Service to the Empire exceeds all other considerations, even my own honour.

- Lucaevon Pierea

Lucaevon Pierea is a Libertus male officer who serves as a Vice Admiral in the Imperial Navy, having previously served in the navies of the United Republic of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, though in the case of the latter, was secretly an Imperial spy. Pierea serves as the Vice Admiral of the Tenth Outer Rim Defense Fleet from his flagship Eviscerator.

Born in 44 BNE on the Core World of Cybele, Pierea served in the navy of the United Republic of Cyrannus in conflicts spanning from the Trucinex War, the Revolution of the Warlords and the Great Cyrannus War, where he served as the captain of the Venator-class Star Destroyer Angelic. When the war ended with the rise of the Empire, he remained in Imperial service and led the assault on New Ramhall against Rambo Nation during the opening stages of the Dark Times. Pierea seemingly went rogue shortly afterwards, eventually joining the New Republic Navy, serving as the Admiral of the Fourth Expeditionary Fleet. In 14 NE, a month prior to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, Pierea defected from the New Republic and was reinstated into the Imperial Navy with the rank of Vice Admiral, bringing with him a trove of strategic information for the Empire.

Despite his betrayal, Pierea holds a great deal of respect for the New Republic, though believes that the Empire is the only force strong enough to bring the entire galaxy to heel in the name of a true and lasting order under Emperor Tyrómairon. Highly ambitious, Pierea is known for his uncompromising command style and his proclivity for planetary bombardment. In his mind, all enemies of the Empire will inevitably either bend the knee, or be destroyed.


Early LifeEdit

Born in 44 BNE on the peaceful world of Cybele, Pierea's early life was idyllic, with caring parents who inspired him to follow his dream of sailing upon the endless sea of stars. Graduating from the Lunasa Fleet Academy in the Calithilaen system, Pierea was assigned to the Capricorn Sector Alliance vessel Ares, a Liberator-class Star Destroyer which participated in many battles of the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War and the Revolution of the Warlords, all the while rising up the ranks until his eventual promotion as executive officer by the end of the Intergalactic War.

Captain of the AngelicEdit


The Republic and the Confederacy fight against the Fog.

This is the captain speaking, push through that blockade, the Empire depends on us.

- Captain Pierea, during the Battle of New Ramhall

A few years later, Pierea was promoted to the rank of captain and placed in command of the Angelic, a Venator-class Star Destroyer in the First Core Fleet under Fleet Admiral Nagacaevra, where he served as one of the most notable officers in the Core theatre of the Great Cyrannus War against the forces of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. However, during the opening stages of the conflict, he also saw service in the Outer Rim. In the midst of the Corruptus invasion, Pierea led the Angelic against the Confederate Admiral Taros Cassynder over the Trucinex world Nexios. There, they would join forces against the demonic fog and emerge victorious.

Orbital Bombardment

The Angelic participates in a base delta zero operation against Trycaron.

In the aftermath of the United Lanat Empire's vicious attack on Eirinnia, Pierea was ordered to command a fleet of fifty Star Destroyers into ULE space, where they attacked the planet Trycaron. When the orbital defences were defeated, Pierea ordered the fleet to annihilate the military installations on the planet, smashing continents apart and turning the planet's atmosphere into a furnace. Without moments, Trycaron was atomised and Pierea returned to Orbispira.

Toward the end of the conflict, the Confederacy leaked information about the destruction of Trycaron to the Republic press and despite calls for Pierea to be charged with war crimes, the Senate ruled that in times of war, such acts of retribution against foes such as the Tralor were warranted. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was established at the end of the conflict, Pierea was relieved that the war had ended with the promise of a new future for the galaxy, one in which all species would be united under a single enlightened ruler.

Battle of New Ramhall 01

Pierea commanded the Angelic in the Battle of New Ramhall, the first military engagement in Imperial history.

