Yeah. Mac. That's what they call him. More like, what he calls himself. Name? What is his name? It can't be "mac" if he's a Taldar.

- One of his friends

Mac is a cold-hearted, emotionally scarred mercenary that lives on Mahanaya. He has a dark past, and what is known is very little. He stayed in the Universe in hiding, despite the other taldar leaving, and since he is strong has survived most attacks.


Early LifeEdit

Mac began his life simple. He was a young Taldar who simply wanted good fortune. His destiny was to enter the Taldari Guard and win a battle against the Xhodocto. For that to be achieved, it seemed nearly impossible, so putting the destiny when the boy was young seemed odd.

Mac used to know two people, who are unnamed- a girl and another guy, who were his best friends. They used to hang out along with some others. They wanted to do what was right for the universe. They each had dreams, but Mac left to achieve his. he left to join the Taldari Guard and finally fulfil his destiny, as did the others.

Mac, preparing to face his destiny, sought one of the finest warriors in existence- The Valader. Funded by the Taldari Guard, he travelled in time to a good destination for which The Valader could train him. He took on many trials, learnt many ways of the greatest warriors of the Krassio and excellent uses of energy. After what amounted to 2 years of the toughest training, he soon became one of the greatest warriors to exist. Due to his non-mortal and 5th dimensional bein, he could be pushed further than most limits.

He fought in the battle of Mahanaya. Most of the people in his elite squad were High Taldar, so he felt he didn't fit in. As his starship landed, he felt nervous. The door opened, and the squad poured out, firing weapons everywhere. It was an unhappy sight.

For Taldar to win against Xhodocto it seemed difficult. This invasion force, Mac was sure, would fail. It was a desperate hope to turn the tide against the Xhodocto, and to make sure the Xhodocto did not destroy the Taldar so easily. Mac walked forward with his squad He carried on, firing away, although it took a large amount of bullets jsut to destroy one Xhodocto's body. He carried on fighting.

Suddenly, a Xhodocto got very close. Mac was afraid. He pulled out his sword and slashed the Xhodocto, but as he did he felt a powerful energy greater than Chronoscopic, channelling through him. It was Vera-Chronoscopic, an essence his family had discovered, some form of differently-charged Chronoscopic. The Xhodocto was killed. As he slashed through many more, suddenly something came over him. A new form. He gained the form of a High Taldar.

Thanks largely to him, the Taldar won the battle. But only slightly, since his squad was one of the few that survived. The squad did as normal, roamed the planet to see what else was around. And by the looks of things it wasn't the average Xhodocto controlled world.

Mac was ambushed. He was attacked by many soldiers, including Hez'Kalka. Even he, a Taldar, did not manage to defeat them, not Hez'Kalka; he had used up a lot of his energy in the battle and these mortals were demonic. He tried, attacking Hez'Kalka, who merely shoved him down to the ground and punched him to the face, knocking him out. Mac's parents teleported. Mac could still see, due to the Taldar not being like any other being, but saw them cut down but Hez'Kalka's sword. His life had gone. Vanished. There was no longer anyone supporting him...

Mac felt nothing but rage as he was taken prisoner.

The tortureEdit

The Mahanayans were not forgiving. They took him, along with the squad, prisoner, telling them they would be tortured with Dark Chronoscopic and Demonic energies, and other methods of pain. They stuck blades in him, they struck him with the Dark Energies and stretched him. The torture got worse every passing day.

But Chronoscopic in the Taldar meant that the Taldar were going stronger. They were adapting to this pain, making them great survivors and stronger. If Hez'Kalka upped the pain a large amount more, then they would possibly die.

But for 10 years, Mac survived. he was now about the toughest Taldar in existence. And he wanted revenge. So Hez'Kalka gave him the greatest their machines and methods could take, and he didn't even cry out until the end. They realised that he could resist that. One suggested to improve their methods, but Hez'Kalka disagreed. It was now known how best to kill a Taldar, Mac was no longer needed. He was going to kill Mac. But Mac, now the only survivor, was now strong enough to escape his cell. He broke out, and decided to become a mercenary.

He became one of the toughest Taldar mercenaries ever. He doesn't care what his job is, he'll take it. He will kill anyone who stands in his way.


Mac then became a mercenary well known to the underground. It was for this reason he was sought for the DCP/Loron War, and later by Shu'rimrodir for the Second War of Black Fog. Shu'rimrodir hired Mac to kill a enemy of his, Herquie. During the Second War of Black Fog, Mac became a commander of the Corruptus.

Second War of Black Fog
Kolossus First Encounter

Mac confronting Kolossus

After serving the Corruptus and being boss of both Zr'Ahgloth and Hagto'Zhl (preventing them from arguing amongst each other, leading armies alongside them), Mac eventually reached an ancient Taldar world. He was tasked to take the world so Shu'rimrodir could tear apart the planet and gain Taldar artifacts, but was killed by Titanozor. Titanozor defeated him (although mac had previously defeated Titanozor, not know Titanozor was immortal and his body immune to death as a result ofthe Third Ottzello Galactic War and his own technology), takemn for Taldarology research, and released.

