Lizaconda is a Lizardian Captain that was once in the service of the Imperial Alliance, however after his capture by Rambo Nation, and his eventually escape, he is now a member in the Confederacy under the rank of admiral. He commands the captured Venator Star Destroyer Liberty II and the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Lizardian Pride. Lizaconda is a cruel Lizardian, not showing mercy to his enemies or his allies alike. Lizaconda, born as a Lizardian has a great sense of honor and likes the torment of his enemies. He favors killing all his opponents, not letting one escape pod escape the battlefield. Rumors has it, he even eats his most challeging adversaries when he defeats them in personal combat. Lizaconda is also known for killing his own crew when he views them as incompetent, making his feared among both his allies and enemies.

Lizaconda is a veteran of many conflicts, including wars like the First Galactic War, Second Galactic War and the Great Cyrannus War.During his war carreer (-he likes to call it that) he was a officer within the Imperial Alliance and the Confederacy of Allied Systems. After the fall of the Confederacy he went into hiding- hoping to avoid Rambo authorities. He also gained the notorious reputation of one of the few prisoners ever to escape Ramghatulk. After returning to his people, he tried to reorganise the Lizardian Empire and made his base at the superweapon known as Galvarus where he sadly met his demise at the hands of the Mortalitas commander, Mortikran.


Captain of the Liberty[]

He recieved command of the Liberty during the Galactic War when the Star Destroyers were launched during that devasting war. He soon participated in battles like the invasion of the Dissia System and taking over Ramrevera Prime.

Destruction of the USS Merced by the Liberty and two other Star Destroyers.

However, he disliked his commander during that time, the Rambulan El'd'Shell, and filed a report about this. He was then transferred to the fleet that was under command of Aur'Lodin, something the was very pleased with. When the Second Galactic War broke out, he followed Aur'Lodin in her mission to take out the Noble Alliance. They soon encountered an Allied Fleet, but due to his intervention the Allied Fleet was defeated and Lizaconda, onboard the Liberty advanced forward and engaged the Rambo ships, under command of Fleet Captain Klopplar and the USS Merced.

During the battle he managed to corner the USS Merced and fired all cannons, destroying the USS Merced and killing Klopplar in the proces. Afterwards, he proceeded with Aur'Lodin further in Noble Alliance territory and soon the Noble Alliance had fallen into Imperial hands.

The Blockade Fleet of Ramar Shadda with the Liberty as the command ship

He later left Aur'Lodin's fleet at her orders and went to attack Ramar Shadda, however his force were defeated there and he was forced to retreat. However, he soon returned and invaded Ramar Shadda with some Dagian War Cruiser of the RSA. During the battle the Ambassador surrended and Lizaconda was victorious. However, due to the agreement not to damage the Colonie he laid down a large blockade fleet around Ramar Shadda to prevent anyone from leaving or approaching the planet.

The last battle of Lizaconda???

However, when the Tralor Freedom Force launched a sneak attack they got behind the blockaded and managed to take out Lizacondo's troops. When he faced them himself, he went missing during the battle. However, he resurfaced (unknown to the Allies) at the Imperial Capitol of Impaerusqiantia where he faced his failiure with the Galactic Emperor himself. He was mercy and granted him a second change and send Lizaconda at a special mission! Upon his return he attacked the CSA Colonie of Cancerti and managed after heavy battles and teaming up with the new found members of the Imperial Alliance, the Mortalitas, they managed to invade the Colonie and even take Captain Rambas II captive. After the battle he returned to Imperial Space and left the Colonie in hands of the Mortalitas.

However, his advance and return was soon coming to an end as Captain Ramcard and a large convoy attack the Liberty and her escort and managed to infriltrate the Liberty. Upon doing so, Captain Ramcard personally defeated Captain Lizaconda and took him and the Liberty captive. After his trail and interrogation he was send to the Ramghatulkiaga Prison and remained there for 4 years.