Several weeks after the formation of the Empire, the Angelic was dispatched along with another Venator-class and a Basileus Star Destroyer to the Rambo colony of New Ramhall. Though the Rambo outnumbered the Imperials, Pierea boldly pushed through the blockade, though the Angelic was seriously damaged and was forced to make a crash landing in the swamps of New Ramhall. With repairs underway, Pierea ordered troops to swarm out from the vulnerable destroyer to attack the Rambo ground forces around them. The ship was later repaired and helped push the Rambo out of the Cyrannus Galaxy—the Empire's first major victory.

Soon afterwards, Pierea and the crew of the Angelic seemingly defected from the Empire to join a Republic remnant in the far Outer Rim. In reality, he had been employed by Imperial Intelligence to rout out and destroy all those who would defy the Emperor. When the New Republic was established, Pierea swore an oath in service to it, claiming that he sought to make amends for his actions as an Imperial officer. Due to his valour during previous conflicts during the United Republic era, Pierea was promoted to Admiral of the Fourth Expeditionary Fleet, using his position to secretly provide the Empire with top-secret intelligence.

In 14 NE, he was contacted by the Director of Imperial Intelligence, who informed him that the Republic were close to outing him as a traitor, prompting Pierea to flee his beloved Angelic and openly defect to the Empire. For his decade-long service as a spy, Pierea was recommissioned in the Imperial fleet as a Vice Admiral, gaining command of the Eviscerator, an Imperator-class Star Destroyer.

Second Great WarEdit

SGCW Battle of Corutaran

Morin and Kuestantine's armada clashes with the Empire above Corutaran.

Assigned to the southern sectors of the Outer Rim, Pierea received a distress call from Captain Mornauó, who had been deployed to halt Republic Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine's advance after his victory at the Battle of Laurantia. Arriving in the Corutaran system, Pierea immediately engaged the Republic and Cognatus forces besieging the planet, and ultimately drove them from the planet.

Personality and TraitsEdit


Pierea is often seen wearing a cape as part of his Imperial uniform.

An ambitious and capable officer, Pierea looks back at his decades of service to the United Republic, the Empire and even the New Republic with a great deal of pride. Indeed, as a man of deep personal integrity, while he gladly served the Empire as a spy within the New Republic, he felt genuine remorse that he was forced to lie to people with whom he had built lasting relationships, particularly the crew of the Star Destroyer Angelic, which he was forced to flee when evidence of his true allegiance came to light. While he grew to respect the New Republic as a great power, one worthy to share the galaxy with the Empire, during the Cyrannian Cold War, he despiced the Republic's direction under President Nexarón Valkistair, to the point where he increasingly began to believe that the Empire's hand would ultimately be forced.

Though disapproving of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, Pierea hopes for a swift end to the Second Great Cyrannus War, believing that the Republic should become an Imperial vassal with limited independence. Despite these views, however, he firmly believes that all enemies of the Empire should be destroyed, if they refuse to submit willingly. As such, while he would be happy to accept the surrender of the crew of the Angelic, which remained under Republic control, he would just as happily order the ship's destruction if it pleased the Emperor.




The Eviscerator begins a base delta zero strike--the complete destruction of a planet's surface.

The Eviscerator is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer deployed by the Empire in the Outer Rim, where it once quelled numerous sparks of rebellion, before being turned against the New Republic during the Second Great Cyrannus War. During the New Cyrandia Wars, the Eviscerator was deployed in the Neutral Zone with the Republic, where, along with the Accuser, transported an Imperial delegation to the Republic Star Destroyer Sword of Peace upon which the Empire's peace with the Confederacy of Free Planets was established. However, the ship quickly gained a reputation for less admirably endeavours, becoming one of the most feared ships in the Outer Rim for often leading base delta zero operations—the total destruction of a planet's surface.



Blue faceGood to see you.


Orange faceFace the cannons of the Eviscerator!

  • Apollo: Surrender, or be destroyed.


You betrayed the very ideals you swore to defend, Lucaevon. You are a liar and a traitor. In the battles to come, I won't forget that.

- Willelmus Cretacea



  • Pierea was introduced in 2011 and received a page in 2017.


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