Faith, justice, freedom: these things we usually see as abstract concepts, without grounding in reality. Some dismiss them altogether. But me? I have seen them in flesh. I have lived them. I have become them.

- Lupercal

Luphercæl Qavassar, usually referred to as Lupercal and known by his codename The Talon, is a former Dei'Ar Theocracy captain, veteran of the Second War of Black Fog and now unofficial leader of Radeon diaspora of the Unified Nation of Ottzello, whom he serves as one of its Commandos. A deadly warrior as well as stalwart leader, although young, Lupercal has led his people throughout trials without end, leading them to victory every time, and his prowess in war is known in the Ottzello Sector and beyond. However, when not commanding and not on the field of battle, Lupercal is often quiet and even seclusive, avoiding personal contact for reasons known only to himself.



Satrap Haathi

Haathi Queptas, governor of Argeseph and ally of the criminal gangs of the planet.

Lupercal spent most of his childhood in the underground city-complices of Argeseph, one of the most densely populated worlds of the old Church of Spode. A vast industrial center deep inside intergalactic space and thus well secure from outside threats, Argeseph however was also quite distant from the Church's seat of power in Deus Rift, and over the years Vendespode's grip over it loosened slowly but steadily. By the time Lupercal was born, Argeseph's planetary government only paid lip service to the Clericarch, and the planet itself had become a lawless criminal hive, controlled by rich trading families and torn apart by gang warfare.

Lupercal was unfortunate enough to be born in the lower rings of Argeseph's society, and thus had to become a fighter early in his life; by the age of eight he was already a skilled marksman and could stand for himself and his family. However, after a particularily vicious gangster attack - rumoured to be orchestrated by the planetary government itself - left his home district in ruins and his parents dead, the young Radeon understood that just standing for himself was not enough. It was then when Lupercal was drawn to the tenets of the Maelnai Masaari group known as the Will of Spode.

Radical in its teachings and banned by the Church almost on every world, the Will was neverthless quite popular on Argeseph, especially among the impoverished people of the lower hives. Their goal on the planet was the overthrow of the corrupt Autarch of Argeseph, Haathi Queptas, institution of a strict theocratic regime and, in a long term, complete secession from the rest of the Church which the Will held responsible for the dystopian status of the planet. Young and idealistic, Lupercal was easily swayed by the radicals' teachings, and was soon indoctrinated to become one of its many child soldiers which they used in their war of terror against the government of Argeseph.

Meanwhile, tensions between the common people and the Autarch's supporters continued to escalate. Mass revolts and the Will's brutal terrorist actions, followed by even more brutal gang raids and police crackdowns on the people, ignited the flames of war, and what began as dissent soon became a bloody revolution. The teenage Lupercal was among the key figures of this revolution, his charisma and leadership skills winning several major, yet bloody victories for the Will, and by the time he was fourteen he was already among the radicals' highest-ranked commanders.

Commander of the Dei'ArEdit

However, when the Will had acquired control over the majority of the planet's city complices and its victory was almost assured, something unexpected happened: the Church joined the Tigris War. The industrial complex of Argeseph was invaluable for the war effort, and an entire fully armed and manned Dei'Ar fleet was dispatched from Vendespode in order to requisition it. Both the corrupt Autarch's forces and the radicals were crushed in a matter of days, with most gang leaders and Will spokesmen either imprisoned or executed.Lupercal, as a radical leader, was to be given the same treatment, but fortunately for him, War Predictor Tadjamad al-Theless intervened. Taking into account the teenage Radeon's young age, as well as seeing a little of himself in the boy, the War Predictor chose instead to pardon Lupercal and take him under his wing as a Dei'Ar captain. Although transition from the ranks of the radicals to the organised military fleet, Lupercal eventually grew used to his new position, and came to reject the violent views of the Will in favour of a more moderate view of the Masaari.

In the following years, the young Radeon trained in the ways of commanding and shipmastery by the War Predictor, enjoying privileges far beyond his rank, and eventually followed him in the Dei'Ar Theocracy, where he was promoted to the rank of Fleet Commander, second only to Tadjamad and his brother Tadjeleon. Lupercal performed successfully in the remnant fleet, striking a few succesful attacks against the native species that defied Tadjamad and later fighting Cult forces during the Reclamation Conflict. During this time, he grew particularily close with another Dei'Ar fleet commander, Telfinne Au'jahali; it is even rumoured that she had feelings for him, although whether those were mutual is not known.

