed, Maethoruin considers the Empire to be the perfect manifestation of such a belief, believing that all those who serve it are a critical resource, which should not be squandered if the Phaedra have any hope of emering victorious over the New Cyrannian Republic and their Aldárae defenders. Indeed, Maethoruin has embraced a leadership role within the Imperial Military, earning him the admiration of the Empire's commanders and soldiers, and the suspicion of its politicians and bureaucrats.


Early Life[]

Maethoruin awakens during the New Cyrandia Wars.

Born during the final decades of the Phaedric Empire, Maethoruin was tasked from a young age with the protection of an ancient Oikoumene site on Nandóband believed to hold the spirit of a living Oikoumene. Though more interested in leading campaigns against the Phaedra's enemies than protecting an ancient ruin, Maethoruin accepted his role and would remain in a timeless void for thousands of years, unknowing of what was happening beyond the confines of the temple until the New Cyrandia Wars, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, led by Venatorius and Meketanor, fought for control over the world with the Cognatus Empire.

New Cyrandia Wars[]

A waste. You followed a false light and must now pay for his crimes. You are strong, Cogsangui, I can recognise that. But now, you must accept your end has come.

- Maethoruin to the Blade after emerging victorious during their duel.

Sensing these new arrivals, Maethoruin became active, banishing the Blade of the Primercer and making contact with Venatorius and Meketanor. Sensing the influence of the Oikoumene on them, Maethoruin agreed to lead them to the resting place of Thaurlathrón deep within the temple. Upon the awakening of the ancient Oikoumene, Maethoruin travelled to the Imperial capital Orbispira, where he studied the history of the galaxy since the fall of the original Phaedra. Soon afterward, Maethoruin was inducted into the Phaedric Order, where he was tasked with working under Thaurlathrón in conducting Imperial campaigns throughout Cyrannus.

Maethoruin and the Blade do battle.

As the New Cyrandia Wars drew to a close, Maethoruin was contacted by Lord Apeligateza, who informed him that the Emperor himself wanted him to lead the Imperial assault on the Primercer's throne world of Cognalorilos. Working together with the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Maethoruin fought with both ferocity and honour, laying low any Cognatus warrior he came across. However, a much more dangerous enemy soon presented himself in the form of the Blade of the Primercer, who became locked in a vicious duel with Maethoruin to the death. Though the duel caused Maethoruin great injuries, he nonetheless emerged victorious. In the Blade's final moment, Maethoruin took pity on him and laid him to rest. After the victory at Cognalorilos and the end of the war with the Cognatus Empire, Maethoruin returned to the nearest space dock to coordinate Imperial expansion plans into the Unknown Regions.

In 09 NE, during a routine excavation on Phaedron, Maethoruin discovered the stasis pod of Archaxys, one of the last survivors of the fall of the Phaedric Empire in the distant past. Sensing in her a great connection to the Dark, Maethoruin began training her as a Phaedric Lord, abandoning her for extensive periods of time on Nandóband, to test her resolve. In 14 NE, he named her a Lord of the Phaedric Order.

Second Great War[]

Opening Stages

Know that you speak to a Phaedric Lord, bounty hunter. I offer challenge and I offer cubits. Neither of which will be matched elsewhere. A more pressing situation than hunting mere pirates has arisen.

- Lord Maethoruin, speaking with Éaltar Gauisa

Ten years after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, Lord Maethoruin coordinated with the Imperial Inquisition in the aftermath of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, in an effort to decapitate what remained of the New Cyrannian Republic's government, which struggled to reestablish itself on Capricaerón. Though distrustful of bounty hunters, Maethoruin made contact with Éaltar Gauisa and hired him to disrupt the Republic Day Celebrations. To Maethoruin's frustration, the bounty hunter, while succeeding in assassinating a Republic senator, failed to kill Vice President Ramdard Ramthrace or President Apollo. In the aftermath, Maethoruin prepared to oversee the Empire's largest operation in the war, eager to break the back of the Republic and their Aldárae servants.

Newly elected Praesator Vel Natalo surrendered to Lord Maethoruin and Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci on the Imperial flagship Inexorable.

Orchestrating the Battle of Coruanthor along with Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci, Maethoruin forced the world to capitulate to the Empire before the New Republic could respond, sparking a lengthy campaign for control over the planet. Lord Maethoruin commanded all Imperial forces on the planet from the bridge of his personal Executor-class Star Dreadnought Dark Hand, though to his considerable chagrin, he decided it best to leave ground confrontations with the Republic and the Aldárae to the unstable Phaedra known as Echoriax, whose depravity became infamous across the planet. When the Empire was defeated by a united force of Republic, Resistance, Cognatus and Collective vessels, Maethoruin was forced to retreat, though the Dark Hand remained a grave threat to Republic forces in the northern sectors of Coru Secundus, which remained under Maethoruin's iron grasp.

Months later, when the Empire was driven from the Borealis Galaxy by the Republic, the Collective and the Polar Crystal Alliance, Maethoruin was present in the Phaedric Sanctum when Archaxys reported on the presence of Mar-Júun and his threat against Cyrannus. He found himself growing increasingly irritated by Lord Meketanor's boasts and claim that he wielded greater power than all other Phaedra, and was thus satisfied when Lord Venatorius strangled him telekinetically.


Over a year later, Maethoruin commanded a vast Imperial force at the Battle of Achiliquin, quickly and ruthlessly subjugating the planet. However, he had not anticipated the arrival of the Aldárae Grandmaster Ryen, who organised the few Republic forces that remained on the planet in a successful resistance campaign against Maethoruin's legions. During the final bout for control over the planet, Maethoruin unleashed his full power on the Republic and Aldárae forces arrayed against him, slaying over a hundred singlehandedly before meeting Ryen in combat.

Arasah-Nui attacks the Imperials, as Ryen and Maethoruin duel.

Though Maethoruin's ferocity was more than a match for the aged Osteola, he was outmatched by Ryen's mastery over the Light, and was incapacitated, though at great cost to the Aldárae. Before the Imperials retreated from the system, Admiral Gaius Prentus managed to secure Maethoruin, and brought him aboard the Accuser, where his injuries were healed, and his hatred for Ryen nurtured.

Personality and Traits[]

Mindless killing has no place in Empire. Those with use are utilised and those without are cast aside. Nothing is wasted.

- Maethoruin

Maethoruin has been referred to by those who encounter him as a statue, perpetually entombed in his ancient, though still advanced, Phaedric armour. More elaborate than the robes utilised by Lord Venatorius, Maethoruin's suit has sharp spikes designed to strike fear into the hearts and minds of those unfortunate enough to meet the ancient being in combat. Maethoruin is perhaps most admired for his pragmatism, believing that the Empire would only succeed if things such as intolerance and political indecision were promptly squashed. Nevertheless, he is also known to be somewhat dismissive of Imperial Intelligence and their dictum that wars should be won before they have even begun, preferring direct conflict in a Darwinian belief that the strong should dominate the weak in order to survive and evolve.



ImperialLoyaltyFace.pngYour directive?


Yellow face.pngYou have earned my admiration. Pray you do not lose it.


Orange face.pngI have no interest in you.


Red face.pngFall to me!

  • Primercer - He is strong, though the strong only fall with more force.


It is fortunate more of my kin live on. Maethoruin continues to impress.

- Venatorius

The master has an odd fixation with fossils, it seems. I am still superior to you!

- Meketanor

Loyalty is a sufficient behaviour. You shall be useful in our rise, Phaedra.

- Thaurlathrón



  • Maethoruin is largely based on Darth Marr from Star Wars: The Old Republic.


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