Captain of the Liberty II[]

Two Confederate Frigates attack the surprised cruiser, Opel, which became the Liberty II

At 04 AQF or 1 ATC, he was freed by the Confederacy and joined their cause, taking the Mortalitas Dreadnought Lizardian Pride as his flagship. However, in secret he secretly wanted command of a Star Destroyer once more. He found his perfect target, the Venator-class Star Destroyer, the Opel. Taking two Mortalitas Frigates with him, the feared captain launched an attack and disabled the ship. He and a company of elite Mortalitas Troopers infiltrated the ship and killed all on it, including the captain.

USS Dallas under attack by the Liberty II

In triumph, he renamed the ship, the Liberty II and sent it to the nearest Confederate Shipyard for a refit and repaint. When it was completed, the Liberty II was stale grey in color, and he began his search for revenge... Soon Lizaconda began searching for Captain Ramcard of the USS Dallas, the one responsible of his capture. He was able to travel freely throughout Rambo Nation space due to the Liberty II, as it was still registrated as a Venator Class. He knew Ramcard would capture the Unknown Cognati Captain, one he really disliked. He then travelled to the Metruia Nebula and waited there, staying out of the patrols of Rambo Nation ships there. As Ramcard passed by he exited the nebula and attacked the USS Dallas, severely damaging the ship and after sending a transmission Ramcard decided to withdraw and headed back to the Rambo Capital. Lizaconda was pleased, he send a clear message to Ramcard and after the battle Lizaconda returned to Confederate space to await his orders, in the Cyroenia system...

Battle of Cyroenia reaches her conclusion

Vice-Admiral Rambas II of Rambo Nation was pleased, his timely arrival and Cretacea's plan worked, cornering the Confederacy and intercepting the Benevolent, Confederate General Zillum was soon to be captured. Within 3 hours the combined fleet of URC and Rambo ships pushed back the Confederacy and secured the massive ring around the world. Rambas and Cretacea contacted eachother, to discuss further plans when more Confederate ships arrived.

Under command of the Admiral Lizaconda onboard the Liberty II the reinforcements jumped in between Zillum and Cretacea/Rambas II forces. Taken by surprise, the USS Capricaerón took heavy damage and a nearby Kelvin Class was destroyed in an instance. Meanwhile the Avanger pushed through the Confederate reinforcements, to catch the Benevolent, but that seemed in vain as the Benevolent was turning around and opened fire at the Avenger herself, lightly damaging her.

Lizaconda attacks a Cyrandia Convoy near the Metruia Nebula

Rambas looked at his tactical screen and was displeased, the tide of battle was in favor of the Cyrandia forces, but now taken by surprise Lizaconda managed to turn the tide. However, the Cyrandia forces now had a stand off. Lizconda, onboard the Liberty II looked grim, Zillum had wasted his oppertunity to destroy the shipyards, instead he awaited the arrival of Cretacea and is plan failed. Lizaconda nodded towards his crew, and the Liberty II and escorting ships advanced toward the massive ring and re-opened fire. Seemingly an attack, Lizaconda used this attack to retreat from Cyroenia, the battle was lost but Lizaconda and Zillum would not give up without saying goodbye!

Advancing towards the Cyrandia fleet the USS Capricaerón targeted the Liberty II and the Avenger the Benevolent, the battle was intense, with both sides taking heavy casualties (the Cyrandia lost over 65% of there ships, the Confederacy only 45%) and the shipyards were damaged too.

Battle of Fornaeria

As of sudden, the Confederacy left Cyroenia and the remaining Cyrandia forces celebrated. Yet, both Cretacea and Rambas could only wondered why the Confederacy had left, perhaps conquering was not there plan and the battle was just a diversion? Afterwards, when Lizaconda had a weekend off duty, he travelled to the Metruia Nebula, located near the Mid Regions of Rambo Nation in Quadrant 82. There he launched an attack at the URC Venator Class Behemoth, the Cyrandia Krakana Class Impavid and the Rambo Nation Soyuz Class V2 USS Contact. While disabling the Impavid Lizaconda was forced to retreat after quick thinking by the captains of the Behemoth and the USS Contact.