Second War of Black FogEdit

Just you wait.

Service to the UNOEdit

Lupercal's early service to the UNO wasn't that notable. His first action as UNO captain was in Third Ottzello Galactic War, where he battled the Hostile Xenoform Threat hordes. Later, after the Annihilation, he and his Temporalus Radeons have led a series of attacks against the Devourer's Chosen in the Second Borealis Galactic War. During the Rise of the Vague, he engaged in a swift duel with the champion of the Chosen, Kernax the Striker. The brooding Empahreen was more than a match for him though, and a battle resulted in Lupercal being cut in half. However, his dying body was preserved and recovered with the UNO's technologies and sent to Grenzaar, where Kralgon Emperor has started to experiment on his body in order to create yet another supersoldier for the UNO.

The Emperor had restored Lupercal's body with the spare parts of a Verdimihn warrior murdered by the Vague, as well as with various bionics. As a result, a former average Radeon commander gained two pairs of lithe, spidery legs, nano-alloy metallic skin and an array of deadly weapons. He was then assigned to the UNOC.

During the Coming of the Vague, he and the rest of UNOC attacked the planet where UNO's quarantine would be activated, only to be attacked by Da Speshul Warbosses. Lupercal fought Naktor'zak but lost the fight, exhausted, just like the others.



In battle, Lupercal stands in stark contrast with the sterotypical image of his species as patient and contemplative; he is a quick thinker and an even quicker doer. Never content with waiting, Lupercal does not think twice, makes quick decisions, and comes up with solutions on the move while planning several turns ahead. This tendency of his gave him a reputation of a heroic fool back in the times of Dei'Ar - even though his initiative had saved far more people than it had doomed - while as part of the UNOC his tactical mind is more appreciated and seen as a weapon.

Outside of combat, however, Lupercal is almost a completely different person; rather reserved and quiet, even troubled, he spends most of his day meditating or thinking, and does not communicate even with his fellow Commandoes (particularily Kalcedia Myran). This often gives outsiders an impression of coldness, even heartlessness, as if he cannot think of anything other than warfare, bloodshed and death. This impression is incorrect: Lupercal possesses a strong sense of right and wrong, learned the hard way from his troubled childhood, and has an almost fatherly side regarding his subordinates, seeing himself as their guide and chief. His seclusiveness is, if anything, actually a mental response to the bloodshed and butchery he has to face every day, or perhaps a result of an earlier trauma.

Lupercal's nickname in the UNOC is the Talon, due to his swift thinking as well as his style of fighting that involves swift strikes.


Lupercal is, by the standards of his people, quite young and thus has a rather youthful appearance, with short light hair and light fur. However, his rough childhood and youth has left a significant mark on his figure, and it is obvious to a bystander that he was not raised in a sterile environment like so many other Radeons: his features are rugged and sharp, his gestures and expressions are reserved and deliberate, almost as if his face was frozen, and a maze of scars covers his body from head to toe, results of burns and gunshot wounds recieved during his service in the Will. Although he recieved proper medical help later on in the Dei'Ar Order, some of the most grievous scars remained, and after he was saturated with Chronoscopic energy, became even more striking. In addition to this, he also acquired the greenish colouration common to all Temporalus Radeons after joining the Unified Nation of Ottzello

Following his rebirth, Lupercal has gained an even more bizzare appearance. While he looks like a normal Radeon generally from the waist up, his lower body and legs belong to a Verdimihn instead (albeit made slightly thinner and lighter to complement his fighting style), a result of the Kralgon Emperor's experiments on him, giving him a centaur-like shape. Lupercal seems to be indifferent towards his new form, even though he often finds it uncomfortable, and has since then grown used to it.


