...Bringer of peace and joy...

- Ultimate One

Libraé is an Oikoumene scientist known for her role in the Apotheosis as well as her marriage to the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon in the distant past. She was known as the most intelligent being in all the Oikoumene, though was considered on a par with Tyrómairon.

Her primary function within the Oikoumene was to assist in the development of primitive species, thus fulfilling the ancient Oikoumene objective of protecting all life in the cosmos and bringing them under their guidance. Despite this, she was a firm believer in each race eventually earning it's own right to live in peace without outside interference. During her time as a scientist in the Apotheosis Era of the Oikoumene, she was often visited by a messenger from a higher power and sought to understand the mystery behind it.




Tyrómaironás and Libraé.

Like most Oikoumene, Libraé's early life is clouded in mystery, though she eventually rose up the ranks and became the chief scientist of the entire Oikoumene civilisation and travelled across the Gigaquadrant in search of new species to add to her knowledge. Eventually, the young Libraé met Tyrómairon, the leader of the Oikoumene military, and the two were eventually married. With her husband, Libraé continued her good deeds to lesser species and gained a strong sense of justice. Unfortunately, Libraé was often forced to spend a great deal of time away from her husband due to his position as leader of the Oikoumene military.


Libraé is confronted with the unknown entity.

By the time the couple reunited during the construction of the artificial world known as Amemoriam, the galaxy was a different place, with countless species rising up against the Oikoumene and their alleged imperialism. In a heated debate with her husband before the Oikoumene Council, Tyrómairon won out over his wife and gained the support of the Council in the suppression of the primitives. Despite being initially annoyed that she lost to her own husband, she forgave him and the two spent the next night discussing important matters to the galaxy.

However, both Libraé and Tyrómairon were soon called to their own respective occupations, with Libraé going to the world known as CX-1000, a planet she was very interested in. While studying its inhabitants, a mysterious figure appeared to her, claiming to be a messenger of an unknown power. Libraé was initially sceptical, but decided to visit the omniscient Vida'Rranlora in the hopes of finding answers. She was utterly shocked when the omniscient holograms had no idea about the messenger's appearance, which prompted her to seek guidance from a god.


Libraé meets with the Ultimate God.

Due to the Oikoumene's alliance with the Atlantica, Libraé was granted the privilege of seeking an audience with the Ultimate Rambo God, the first in many years. Through all of this, Libraé was accompanied by the messenger that only she could see. When she asked the Ultimate One if he knew anything about the situation, he replied that he knew of messengers being sent by a greater force, but claimed that was all he knew of them. Libraé thought about his words for a moment and thanked him. When she returned to the mortal sphere, she accepted that the messenger was real.

Several months later, Libraé became aware of the Primercer's actions against Tyrómairon. Though sad that it came to this, she agreed to help her husband remove the corrupt leader from power. While Tyrómaironás addressed the Oikoumene Council, Libraé kept the Primercer out of the loop, unaware that the Primercer's removal from power would ultimately lead to her ascension to the leadership of the Oikoumene. Honoured by the decision, Libraé pledged to protect the lifeforms of the universe and spread wisdom and knowledge throughout the stars.

Physical Appearance Edit

Physically, Libraé appears frail and soft in comparison to Tyrómairon, but appears rather like any other female Oikoumene. However, she is considered very beautiful, with the Atlantica known as Barthandeal comparing her beauty to the shining sun on a field of flowers. She often wears an outfit similar to other Oikoumene scientists, though it also sets her apart and makes her rank as chief scientist clear.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Libraé is a selfless and wise individual, whose intelligence was rivalled only by Tyrómairon in the entire history of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Her personality at many times seem to represent the polar opposite of that of her husband, but they loved each other none the less. The other great love in Libraé's live was the sense of motherly devotion to the less advanced species that doted around the cosmos, indeed, it can be safely assumed that Libraé would have given up her life in the protection of what she saw as her children.



Green faceGreetings!


Blue faceHello there.

  • Unknown


Yellow faceYou can always be turned.


My wife and equal.

- Tyrómairon during Apotheosis

The greatest of my creators!

- Adjunct


  • Libraé has origins on the wiki that date back to the initial introduction of the Tribe.
  • She is primarily based on the Librarian from Halo.



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