Battle of Karzhamahri-Nui

Lizaconda was happy, attacking Cyrandia ships in his free time was a good way of living. After the battle, he and a small Confederate convoy attacked the Rambo Nation colony known as Fornaeria. With no fleet protecting the colony the invasion forces soon reached the main city of Fornaeria. Sadly for Lizaconda Vice-Admiral Ramcard showed up and stopped the advancing Confederate forces by using the new Clone Troopers of Rambo Nation. Ashamed Lizaconda ordered the rereat, he had underrestimated Ramcard once again!

Battle of Rambo Prime

Angered and not wishing to face the leader of the Conferacy he attacked Karzhamahri-Nui, a Rambo Nation colony in the Mid-Colonial Sector without permission of the Confederate Senate and with quite a large fleet. Lizaconda's tactics and cunning proved succefull as he managed to take out the USS Venture of Captain Rambam and later on managed to take possesion of Arthrastral, the capital city of Karzhamahri-Nui within just 2 days. The only bad thing was that Ga-Laiquendi was in hands of Rambo Nation, but he didn't care, that city was of no use to him after all. He then contacted the Confederate Senate and told him of his victory over Rambo Nation.

Capture of the Cyrandia President Aur'Lumniassa

He later attacked Rambo Prime, but due to the intervention of Fleet captain Ramdleton onboard the Suiliagothrond Battlestation his forces were defeated. He managed to retreat to Karzhamahri Nui and informed the Confederate Senate of his failiure and the appearance of such a massive battlestation.

In the seventh month of the year 04 AQF, or better known as the first month of the 2nd year of the war Lizaconda launched his new super plan, known as Operation Forturne. This operation was a grand succes, though the Battle of Koerband was lost, the Grox underestimated the Rambo forces stationed there. The second battle, Rametru Nui was completed with victory for the Confederacy, during the battle Senator Creckbo was also captured and the Mid Colonial Sector of Rambo Nation stood at falling. Lizaconda himself managed to capture Aur'Lumniassa, one of the two Presidents of the Cyrandia Alliance.

Third Battle of Yadumarth

After recieving news that Rametru Nui had been retaken by the URC/Rambo he was furious and travelled to Yadumarth. However the planet came under attack by Captain Ramniels and his URC/Rambo Task force. During the battle his ship was damaged by the USS Aquila and Lizaconda fled the battle.

Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Warning the Confederate Senate that the Third Battle of Yadumarth was won in favor of the Cyrandia Alliance and that the Rambo and URC are using harsher tactics now. Returning at Karzhamahri Nui he admitted he was getting tired of all the recent battles. It seemed he had too little rest.

During the Second Battle of Karzamahri Nui, in the second week of 05 AQF of the new year the Liberty II became heavily damaged by two Constitution Class ships, causing heavy damage at the ship. Yet the Liberty II managed to destroy on the Constitution class ships Admiral Lizaconda was wounded during the battle as debris and an explosion rippled through the bridge and engine section of the ship. When the Rambo fleet retreated Lizaconda was brought to the surface of Karzamahri Nui where he was treated to his wounds (he even had an internal bleeding).

Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui

Later on during the war Lizaconda found himself in the midst of the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui when a large fleet of Rambo Nation ships launched another assault at the planet. It sooned turned out the Rambo got the upper hand and Lizaconda needed some miracle to win the space battle, even some ships had broken through the Confederate blockade. However things didn't turn out the way they did, as the Resistancia arrived and chrashed into the Suiliagothrond battlestation. The resulting explosion destroyed a large part of the Rambo and Confederate fleet, but it also claimed the life of his Mortalitas Captain, his subcommander.

Disabled by the USS Dallas and USS Challenger

As he saw the Rambo fleet withdrawing to the nearby moon, he recalled the remaining Confederate ships to regroup and prepared them for another confrontation. When the two fleets clahsed once again above Karzamahri Nui Lizaconda was happy as various ships were disabled, like the Ambassador Class USS Ayers. Even the USS Enterprise-B became heavily damaged by an unfortunate encounter with a light destroyer. However Lizaconda became feared when the USS Dallas of his arc enemy Ramcard arrived. Toghether with the USS Challenger, another Galaxy class they disabled the Liberty II and Lizaconda was forced to regroup his fleet.

