I like his open-mindedness, a great asset to the battlefield. It also makes Lunarai strong in foreign affairs. Many governers of the DCP council are getting old despite their genetic therapies. They don't acknowledge that the DCP's halcyon days of absolute power has been and gone. We are no longer the primary international force, we must value allies and others.

- Warlord Kilnok

Lunarai-Khan, otherwise known as Warlord Lunarai and later Emperor Lunarai, is one of the leaders, as well as an unofficial political representative, of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and a spawn to the renowned, respected and feared Wormulus II. A genetically and cybernetically-enhanced supersoldier, Lunarai is considered one of the most potent as well as one of the youngest Warlords, yet one of the more open-minded and understanding; he is prone to diplomatic problem-solving and prefers to end conflicts through communication rather than violence, although he is nonetheless an incredibly skilled and powerful individual. Because of his age and some aspects of his personality, he is somewhat disliked amongst more experienced governors of the DCP although they tend to keep their word silent due to Lunarai's heritage and efficiency.

In terms of battlefield direction, Lunarai is known to prefer, sometimes unnecessarily, overwhelming his enemies with battle assets although he is nonetheless capable of leading, or at least organizing, stealth-orientated operations. He is an experienced fighter in close quarters and melee combat and prefers the strategy of dispatching his foes quickly rather than unnecessarily prolonging a fight more than it requires to be.


Early LifeEdit

Lunarai was born to Emperor Wormulus II and his wife on Mirenton and was brought into a life of love and wealth; he had never truly experienced want due to always getting what he desired, although he was surprisingly not as wanting as one would expect. Lunarai was looked after and raised by his father personally, spending most of the early part of his academic life being home-taught and later attending classes at some of Mirenton's highest-graded education facilities. Lunarai, as most citizens of the Delpha Coalition of Planets are, was indoctrinated from a young age and was exposed to certain hardships orientated around military training even before his official membership into the armies of the DCP, receiving lessons and examinations from one of DCP's most renowned and celebrated individuals; Warlord Kilnok, who taught Lunarai both personally and through holography and personally graded his results.

Lunarai lived a comparatively easier life than most other DCP military personnel, especially the other registered Warlords, and is acknowledges this disadvantage to an extent, causing him to try and make up for it with his efficiency in military operations in the future. As a result of his childhood, Lunarai is evidently less confident in his independence than other Warlords and holds a preference in working alongside others.

Unknown to Lunarai, was that his father had purposefully guided his education on a different path. Lunarai was taught about the cultures and philosophies of other civilisations. Coupled with the critical mind of a strategist, Lunarai's openness to other ways would only spring forth later in life when he experienced a series of shocking revelations in the Vermulan War and following Xonexian Schism.

Military ConscriptionEdit

Lunarai was conscripted into the DCP's armed forces under direct guidance and supervision of Warlord Kilnok who, due to his assignments that often require him to travel across the Gigaquadrant, trained and tasked Lunarai through holographic techniques amongst others, rarely meeting with Lunarai in person in order to assess and train him. Lunarai also received training, examinations and various enhancements of genetic and cybernetic nature from other experienced and renowned DCP military personnel, ranging from commanders and field generals to several other Warlords.

Lunarai, at first, performed below expectations due to his lacking of confidence in the realm of independent field operations, causing him to almost be cast out from the specialist training that he was granted as an honour of being the son of the Emperor and his previously good grades before official military education. However, his assessors soon worked around this through taking advantage of Lunarai's primary strengths; his management of units and assets and his preference of working within teams and groups rather than on his own. Between the ages of 15 and 16, Lunarai had already completed multiple field operations and assisted with various grade-Alpha tactical assignments, being marked for his excellent co-operation and communications skills as well as his overall mission efficiency, decision-making, problem-solving and asset direction.

Eventually, Lunarai passed his military examinations and assessments which were beyond standard, being heavily specialized and organized in order to bring out Lunarai's skills, powers and potential stored within his enhancements. After several shore leaves, which Lunarai used the opportunity to go to Mirenton and spend his time there with his family and some friends he had made during his academic years, he was finally taken in to be fully-upgraded and converted to fit into the necessary requirements of the modern Warlord status as a effect of his accomplishments and merit during his initial basic and advanced training, although not before he received praise from both the Emperor and Warlord Kilnok for surpassing expectations.

