Alikos or “The Lightbringer” is a member of the League of Patrons. He is the patron of truth. As a result, his responsibilities revolve largely around attempting to dispel dangerous misinformation and destroy dangerous ideologies. To this effect, his powers include forcing any mortal to accept any true claim, though he prefers to bring one out of an ideology slowly, as this is less traumatizing for them. He is known to publicly challenge those he perceives as the proponents of false ideologies. He also publishes papers critiquing these ideas.

His primary hobby outside of his work seems to be finding mortals with what are, for them, large problems, but for him are easily solvable, and solving them. He is also known to create ideal foods for a person based on examinations of their biology. These foods are described by those who consume them as being tasty to a degree that is not approached by any naturally occurring food. They are manufactured by re-arranging matter taken from the air or the ground into whatever is ideal for that individual.




The Lightbringer, in his usual form, is about 10 meters tall. He is green, though the shade varies across his body from dark to somewhat light, with the mean being medium to dark. He is capable of changing his appearance, but he never uses this ability to disguise himself. He might, however, take an alternate form if it makes a person he is around more comfortable. Like all Patrons, he prefers his usual immortal form, and uses it the majority of the time.

Like all of the Patrons, he is considered to be beautiful and striking in appearance. He is also known to calculate the form that will be most pleasing to the eye of a mortal and take that form, though this is usually not necessary and is usually only done with persons who are familiar with him already, lest he mislead that person about his nature.

His appearance, like that of most patrons, contains only small traces of his mortal form, such as his bipedal nature, despite the fact that he usually floats and almost never walks. He also retains a round head, five toed feet and five-fingered hands. He differs in that he no longer wears any clothing and is now completely hairless.




Green face Servants Edit

  • Arch Priest Riffrex - "My loyal pet."
  • The Cult of Alikos - "My faithful worshipers. I shall always defend those who put their trust in me."

Green face Allies Edit

  • The League of Patrons - "My friends and allies."
    • Ku-Rokti - "A brilliant man. I am happy to work under him."
    • Ufo'Talla - "A bringer of Justice to the Universe."
    • Kiff'Rellaka - "A good friend. Few outside the League see the kinder side that I do."
    • Zein Zatock - "A wise man indeed."
    • Da Propa Awzome Peep - "Always the life of the party."
    • Raydon Zof'farus - "Trustworthy, compassionate, a better man than even I."
    • Krilok - "I look forward to working with you."
    • Marius Yecron - "We have been waiting."
  • The Aeoneonatrix Empire - "The Cleanser's Servants."

Blue face Friends Edit

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Orange face Dislike Edit

Red face Enemies Edit


From SelfEdit

I like being called a demon.

- Alikos, the Lightbringer, Patron of Truth

From Others (Add Here)Edit

He is actually a good man... But he is too young, as his race.

- Zein Zatock, Patron of Wisdom

I am unsure of this young one. Though he seems a most respectable fellow.

- Krilok


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