Lion is the preferred pseudonym for this mysterious captain. He says that he is the last of his kind, but what kind he even is the last of is unknown. Today he wanders aimlessly across the universe, doing freelance work in order to eat.


See also: Lion's Species

Lion's species is the most mysterious thing about him. He won't tell anybody what his species name is or much anything else about them. The most he'll say is that they originated in a system near the Cat's Eye Nebula, which is somewhat ironic since his species is feline.

Lion's species appears to be humanoid and feline. He is 4 feet 8 inches, which is possibly near the average height for his species. His fur is green. It is unknown if this is common or not, and what other colors that are normal for the species are also unknown. It's also notable that he has 3 toes on his feet but 2 fingers on his hand. He is never seen with his claws retracted, so it is presumed that they are not retractable. Oddly, he is an omnivore, which is rare for feline species.


Lion has a crew of various aliens from around the universe, including Unicorn, Secret, and Gizmo.



Green face.pngYou're really good guys.

  • Unicorn - My best crew member.
  • Secret - My trusty pilot.
  • Gizmo - I'd have to say this is the most fun robot I've ever been around.
  • Zeburtiel - An honorable ally. Plus, he has 4 heads.


Yellow face.pngMeh. You're okay.

None currently.


Red face.pngLeave me alone.

None currently.


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  • Lion is a fictional representation of the user who created him: User:CatSerpentine.
  • Lion's name comes from CatSerpentine's Spore account name, Lionoforange.