It is the things that nature has bestowed upon us that keep the evil at bay.

- Lindariel

Lindariel is a young female Doredhelwen (Elvish: High Elf) that serves as a sage, warrior and emissary of her people across the World. Born to an ancient Elven king and Queen Aranhilwen, two of some of the most powerful beings on Erde, Lindariel grew within the shelter of her parent's prehistoric realm in the wilds of Erde. Born with a strong connection to the ancient elven arts, Lindariel soon became one of her people's most trusted sages spending much of her time exploring the forests and the rivers of her parent's majestic kingdom.

Eventually, Lindariel became a Lore-Master of the Doredhelwen and gained a nickname commenting on her love for the wilderness, the "lady of the wild". Harbouring a deep love for animals, plants and the natural world Lindariel is seen as a force of good in the world though doesn't hesitate to use violence to protect her home and her people from the forces of darkness. Though still considered young by Doredhelwen standards, Lindariel has seen much in the world and forever seeks to explore more.


Early HistoryEdit

Lindariel was born to the Lady of the High Elves, Aranhilwen. Where her mother Aranhelwen walked, light, peace and love followed. However, an war against an Unknown Fear forced the Elves to retreat under Aranhelwen's rule into the more peaceful areas of the world, where they became somewhat different to their golden origins on Menelinor. When she was a child, Lindariel was rebellious and considered to be a tomboy by the rest of her kin. Instead of sitting on the royal crown with her parents, Lindariel spent much of her youth playing in the forests of meadows of the elvish realm, while honing her techniques with magic and a bow. When she came of age, Lindariel became known as the "Lady of the Wilds", a title which reflects her love for nature and her courage in the face of the unknown.

Lindariel was finally granted permission to leave the Realm of the High Elves when she became old enough and journeyed across the continent of Talaninor and the neighboring island of Marmor. On her journeys, Lindariel immersed herself in the glories of other civilisations, serving as an emissary of her people across the diverse lands of Erde. In particular, she became good friends with the Elves of the Urindalë as well as many other civilisations across the world. However, she also came to despise Orcs and Goblins in her travels.

Protector of the DoredhelwenEdit

Though still considered young at the dawn of the New Age, Lindariel was chosen by her mother to investigate a growing evil emanating from the ruined fortress of Gul'Sharkû, located near the planet's northern pole. Given permission by her mother to recruit other explorers to investigate the darkness, Lindariel accompanied by her friend Arandur issued a call for all those willing to join her to meet in the city of Ondiliaë, capital of the Urindalë Elves.

Personality and TraitsEdit

A creature of warmth and cheer, Lindariel is well liked by those who meet her, who describe her as having the glow of the sun and the beauty of a star-filled night. Though she enjoys the company of other people, Lindariel is most at home wandering the forests of her parent's kingdom, communicating with animals and living in harmony with nature. Though she may at times appear carefree, Lindariel is in fact a very cautious person who actively hates orcs and distrusts humans, believing that they are a xenophobic race that pose a threat to the peace of the world.

Physical AppearanceEdit

With glowing skin, silken red hair and a soft face, Lindariel is considered universally as a strikingly beautiful woman. Much to the chagrin of her High Elvish kin, Lindariel often wears a simple outfit making her appear as a simple archer in the Doredhelwen Army. Despite her humble garb, it does nothing to hide her beauty from others. Like most High Elves, Lindariel wears her hair long and ties it behind her head to prevent it from getting in the way while traversing the forests or fighting against those who would spread the darkness of evil throughout the world. Unlike many Elves however, Lindariel is often bare-foot which allows her to move with more grace.



Green faceMay the grace of Hirnaeranin be with you.

  • High Elves of Doredhelwen - My kin.


Blue faceWhat a pleasure it is to meet you.

  • Anyone she hasn't met - Go with the blessing of the Doredhelwen.


Red faceEvil mustn't be allowed to spread.

  • Orcs and Goblins - Sinister beasts.


Amin tinu, sut Amin liy llie.

- Aranhilwen



  • Lindariel is based on Tauriel from the Hobbit trilogy.
  • In the Koldenwelt continuity before Cyrannian moved his fiction, Lindariel was the estranged daughter of the fiendish Imperator Kalarah, created by Xho.

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