I always believed that he was born for something... greater.

- Lanatonos about Lemmo

A famous archeaologist and treasure hunter, Lemmo Meronis has been hunting for Tertmamian relics for years, and while not truly a member of the military, he frequently works with NTA Security Force. Both skilled with laspistols and well-versed in Andromedan artifacts, since NTA's formation he has been working with other alien treasure hunters and gathered a small but strong crew.

Relaxed and lazy overall, Meronis is good at his heart, but rarely shows this: he only helps someone when he is benefited somehow or if he was impressed somehow. He, however, holds a deep reverence for science and studies Tertamian lost technology thoroughly and with great interest. He also is extremely loyal to his crew, and will go on extreme measures to save them if required.



Even though Lemmo is known nowadays as one of the most famous and richest Tertanai treasure hunters in Andromeda, it wasn't always so. A kid that will later be known as captain Meronis started his life in a starving family, on one of the backwater Illarian colonies, living in near-constant poverty. On the streets, scavenging for food, he learned the value of life - or, rather, survival, as these two words were one and the same for the poor Tertanai child. Lemmo would have probably remained in the slums for his whole life if not for the intervention of his benefactor and mentor, professor Lamnis Lanatonos from Il'larion.

It is not clear how did the professor find Lemmo and why was he even interested in the teen; both Lanatonos and his protege are somewhat reluctant to talk about that, and they never tell the whole truth. All is known is that the professor took Lemmo under his wing and managed to bring him to Il'larion, giving him a place in one of the planet's greatest academies. Lemmo, surprisingly, did very well there, showing great capacity for learning and insatiable curiosity (even though he was often picked on because of his provincial roots). While some professors in the academy thought of Lemmo as nothing but an upstart, others believed that he, in fact, will one day become one of Il'larion's greatest's scientists. None were right.

None of them could see Lemmo staring at the sky every night, seeing starships soaring, thinking of his past. Over time, he started to realise that he was not born to live in an ivory tower studying - he did not intend to become the very same elite he was a victim of during his childhood. He sought something else.

When Lemmo abruptly stopped his studies and left the academy to become a starfarer, most of the academy's professors remained confused, not suspecting any student to do such a thing - save for Lanatonos, who accepted the fact with little surprise. The two remain close even now.

Treasure hunter[]

For the next ten years, Lemmo worked as an unofficial member of the Il'larion Reclamation Service (a precursor to the modern Commonwealth Reclamation Service), searching for Tertamian artifacts and relics. During the times Il'larion was at war with its neighbours, he also made a living by serving as a privateer.

During one of these wars, Lemmo met a person who would later become his love - Lamni Lemnara, a treasure hunter from one of the Tertanai principalities Il'larion fought with. While first mistrusting her, Lemmo developed a form of affection towards Lamni, driven first by competition and then by genuine love: eventually, despite facing the same mistrust Lemmo did, she reciprocated and the couple became partners - in fact, their actions were more or less the reason Il'larion and Lamni's homeworld, Telara, managed to achieve a truce - this, however, costed Lamni her life when a group of Telaran terrorists, finding her responsible for what they saw as their people's enslavement. Lemmo, despite mourning Lamni, did not stop his career, witnessing his species' unification and war against the Crystallines from the window of his starship as he continued to search for ancient relics.

When Tertanai joined the galactic community, he was one of the first to see the big galaxy, eventually gathering a small but loyal crew of various NTA species.

Second Borealis Galactic War[]

Hellish Presence

Lemmo's career as a starfarer and a pilot eventually brought attention from the NTA government, who approached him with an offer: for a few thousands of AEUs (common Andromedan currency), he would be a first Tertanai to explore the universe outside Andromeda. By using a Cold Relay found and activated during Andromeda War, NTA sent Lemmo to Borealis, a galaxy close to Andromeda amidst a massive war.

Lemmo's first action within the galaxy was encountering the Devourer's Chosen on one of the Borealis worlds; unfamilliar with the galaxy's politics, it took him long enough to grasp the Chosen's true intentions for them to attack; Lemmo barely survived the encounter, losing all his crew in one day. Driven by vengeance, Lemmo joined forces with the forces of Order and played his part in crushing the cult's malefic plan of universal conquest. On the battlefield, he also found the body of N'ras, one of his fallen comrades, near death.

The Ancients' Legacy

After the battle, Lemmo (with N'ras) returned to Andromeda on an Indoctrinate shuttle (his own ship being rendered unusable), but ended up being stuck in Borealis due to an accident with the shuttle's engines. However, fortune interwined - in form of an ancient Kormacvar hulk lost in space - which Lemmo quickly claimed as his own.

From this point, however, things only started to heat up. From the Kormacvar servants on the ship, Lemmo became aware of the Forge, a mysterious device that could possibly save his dying friend's life. Starting a journey to find this Forge, he was driven into the war again, this time against the mechanical hordes of Regnatus, one of the few surviving Kormacvar in the universe. After weeks of searching, Lemmo eventually was able to find it with the help of Tyraz, who searched for the Forge for his own reasons; despite the opposition from Regnatus and, strangely, the Divinarium, the captain eventually managed to bring his friend back - and, as a side effect, also save the empress of the Divinarium.