Status as WarlordEdit

Lunarai-Khan, as he had been designated upon his entry into the Warlord status, was given an almost-copious amount of bodily augmentation, both biological and cybernetic, in order to increase his potency, efficiency and lethality in combat and was armed with elite-grade weaponry and equipment as per usual initiation into the rank of Warlord. He was systematically reforged and refitted in order to be a nigh-invincible, indestructable asset of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and would prove himself to be a valuable unit when on the battlefield, even if his inconfidence with independent operations and assignments on the battlefield held him back somewhat although he easily compensated for his competence within taskforces and groups and his organization skills, proving himself to be something of a chessmaster as well as a walking tank.

Lunarai-Khan would go on to receive his own modified and customized vessel of choosing, fitted with a specialized and experienced crew selected from across the DCP's naval hierarchy who Lunarai would go on to befriend and fit in with, commanding them with a professional attitude although still remaining friendly to their causes.

Amongst his missions there are several that Lunarai is particularly renowned for, usually revolving around treacherous insurrectionists and anti-DCP organizations operating within and outside of their territory. The Ober Wars, rebellion conflicts that arose upon the DCP-colonized world of Ober and eventually resulted in stagnation of progress and trench-based conflict, are of particular note as Lunarai-Khan was assigned to break the deadlock between the factions in the DCP's favour. In doing so, Lunarai slaughtered thousands of soldiers and either destroyed or secured a great deal of enemy assets for the loyalists, effectively winning the Ober Wars and ending the conflict with the assistance of DCP loyalist forces and several members of his crew.

Station HalcyonEdit

Lunarai-Khan, several years after his conversion into a full-scale Warlord, would later be stationed on the space station designated as Station Halcyon as an overseer of the security and paramilitary-grade forces, from which there are multiple, that were also stationed there under orders to protect the station's assets, staff and political representatives. Lunarai would also fulfil the role of a unofficial, acting-political representative of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and also a surveyor and overseer of all DCP-affiliated assets, staff, technology and weaponry that would be in use on the Station and for the Station's benefit.

Years of Reflection Edit

Emperor Lunarai I

The Emperor with his ceremonial sword.

Vermulan Wars and the meeting with Eclipsos
Great Xonexian Schism, rise to the thrown and Treaty of Halcyon
The new Emperor



Lunarai is rarely seen outside of his Hypernova-Pattern Semi-Heavy Armour, which has becoming an iconic and infamous component to his reputation and imagery. While the Hypernova-Pattern is not exclusive to Warlord Lunarai, in fact being available even to ranks and classes outside of the Warlords, Lunarai's is specifically customized, both functionally and aesthetically, for his preference; the armour is decorated with microscopic sigils, symbols and markings which can be recognized as a written form of Klekkian Cuneiform and translates into names of people, events, locations, and phrases which are either personally relatable to Lunarai or otherwise patriotic to Grimbolkind and the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

Beneath the armour Lunarai possesses a darkened skintone, darker than that of his father and mother although it is widely accepted by those throughout the DCP that it is an aesthetic side-effect of his augmentations as such is not uncommon throughout those who train towards or become Warlords. Lunarai naturally stands taller than average due to his enhancements, which is further increased when he wears his armour. Lunarai possesses a small degree of scarring and bruising across his physiology from his training, although compared to other examples of Warlords he is considered more young-looking and visually appealing to look at.


Lunarai-Khan, while being a Warlord and effectively an incredibly valuable war asset, is considered by others, as well as himself, to be far more open-minded and less arrogant than most of his colleagues, possibly a side-effect of either his age as he is younger than most other Warlords or his upbringing. He prefers to socialize with others, both those of his own kind and aliens, and does not possess a discriminating streak or superiority complex that is common in Warlords. Lunarai possesses a somewhat deranged and unusual sense of humour that he has no qualms about showing to those around him, although this does not mean he is unobservant and is in fact rather analytic of those around him.

Lunarai is by no means lacking in his responsibilities, although he admittedly prefers working alongside others than independently as it means he has somebody to depend on if his plans or actions fail. Lunarai, despite his enhancements, works to keep himself physically fit outside of duty through exercise and competitive sports, the latter of which is mainly to boost his image and reputation amongst his more battle-hardened brethren and colleagues, most of which having lived harsher lifestyles and upbringings than he has. What further seperates Lunarai from other Warlords is that he prefers to attempt resolving problems through communication and diplomacy before resorting violence.

