I compensate for nothing.

- Covaitan

Lord Covaitan is a male Vartekian who serves as one of the highest ranking figures in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus as the Grand Mandator of the Imperial worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy. An evil mastermind, he first came to power at the age of fifty eight after he restored peace to the Vartekian Empire. Celebrated as the Vartekian's greatest leader, he is responsible for starting the Golden Age of the Vartekian and has ultimately made the Vartekian Empire stronger, later joining it with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He is a strong military leader and takes pride in his great speaking abilities.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

During his early years, Covaitan was a lowly merchant who traded goods at markets. However, at the age of 50 he got a job as an architect and helped construct the designs that his friend, Admiral Votarah came up with. Eight years later the previous leader was assassinated leaving the Vartekian Empire in chaos. In the middle of the capital a mob was waiting to attack the Capital Building when Covaitan stepped up and persuaded them to stop. His strengths began to get recognised by his fellow people and he was soon promoted to Lord.

Expanding the Vartekians Edit

Covaitan's reign as Lord has proven to be the greatest reign of any Vartekian leader in history. It was he that agreed to wage war against the Capricorn Sector Alliance during the Second Galactic War, securing his nation's place in Gigaquadrantic History as a superpower.

Peace Treaty

Apollo and Lord Covaitan sign a peace treaty.

When the Intergalactic War broke out some time later, Covaitan saw it as another way to advance his nation in Gigaquadrantic Politics. However, before he could do this, he needed to secure his place as a neutral nation to the newly formed United Republic of Cyrannus. Secretly meeting with Apollo during the war, the two agreed to a peace treaty in order to concentrate on their common enemies, the Cognatus.

Also during the war, his efforts to make the Vartekian a powerful nation paid off, with the honourable warriors gaining a seat on the Great Eight Board, of the greatest empires in the Gigaquadrant. Though their presence was boycotted by the Cyrannians, Covaitan laughed that his plan was paying off.

This plan, the Vartekian control of the universe, started without a hitch during The Vartekian War, when Vartekian forces across the Gigaquadrant attacked their former allies, crippling many nations and even damaging those such as the Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation. However, as the war dragged on, Covaitan soon saw that his plan would fail and called all forces into retreat.

They wouldn't be seen for three years.

Imperial Era Edit

However, the Vartekian Empire was about to emerge once again. During the Great Cyrannus War, bonds between the Mortalitas and the Vartekian grew so strong, that the Vartekians became members in the Confederacy of Allied Systems. Covaitan gave this union his blessing, but was contemplating leaving the Confederacy before something happened that even he did not foresee.

The Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed. Covaitan watched in awe as the Empire rose from the ashes of Cyrannus and was pleased when he was awarded the title of High Praetor of the Vartekian worlds in the Empire's fold. Covaitan now further perfects upon his plans on the Imperial Throne World of Orbispira.

Personality and Traits Edit

Lord Covaitan is a highly intelligent and sinister Vartekian who maliciously rose up the ranks of the Vartekian Empire until he became Lord. When the Vartekian joined the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Covaitan's reputation earned him the immediate rank of Grand Mandator, a position he shares with Tyranus of the Basileus, one of the highest ranks of the Empire.

Often residing on the Vartekian Capital, Covaitan also often journeys to Orbispira, the Imperial City to meet with Emperor Tyrómairon. This makes the Lord a close supporter of the Emperor, though who knows what really occurs in the mind of this great manipulator.

Relationships Edit

Allies Edit

Green faceWe are brothers in honour.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceHmph.

  • Apollo - I've come to... respect you.

Enemies Edit

Red faceDie.

Gallery Edit

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Quotes Edit

Though... rather evil, I have come to respect him as a leader.

- Apollo

I am yours to command, my lord.

- Admiral Votarah


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