Spore 2011-06-23 17-09-20

Mac and several other captains confronting Errr

Mac travelled back in time to just before he'd been defeated to get to the catacombs. Rather than opening the catacombs for Shu, he opened them for his own selfish wish; to kill Hez'Kalka. Shu'rimrodir nearly killed him, but Mac was saved by Titanozor, who decided that 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. The two raced through the catacombs, fighting Shu'rimrodir, then eventually reached the core, hearing a Taldar voice. The voice sent Shu'rimrodir away saying 'Be careful what you wish for...', and told of a device that'd save the Allies. Kolossus, however, arrived, revealing that he was responsible for the Dark Chronoscopic torture of Mac along with Hez'Kalka, that Mac was cursed and couldn't be a true Taldar, and stole the device, getting the two Zr'Ahgloth's to fight Mac and Titanozor. After a long fight, Mac caused the catacombs to collapse on Kolossus, supposedly killing him, and allied with Titanozor, Herquie and the allies. Titanozor became Mac's mentor, and Herquie his friend. Mac was beginning to understand his purpose.

Mac later killed Kolossus shortly after Hagto'Zhl's death, and was involved in multiple missions with Titanozor.

Mac took part in Second War of Black Fog's final battle. After the war, while everyone else celebrated, Mac left, simply saying "I'm through with saving the world." This shocked many other celebrants, as he simply left, with his goal unknown.

Later, Mac was captured by Roshisiz during Da Rampage, where he discovered Kolossus was revived. Kolossus taunted Mac and trapped him with an illusion of Hez'Kalka, however, he managed to break free from it with the help of Tuolog. Mac later invaded a Tralkikianoe base, where he once more met with Kolossus. Again being helped by Tuolog, Mac managed to badly wound Kolossus, forcing him to retreat.

Conflicts of BorealisEdit

Mac would later be hired by the Unified Nation of Ottzello to aid them in the Corrupt Occurance, where Kolossus had corrupted the soul of Feldosia. Using his powers with the help of Tuolog, Mac managed to free Feldosia from Kolossus's grasp, and met again with his father, though to have died.

Mac would then attempt to defy Xi'Arazkha during the Second Borealis Galactic War. However, the Dark God killed Mac with very little effort, giving his broken body to Kolossus right after.

After this, however, Mac was captured by Regnatus, until he was freed afterwards. When the war was thought to be over, and the Borealis Consortium Network had won, Mac had to temporarily ally with Kolossus. This alliance did not last long; it was Mac who then sacrificed himself to curse Kolossus the way Kolossus had cursed Mac. Mac's death led him to becoming a ghost; he became the Baby Taldar.



Mac looks similar to most Taldar. His armour looks similar to what mortals would wear, although it hides the Gyronidium and Chronoscopic it contains. He has never been seen smiling; even Taldar do smile sometimes, but Mac never feels satisfied enough to smile.


Mac has a cold, almost heartless personality, affected by his past experiences. While he is sympathetic sometimes, he is also a very aggressive, and chaotic person. He tries not to let emotions get in the way of the mission, however, but will tend towards killing rather than completion when angered. He is a very strong character, although he only speaks when he feels it's necessary.


Mac, in combat, seems to excel at using his sword. He seems to strike his foe hard and fast, then quickly activate his Chronoscopic shield to protect himself. Since he has survived excruciating pain before, and that Vera-Chronoscopic is far stronger than most energies, he can survive incredibly amounts of pain, and can deal quite large amounts of damage to enemies from his sword. While he is not as strong as, say, Kilnok or Master Kroc, he is not too far off, and has slain many Xhodocto and Traffphyds in battle, even large demons of hell when he was hired to help out durinng the March of the Apocalypse (since he is not with the Taldar, he did not get used up in the sacrifice).


Mac wears thick armour, that he acquired himself. He does not wear Taldar-made armour, however, his armour partially contains Chronoscopic and of the metal Chronoscopic, "Gyronidium"; Taldar do not wear armour and the Taldar-developed armour is rare.

His sword can use Vera-Chronoscopic energies to launch a strong, swift blow. The sword is best wielded with two hands, although it works fine one handed. It has complex seemingly random patterns on it, in bright green, and is gold.



Blue faceFriends? Huh. I wasn't aware I had any.


Orange faceBack off.


Red faceI'll not rest until you're dead.

  • Hez'Kalka - After everything this bastard has done...I'll kill him somehow. Someday. I'll give him pain 10 times the pain he gave me on each fucking operation!
  • Shu'rimrodir - Hired me and promised to kill Hez'Kalka, then turned on me. He'll pay for that.
  • Kolossus - The dickhead responsible for cursing me...He'll go down with Hez!

Quotes from othersEdit

You should have just died the day we met!

- Warlord Hez'Kalka

HES SO FLIPPIN DUM but dood hes tuff....

- Zr'Ahgloth


- Seliviaris Iltevus

He frightens me. Better stay away from him.

- Eko Angarg

We must watch him closely... this individual seems to be strange.

- Sanktanaar Council

Treachous fool!

- Shu'rimrodir

wat a dumass

- Hagto'Zhl

He is a good guy when he isn't trying to kill me...

- Herquie

Yes. Cry, scream, lament, as you understand you are nothing. No purpose. No role in life. All but a waste of Chronoscopic in two legs. A waste that I will torture for all eternity!

- Kolossus



  • If it wasn't for Mac not wearing Taldar armour, he would be in the fiction namespace and wouldn't be created in game
  • His sword has similar strength to the Xhodocto Bane
  • Mac has a Jump Jet and Stealth field


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