Indricas Azazenius III, otherwise known by his title as Lord Taskmaster Azazenius, is the current Lord Taskmaster of the Draconizane Dominion's Taskmaster organization and is the current Emperor's Witness - the confidant and most loyal servant of the Eternal Emperor, inherited from the previous Witness upon their deathbed. Relaxed and often laid-back, Indricas is renowned for his pleasant attitude and his neutral stance upon particular matters, as well as his dedication to the Eternal Emperor, although he is widely feared by those who have not encountered him due to his reputation as a horrifically powerful warrior and a merciless fighter. A masterful tactician and strategist, Indricas has served alongside the Eternal Emperor and his family for over five centuries due to an extended lifespan induced by his and his ancestors' prolonged exposure to the Descension energies of the royal clan.

A widely revered and respected individual by the Draconizane public and nobility, Indricas serves as the hand of the Eternal Emperor and is known to represent him when he is unable to appear publicly. He is also the Eternal Emperor's son-in-law due to his married status with his daughter, Yarda Virios, although a child between the two of them is as of yet undiscovered to the public. Indricas fights for his family, his friends, and his people, all of which he would selflessly give his life for if such was necessary and is not as much of a fervent, zealous cultist of the god Zr'An'Kar as the ones he protects although he still holds him in high regard and worships him nonetheless. Indricas is, currently, the last remaining member of the Azazenius bloodline and is thus potentially the last remaining Emperor's Witness.


Early Life[]

Indricas was born to Kelpharion Azazenius and Anacetia Trandestia within the Heartworlds of the Draconizane Dominion, where shortly after his birth he was visited by Eternal Emperor Kordan and gifted with a pendant that was encrusted with several scales that belonged to the Eternal Emperor himself, which amplified the Descension exposure Indricas inherited from his father and would allow him to display ultra-mortal abilities later in life. Indricas would lead a satisfied and pampered life for the first decade or so of his life, living with his mother Anacetia while his father Kelpharion would continue work as Lord Taskmaster, attending to the Eternal Emperor's needs and accepting incredibly dangerous assignments. He would grow a secret bond and friendship with one of the slaves that served within the Azazenius household, a Draconis woman that went by the name of Drastana, and would avoid the usual critical and speciesist view that most other Draconizane develop at a young age.

During the first 20 years of his life Indricas would be given the pleasure of being routinely visited by members of the Divine Family, most specifically Yarda Virios who he would grow an affection and attachment towards at the amusement of her brother Kragh. Yarda would often play with Indricas to keep him entertained, which would be the seeds that would root into Indricas' later love for her. Indricas would attend one of the Dominion's most accomplished Heartworld academies throughout his childhood and would build plentiful relations with many others, as he was considered to be popular and incredibly successful among his class. Indricas would excel in literature and poetry while passing various other additional courses.

Initiation and Taskmaster[]

After he had finished his official education term in his early 20s, a comparatively young age in terms of Draconizane, Indricas was grafted into the Junior Initiate Taskmasters Program at the demand of his father, the Lord Taskmaster of the time, and would undergo the necessary additional education to improve his mathematic skills as well as a degree of biological surgery and cybernetic enhancement. Indricas would perform to the maximum result with absolute efficiency in all fields of combat, managing ranged and melee weaponry without error and displaying an unchallenged amount of physical strength and control. Medical examinations would later prove that Indricas was beyond normal physiologically, an obvious conclusion given his heritage.

It would be upon his first assignment that he would be partnered with a fellow high-performing initiate by the name of Kocianus Canathrax, the trainee whose results were second to only Indricas by a mere slight margin, and would secure their success as future Taskmasters with the culling of a slave insurrection that had arisen on a minor colony. Eliminating hostile forces with terrifying efficiency, not only did Indras and Kocianus secure and establish a base of loyalist operations but they had also slaughtered most if not all rebel units, including vehicles and mobile infantry, leaving nothing but blood and corpses in their wake. Horrified at the act he had committed, Indras took a temporary leave from the Taskmaster organization, which brought concern to Kocianus as they were beginning to bond as friends.