Changing History

After Regnatus was defeated and turmoil permeated the galaxy as former allies became enemies, Lemmo returned back into the New Tertamian Alliance, which now estabilished a foothold in the galaxy. There, however, he found out that he was given an offer he could not refuse; an offer from noone else than Falrik Zaarkhun, who proposed Lemmo a place in his New Era and a high position in his rising Borealis Empire. Although Lemmo was initially leery of working with the sly Heeyorian criminal, Zaarkhun's vast riches eventually won over his favour and Lemmo agreed to his terms, remaining in the Polar Crystal Alliance while providing Zaarkhun with intel from the inside.

After weeks of fighting for the PCA cause (while keeping his true allegiance secret, of course), Lemmo finally revealed his true colours during the Consortium attack on Zoleia, when he rigged the Zoles Imperium's royal palace with explosives, nearly succeeding in beheading the Polar Crystal Alliance and allowing the Consortium forces to escape. After the battle, Lemmo vanished in the Arm of Wildness, being then instructed by Falrik Zaarkhun to aid the BCN in its subjucation of those who were loyal to the Alliance. During this time, however, a rift appeared between Lemmo and his friend, N'ras, strongly opposed to the Consortium's campaign of enslavement and slaughter; although he wasn't able to convince his friend to turn away from the BCN, N'ras still managed to plant the seeds of doubt in Lemmo's heart, which only magnified after he led the invasion of the Minga Theocracy and witnessed its destruction, finally seeing the full extent of the Wranploer's evil.

When the remnants of the Polar Crystal Alliance attempted to change the tides of war by going back into the past, Lemmo finally had enough of serving Zaarkhun and, when he was about to destroy the last hope for the Borealis Galaxy's freedom, betrayed him, destroying the Chronoscopic engine that gave Zaarkhun his power; thus, Lemmo ended the reign of the Consortium over the galaxy once and for all. Afterwards, Lemmo joined the rest of the PCA in defeating General Volim and now prepares to enter the Fifth Dimension to end the last threat to the Borealis Galaxy, Emperor Zargoth, the lord of the Vyro'Ralza.



Lemmo, being a treasure hunter, has a look befitting his job; slightly taller and leaner than an average Tertanai, he tends to dress for both style and comfortability. His favourite attire is a tough, rugged synth-leather jacket with plasteel armouring, equally suitable for robbing ancient temples, fighting genocidal cyborgs and just looking good, his hat finishing his adventurer apparel. Although he is not considered very attractive by his species' standards, he neverthless manages to gather female Tertanai's attention - even though he does not really care about it, mostly due to his experience with Lamni.


Lemmo has no abilities beyond those of a normal Tertanai, with merely his wits and weapons to stand for himself. However, years of treasure hunting have made him agile and quick, which he found somewhat useful while running away. Lemmo is also known for his exceptional aim, being able to fire his two lasguns with deadly precision: this skill earned him some nicknames in the past, such as "the Marksman of Il'rala".

Lemmo, despite never having finished his study of archaeology, is also well versed in ancient Tertamian language and history, and since his arrival in Borealis, began studying the galaxy's own precursors, the Kormacvar, too.


Succumbing and ascending won't make me rich.

- Lemmo's unconventional way of resisting mental influence

Being born into poverty, brought by a will of chance into the higher circles of Tertanai society and then leaving them for a life of a starfarer, Lemmo's personality is complex to say the least. Although definitely egotistical and motivated by greed, Lemmo was also known by many to be selflessly devoted to his friends and crew, exemplified by his actions during the Second Borealis Galactic War where he, despite his cowardice, was risking his own life for a slim chance to save his first mate, N'ras. Lemmo is also quite sympatethic towards those in need - the reason being his own troubled childhood - and has been known in the past for his charity. After friends and money, the third most important thing in his heart is science; Lemmo is not just a treasure hunter but also an archaeologist, and has contributed greatly to the Alliance's understanding of the Tertamian and Kormacvar relics.


Lemmo's favourite weapons are his two laser pistols, which he has used since his first flight; although they are not very powerful by Gigaquadrantic standards, he neverthless trusts them greatly, to the point he gave them nicknames: "Senla" and "Yanla". After the war against Regnatus, Lemmo upgraded them with Kormacvar technology, making them even more powerful.

Lemmo is also prone to keep those precursor artifacts he finds useful in his backpack: when required, he usually attempts to use them, with mixed results.



Green face.pngI'll go through the Chaos Realm to save these people. And I am not kidding.

  • N'ras - You've opened my eyes. I owe you, mate.
  • Professor Lanatonos - My secrets are safe with you, professor.
  • Lamni Lemnara - Rest in peace.


Blue face.pngPleased to meet you.

  • Tyraz - N'ras wouldn't live without you, sir.
  • B-82 - Hahaha. You look funny.


Yellow face.pngFor the right price, anything!


Orange face.pngHmph.


Red face.pngShoot to kill!

  • Regnatus - One laser round right in your robotic face, sir!
  • Dark Apostle Geltastra - You have paid the price, ma'am. Enjoy oblivion.
  • Falrik Zaarkhun - Sorry, sir. I wasn't paid for this.
  • General Volim - Urgh.



Hmph. Treasure hunters.

- High Ordinator Venoriel

Maybe you're not that bad.

- Baptarion Light

Hmpf. You cannot be trusted.

- Arkarixus


- Fre'kloar

I respect his actions. I do not respect his motives.

- Valzaria

You owe me that giant Grox ship, Tertanai!

- Agent Nu


  • Lemmo is the first Tertanai character with a page.
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