Lunarai, bizarrely, shows more-than-uncommon traces of confusion and mind-wandering from time to time, although this somehow rarely effects his military-orientated responsibilities. During these lapses Lunarai is often either unresponsive or silently distressed, yet afterwards he can recover quickly and forget almost entirely about the incident.

Lunarai's augmentations give him access to hyperspace, allowing him to engage in FTL precognition and jump in an out of different points in spacetime. While this is not unique in the Coalition, his mind projects the multiverse of possible futures into a map. The act jumping into FTL mode in fact terrifies Lunarai, an experience he calls "fearful geometry" as his velocity becomes impossible and spacetime loses all intuitive meaning.


Warlord Lunarai's arsenal extends towards not only his visible combat-orientated assets but also his internal cybernetic augmentations and enhancements, allowing him to be at his best both within and outside of the battlefield if necessary. His cybernetics primarily consist of in-built hyperdrives, which allow for faster-than-light manoeuvres and a large degree of situational precognition, material-to-immaterial phasers, non-phasic shields, and a wide degree of other modifications which allow for a tactical advantage.

Lunarai's battle-orientated arsenal consists of his iconic Hypernova-Pattern Semi-Heavy Armour, a multi-purpose, surgical ranged weapon, and quantum-replicated energy blades. His armour is equipped with automatic medical and quarantine facilities, which allow for an extremely accelerated amount of healing and a nigh-impervious immunity to most biological and artificial hostile foreign bodies, and mobile enhancements which enhances Lunarai's reflexes and movements rather than restricts them, allowing the armour to effectively multiply Lunarai's strength, speed and agility by a large degree. His primary ranged weapon is designed for surgical battle application, meaning he has direct control over its ammunition facilities with his telekinetic abilities; turbolasers, quark-gluon plasma and neutron-degenerate matter projectiles are his main forms of ammunition.


Being a spawn of the Emperor, Lunarai displays significantly powerful Essence-based capabilities that revolve around telekinesis and telepathy, allowing him to interact with the material world around him and with the minds of those in close proximity of him in various ways, some of which being able to be applied to combat. Lunarai also displays an absolutely devastating amount of sheer physical strength and accuracy due to his biological and artificial augmentations and enhancements, being able to both deliver a devastating amount of damage while also being surgical and precise in his attacks at the same time as being subjected to the usual strife of the battlefield.

Lunarai is considered an adept chessmaster, being able to lead his assets beyond competently both on-field and off-field although he has an understandable tendency to use unnecessarily brutal methods of direction against his enemies, usually overwhelming them with copious amounts of unneeded firepower. Lunarai is trained in multiple CQC arts, both Grimbolsaurian and alien, and is experienced with short, mid and long-ranged combat, proving himself to be a fierce swordsman and an expert gunman and sniper.



Blue faceYou mean much to me, more than you might know.

  • Warlord Titanozor - “A good guy, but causes arguments in my court.


Blue faceI value your company and your assistance, it is much appreciated.

  • Suzerain Eclipsos - “I am your clone, making you both like a brother and a father. I understand your grievances, but do not agree with your ways.


Yellow faceWe must get to know one another.


Orange faceI hope you don't mind, but I have more important things to attend to.

  • General Kz'nt - “There is no longer place for war criminals here.


Red face - “I'm not even going to wait for you to say your prayers.

  • Herald Yutgap Fendo (Mauloron) - “I shall find him...
  • Tricarrion - “Delphan arrogance brought you back. You must be vanquished.
  • Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon - “And so ends decades of peace with the Empire and an end to neutrality, casting off the last remnants of our cruel vices. But I firmly believe we have chosen the good side this time, something the DCP was too afraid to do before.


Must remember to analyse as much of his equipment as possible. Should also invite him over for tea.

- Elysia

I am sure he will be of good use to the Delpha Coalition.

- Jerkon

How does he even see?!

- Koluap

Well, that's an improvement over Eclipsos.

- Iovera IX

Augmentation may aid a general, but what nature offered us should not be so easily discarded.

- Larnus Vontarion




  • Lunarai-Khan's name was inspired by two of the Primarchs from the Warhammer 40,000 tabletop game series; Horus Lupercal and Jaghatai Khan. His name also comes from the term relating towards the Moon; lunar.
  • The name of one conflict mentioned in Lunarai's history, the Ober Wars, was based on the images used to portray Lunarai fighting insurrectionists, which were based on the Boer Wars.
  • Emperor Lunarai's royal outfit was designed by TheImperios.
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