Devastated by his uncontrolled onslaught, Indricas found comfort in Kocianus and the two formed a brotherly relationship, with Kocianus following Indricas' lead and promising to stop him if he was to engage within another tangent. After returning to the Taskmasters, Indricas and Kocianus would proceed to serve alongside one another for another 150 years, at which point they became near inseparable. During this time, it became evident that Kocianus was more inclined to ally himself to Indricas rather than the Dominion, the Divine Family and Zr'An'Kar, which led to concern between the superiors of the Taskmaster organization.

When assassination attempts were made during assignments by fellow operatives of the Taskmasters on Kocianus' life, both Indricas and he willingly eliminated and either incapacitated or killed their foes. Initially staged as treachery within the ranks so as to not evoke suspicion, Kocianus would nonetheless gather mistrust in the Taskmaster organization and for the Draconizane Dominion overall, stirring thoughts of rebellion inside his head which caused Indricas to become weary. As the two were attending to yet another insurrection, Indricas allowed various unarmed and disarmed slaves to survive the onslaught and let them escape with their lives and freedom, an act that was repeated by Kocianus multiple times as he began to adopt Indricas' ideals and neutral philosophy, although Kocianus was undoubtedly more radical in his approach than Indricas.

Birth of Deicide[]

During a particular assignment Indricas witnessed Kocianus outright murdering allied Taskmasters when they threatened to kill unarmed slaves and their families as they had been instructed, much to Indricas' shock as the murdered operatives had not made attempts upon Kocianus' life. Confronting his partner, Kocianus argued against Indricas and whether he held the Dominion above his own morals or not, to which Indricas replied that it was due to his morals that he held the Dominion in allegiance, even if it is not a perfect civilization. Kocianus, disgusted that Indricas would seemingly rather act to the Dominion's will than his own, proceeded to engage within a murderous spree, slaying Taskmasters left and right while Indricas made attempts to stop him which resulted in Indricas being knocked unconscious.

It was this event that marked Kocianus' official departure from the Taskmaster organization, after which a series of events occured that troubled the Dominion and its higher classes; slaves were gaining resources such as weapons, vehicles and ammunition and were rising up against their enslavers, trainees of the Junior Initiate Taskmasters Program were disappearing alongside research and data, ships went missing from astrodocks, and otherwise classified reports held by the Taskmaster organization were being taken from their databases. Using tracing technology for one stolen ship, Indricas discovered a colossal fleet of insurrectionist vessels, consisting of crew and infantry from across the Dominion and the known universe.

Indricas was confronted directly by Kocianus, who claimed that by his efforts alone he had constructed the largest and most efficient rebellion in the history of the Draconizane Dominion, backed by thousands of former Taskmasters and many times more standard infantry equipped with stolen and modified weaponry. Using connections with fellow insurrectionist organizations and operatives within the Dominion, Kocianus had managed to secure a large number of assets that he would use against the Dominion in order to bring light to its people through the elimination of the Divine Family and ridding of the many mandatory philosophies. Feeling guilt that he had led him upon this path and disappointed him, Indricas abandoned Kocianus and denied further preservation of their bond and friendship, promising that Kocianus' actions would be his downfall. The organization that Kocianus had formed would become widely known by the name of Deicide.

Sometime after the formation of the Deicidists, the Dominion was forced to fight both the Gruggysul Society, who they had been in conflict with for eons past, and Deicide, fighting wars both outside and inside. It was upon a particular day that, while fighting upon a major Society world, the veteran Lord Taskmaster Kelpharion was present with a large Taskmaster force in order to subdue various Gruggysul leaders, although they were unexpectedly forced into a three-way battle when Deicide had shown up to retaliate against both nations. Surrounded on all sides, Kelpharion was fatally wounded by Kocianus and his allies and left for dead, where Indricas would find him and retrieve him. Resting his father in his quarters after extensive, unsuccessful medical operations, as Kelpharion was in an incredibly damaged state, Indricas inherited the rank of Lord Taskmaster as his father died, with the Eternal Emperor Kordan Rex appearing shortly before. After Kelpharion's death, Indricas was comforted by Kordan and was gifted with the position of Emperor's Witness - they would confide within one another and Indricas would serve Kordan's will directly.