As it seemed the Confederate had their victory over the Rambo and could hold their possesion over Karzamahri Nui, a sudden arrival of the Cognatus Remnant prevented his victory and their firepower scattered and destroyed the Confederate ranks. With the last remaining ships Lizaconda ordered the retreat back to Yadumarth. Furious Lizaconda awaited the new orders of the Confederate Senate, perhaps even his resignment as Admiral?

The Liberty II under attack by the Quadrantia

The Republic in Exile attacks the Liberty II.

Yet before he could even been brought before the Senate of the Confederacy the Confederacy was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Unsure what they would do to him, he took the Liberty and his crew and went into hiding. As his ship was damaged during the battle, Lizaconda and his crew remained in hiding and took a long travel at impulse to the Metruia-Nebula, repairing the ship while they were travelling far away from the known trade routes. Their plan was to enter the Metruia-Nebula and from their a straight route to the Wormhole Platuae near Rambo Prime and escape to either Quadrant 89 or the Milky Way Galaxy.

However their travel took them through the Ghost Nebula as Lizaconda and his crew were forced to flee from Republic Exile ships (who were still loyal to the Republic- better known as the URC Quarantia Colonial Sector). While they managed to escape capture, they began hiding in the Ghost Nebula were they came under attack by a small group of Quadrantia, red colored vicious octopus creatures who began ripping apart the already damaged ship (they lost one of the ships bridges due to the Republic Remnant assault) and the fate of Lizaconda and his crew hang on a very thin thread.

Lizardian Commander[]

Lizaconda returns to Lizardia and takes command!

In 03 NE/06 AQF Lizaconda and his crew, onboard the damaged Liberty managed to survive and evade authorities to eventually arrive at the Lizardian planet, Lizardia. The planet is located in the Unclaimed Territories, however the Lizardian their strongholds are old and sturdy, leaderless, hungry and desperate to get their civilization running again. The climate of Lizardia is harsh, and half of the massive Lizardian city lies in ruins, slowly being rebuilded by the hard working Lizardian, but many are missing a strong leader, as the Lizardians were always ruled by strong militairy leaders and not civilians. As such Lizaconda decided to return to the very planet he was born at and upon arriving at the planet, a Lizardian fleet intercepted the Liberty.

Hailing them, Lizaconda ordered the fleet not to open fire as he announced their leader has returned, Lizaconda, the son of the late and missing Lizardian Commander. Finally home again, Lizaconda made preperations to rebuild his beloved Lizardian Empire. Though the Lizardian would face difficulties, they would endure and perhaps could make peace with the other interstellar powers and return as an interstellar power.

Mortikran removes Lizaconda from the command chain of Galvarus

He made his base at the superweapon structure of Galvarus. A place Lizaconda would become a beacon of hope for his own kin and to use it as a leverage to open peaceful trade relations with the Rambo Nation and the New Cyrannian Republic. He tolerated the presence of his former collegue and friend, Mortikran though grew increasingly at odds with him. The Mortalitas didn't want to open up peaceful motives instead wanted to use the weapon for a new conflict something Lizaconda felt little for. During the events of the Fury of Galvarus matters took a turn for the worst when Mortikran sieged the weapon. Confronting his friend and try to convince him otherwise failed when the Mortalitas broke Lizaconda's arm and ripped an eye out before activating the weapon upon the Rambo Capital. Realising his efforts were in vain, Lizaconda made peace with himself before Mortikran shot his former friend without remorse.




Green face.pngDon't stand in my way, though we are allies at the moment.


Red face.pngYou will be destroyed, foolish idiot!


A powerful adversary and captain, I hope the Rambo can bring him to justice yet again!

- Willelmus Cretacea

A good friend and an brilliant tactician in battle, I would be happy to serve alongside him!

- Zillum

One of my greatest captain in the Imperial Alliance. Sadly he let himself captured by the blue birds, something that is a disgrace.

- Morgandaûr

Lizaconda, one of my closes followers and a person I considered a friend. A gifted captain and his lust for battle was well known in the Imperial ranks. Perhaps he is the one who can save me one day from the Emperor?

- Aur'Lodin


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