Like all UNOC, Lupercal uses thick nano-metallic second skin as his armour, providing excellent protection and mobility. In addition to this, he has a set of armour plates fused with this nanoskin, increasing his endurance even more. Similar to Thr'aloy, he also has some artificial muscles in his body to increase his strength, although Lupercal's ones are weaker as they are meant for a Radeon, not a Loron. In battle, he uses a variety of weapons including a short electric blade, a handheld grenade thrower as well as his favourite weapon since his early life, the dreaded Radeon battlestaff. A bladed vibroglaive empowered with a deadly gravity field, the battlestaff can easily crush most of the opposition Lupercal faces. In addition to this, a battlestuff also has a powerful homing electrolaser wired to it, making it a powerful ranged weapon as well.

On Lupercal's back is a small teleporting device of Radeon origins. This device works the same way as do Radeon drives, forming a temporary wormhole by warping quantum foam to teleport him and his soldiers on small distances. This makes his attacks even more unpredictable as he can arrive right within enemy territory with ease.


Lupercal is a natural-born leader and skilled fighter, gifted with agility and eyesight as well as the will to command, and although young by Radeon standards, possesses a great deal of battlefield experience and knowledge of strategy. Back during his days as a Dei'Ar captain, Lupercal generally fought on short distances, and was known for his skill with a plasma carbine, while nowadays he usually engages his enemies in close quarters with his battle glaive.

Lupercal's combat prowess was later further enchanced by his new body, giving him immense speed and mobility, allowing him to run for more than 100 km/h, his teleporting abilities making him even faster. Furthermore, due to his Radeon blood as well as recent Verdimihn manipulations, Lupercal is a master of using essence, Gyronic in particular. By his will, bullets freeze in time while he speeds time for himself making Lupercal even faster. He is also capable of limited telekinesis.

In battle, Lupercal's chief weapons are surprise and fear, as well as his excellency in melee combat.



Green faceMy allegiance is with you.

  • UNOL - My supreme leaders.
    • Valzaria - Her gentle attitude is appreciated.
    • Kralgon Emperor - The transformation was acceptable, though I may not like it.
    • Yogtam - I can sympathise.
    • Tuolog - Your mastery of essence rivals even the greatest of our kind - admirable.
    • Commander-King Thylaxiz - Machine.
    • Zr'Ahgloth - Your brutality matches even the fanaticism of the Will.
  • Tadjamad Altheless - Wherever you are, whatever has happened to you, you will always be my hero.

Good termsEdit

Blue faceCome closer. Do not be afraid.

  • UNOC - We fight as one.
  • Kalcedia Myran - I am sorry, but... my lower half is cut off. And my soul belongs to another.
  • Jerkon - Science is not the only path to enlightenment - though an admirable one, it has its limits.
  • Herquie - We have a few things in common, have we not?
  • Macin Xermilin - Your wisdom demands respect.
  • Keldar - I see a noble soul and a leader to follow.


Yellow faceI do not make enemies easily. Nor do I make friends.

  • Hellhuntress Telfinne - Are you still alive? I hope not. Rest in peace... sister.
  • Koluap - I understand why the adherents of Massari are feared full well, but the path of blood is behind me. We must set our grievances aside.
  • Agent Mu - Shadows gather around you. Then again, I know well enough that light does not always equal good.
  • Agent Psi - What's fun in bloodshed?
  • Titanozor & Kithworto - Demigods in battle. Fear and respect is what I feel - in equal amount.
  • Iovera IX - You should not have run when Tadjamad fought.


Red faceKilling you would be a favour to the universe.




  • Lupercal's name is a reference to Horus Lupercal, one of the main antagonists of the board game Warhammer 40,000. However, outside of his role as second in command to Tadjamad during the Dei'Ar Theocracy, there are no parallels between the two characters.


You're so cute, I still love you! Baw!

- Hellhuntress Telfinne

A revolting sight to my eyes. I don't know whether to blame the Emperor for his experiments or yourself for being so detestably ugly.

- Dalverat

I know that he'll give the enemy one hell of a fight! DATS A SIK SOLDIER

- Thr'aloy

I've created the perfect soldier!

- Kralgon Emperor

The name was familiar before I watched him fighting in the great Borealis war. A good soldier, I heard. The arachnid legs were a bit of a surprise, though.

- Baptarion Light

Do like your precious "partner" and fall, Talon. Your soul will be a suitable nourishment for the Devourer of Dreams.

- Geltastra


- Naktor'zak
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