Gruggysul War[]

To Steal a Demon[]



Indricas is a laid-back, relaxed individual who differs greatly from the rest of his race in that he does not share their dominating speciesist attitude towards others and is somewhat lazy, spending a majority of his leisure time sleeping and is reluctant to attend to paperwork, considering it 'boring' and 'menial'. Indricas maintains a generally positive and optimistic outlook with a calm and patient demeanour, which allows him to display his respectable sense of humour even under the most stressing of situations, often leading others to think his presence on their side is reassuring and a good omen. Indricas always aims to minimalize casualties and will often issue those under his command to stand-by while he deals with threats, sparing his soldiers from potential death although he himself does not particularly enjoy leading troops into battle despite his brilliant tactic intelligence. For entertainment Indricas will often write literature and poetry, particularly Draconizane haiku, usually centered around mature and adult themes, including pornography and romance although he has been known to write war and apocalypse stories. A particular publication of his, Saga Before Candles, is considered particularly popular within the Amesai Realm.

Despite his kind-heartedness, Indricas is a merciless, ferocious fighter in combat and it is uncommon for him to hold back for his enemies, considering such to be disrespectful and dishonourable and as such will nearly always fight to the best of his ability. He considers the Dominion an 'imperfect' society yet does not seek to change it, although he does not allow it to change his moral stances either and will often take a neutral stand when faced with Dominion-affiliated subjects such as slavery and speciesism. Ultimately all that Indricas cares for are his friends, his family, and his people and would do almost anything to protect them, even if such includes placing him in harm's way. He will often attempt to communicate with his enemy during battle so as to get a good example of who they are and what they fight for, acknowledging his opposition as people rather than statistics and numbers, although he will nonetheless ultimately kill them if he has been instructed to do so.


Indricas stands at an incredibly imposing 5 meters tall, a large size for any average Draconizane. His flesh carries the burden of many scars and wounds, some of which had been earned during his initiation and training while others were gained throughout his accomplished military career. While he does not make any particular effort to hide these scars, he does not wear them as badges of pride as many others do and seems to be entirely ignorant of them aside from certain ones which were inflicted by respectful and noble enemies. Adorned with crimson scales, Indricas possesses a cybernetic optical implant in place of his right eye as it was torn from its socket during a battle, although the implant serves as a far more efficient method of battlefield analysis and observation.

Indricas wears a specialized Taskmaster armour that was designed by the conjoint hand of himself and various artificial intelligences, with it being constructed by the most accurate and advanced pieces of machinery and equipment found throughout the Dominion. Alongside functionality, the armour is designed to symbolize and represent events and characters throughout the Dominion's history, with the penchant that Indricas recieved from the Eternal Emperor as a child that was encrusted with several of the Emperor's scale now serving as a piece of the armour, enchanting it and empowering Indricas with the Descension energies that leek outward from it. The armour is also encrusted with a gem that contains the scales of his wife and lover, Yarda Virios, which further empowers him and his equipment.





Green face.pngIt is always a gift to be in your presence.

  • Divine Family of Virios -“While we may not be bound by blood, we are bound by spirit and soul.
    • Kordan - “It is an honour to serve not just beneath but beside you, dear friend.
    • Kragh Virios - “The embodiment of wrath, frankly I am glad he accepts me as one of his own.
    • Mithra Virios - “She is the sister that I had never known before.
    • Vetarion Virios - “The Prince of Desire they call him, they certainly aren't wrong.
  • Kolossus - “I serve the command of Zr'An'Kar without need nor want of second thought.


Blue face.pngTo serve with you is to be an honour.


Yellow face.pngPlease, don't take it personally.


Orange face.pngI don't like the smell nor looks of you.


Red face.pngYou, on the other hand, can take this very personally.

  • Kocianus Canathrax - “You have made your choice so now you shall die by it.
  • Tyraz - “You may have the power to harm gods, but you have no power over us.


Your service does not go unnoticed.

- Kolossus