“'An extraordinary fellow', some say, 'A Klaxxa of courage, of cheerfulness, of wit and resolution!' 'Not in the right mind', say the others, - 'What for us is a nightmare is for him a jolly good pastime, an adventure!' And it is true! I hunger for danger, for if one does not seek adversity to overcome, it could be said that one does not exist at all, I say!

- Lekren-Lax

An adventurer and a gentleman, Lekrenad Laxandsar, or just Lekren-Lax, is the youngest son of Matriarch Drytkwén-Lax. Having inherited a portion of his famous mother's alchemical genius - but not her insanity, thankfully - Lekrenad quickly made himself known among the Klaxxa people for his talents. The young Klaxxa had other yearnings, though, for he possessed a heart of an adventurer - and, what was more important, no money in his pockets - and thus joined the ranks of the many Klaxxa explorers who traverse Koldenwelt in search of new lands to colonise with courageous composure in the face of adversity.

Intrepid and curious with an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Lekren-Lax has been sighted all over Koldenwelt, from the frozen Forgotten Lands to the fiery lands to the South.


Early life[]

Lekren's Stone of the Exalted.

Although his current social status may suggest otherwise, Lekren-Lax was originally born into wealth and belonged to the highest circles of Arkenhold's society. Progeny of Clan Laxandsar belonging to the fifth clutch of the eccentric Matriarch Drytkwén-Lax and sired by an admiral of the Sky Empire's airfleets called Salxa-Nagh, Lekren had a childhood that was both posh and strict. Unlike most of his brood brothers, who tended to be closer to their father and pursued military careers in either the Air Fleets or the Royal Guard, the young Klaxxa had always been a mother's boy and as such followed in her footsteps, applying for membership in the Royal Alchemists' Union when he was 14.

Lekren's determination, creative and connections allowed the young Klaxxa to become one of the most accomplished students of the Union; although his maverick inventions raised a few eyebrows among the Great Magisters, his name quickly became known among the Sky Empire's drakes of science. He was not without adversaries, though; as Lekren studied, he had always experienced competition from another Klaxxa alchemist, Bitrax - the youngest scion of clan Nimh, the Laxandsars' old enemy. What first started as a simple rivalry ended up as a vicious battle of wits that continued for years, not only because of their familial honour, but also because of their shared love interest - lady Karva-Gem, one of the few female alchemists in the Union.

When Bitrax-Nimh and Lekren-Lax were 19, their final test to join the Royal Alchemists' Union came at last. To prove worthy of joining the guild, they had to conjure Stones of the Exalted, objects of great alchemical power that extended the alchemists' lifespans and empowered their small frames. Bitrax's stone, constructed in a week, was flawless, he was accepted into the guild without any arguments, while Lekren's artifact, whom he crafted in but a day, turned out to be volatile and exploded violently when presented to the Grand Lodge, killing several bystanders, severely wounding one of the Highmasters yet, in an ironic twist of fate, leaving Lekren himself alive and intact.

Naturally, after such a spectacular failure the gates of the Union closed for Lekren-Lax, leaving the young and ambitious Klaxxa (who to this day believes wholeheartedly that he was framed by his rival) shamed by the entire alchemist community of the Klaxxa as well as stripped of his noble status; even Karva-Gem turned away from him and eventually married Bitrax. With no place for himself in Sky Empire, Lekren then left the Ar-Klith for other, primitive lands, with only his favoured alchemical treatises with him...


Lekren-Lax in the Forgotten Lands.

in the following years, Lekren-Lax wandered the world, hunting for treasures and lending his alchemical wares as well as fighting talents (courtesy of his father's military education) to the highest bidder, hoping to one day gather a fortune large enough to return to Arkenholdt and reclaim his nobility from the Lord Protector and Karva-Gem from Bitrax-Nimh. His quest eventually drove him to partake in the legendary expedition to the Forgotten Lands headed by the legendary Kinmorunddraver World-Walker. Along with Hachi, the Sea Witch, Riad and Marcos Ridgewood (for whom the Klaxxa had taken a particular fancy to), Lekren ventured into this unhospitable realm and faced the diabolical monstrosities that lurked within its depths, including the legendary Ordnung long thought to be extinct. Aside from providing his alchemical concoctions to aid his allies, the Klaxxa alchemist also served as the chronicler of the party, keeping notes of its journey.

After the adventure was over, Lekren-Lax compiled these notes into a single tome, which he dubbed the Great Chronicles of the Forgotten Lands, or the Tale of the Many Mysteries of the Siarkon Legion, the Exosubstratal Horde, the High Drakes and the Ordnung of the Cobalt Kingdom, and had them published in Arkenholdt - anonymously, of course, and with the names of his compatriots and himself altered. Strangely, however, each time he sent his manuscript to Ar-Klith, all the copies of his novel were, in a few days, found burned or otherwise destroyed (which Lekren believes to be the work of Bitrax-Nimh). Eventually, Lekren gave up trying to publish his works and continued travelling the world, eventually reaching the Frontier Land, where yet another adventure began...



With the exception of his height (slightly greater than what is expected from a Klaxxa) Lekren-Lax is typical member of his species: a small, bipedal dragon with wiry limbs, large eyes and a refined accent. Having inherited a great deal of his mother's appearance, Lekren sports metallic, silvery scales emblematic to clan Laxandsar that in some places have become mottled and dark because of alchemical mishaps and injuries. His Fire Drake ancestry inherited from his father, scion of Dyniroth, is indicated in the strange reddish tone of his eyes, which is only noticeable when he is aggravated or otherwise annoyed (which is rare unless Bitrax is around). More used to combat than most Klaxxa, Lekren is also slightly more muscular than the other members of his species.

What sets Lekren apart from the rest of his people is the clothing he wears. Whereas most Klaxxa prefer to dress opulently, adhering vigorously to the refined fashions of their homeland to show their wealth and education, the exiled Klaxxa alchemist's clothes are for utility foremost. His favourite outfit is a set of light armour, forged by Lekren himseld using alchemical transmutation techniques, that can both protect him from the elements and keep his fragile frams alive in battle. Also notable are several bags on his armour that hold his many potions and other chemicals; one on his back, two on his sides and a few more elsewhere on his body. In order to compensate for his poor vision, Lekren wears a golden, clockwork monocle that can change its shape - perhaps the only memento of his old life as an Arkenholdt noble.


Alkahest's effects can be devastating even when applied against creatures not from this world.

In a stark contrast to the other heroes of Koldenwelt, Lekren is neither a mighty warrior, skilled archer nor a mighty sorcerer. His small size and luxurious childhood have left him ill-prepared for battle, and although he wields a rapier and has even been taught fencing by his father, he prefers to leave the melee to his stronger, larger companions such as Marcos Ridgewood. Instead, Lekren fights from afar, trying to keep a short, yet substantial distance - enough for his pistol not to miss - between him and his enemies, from which he can support his comrade with his potions and gunfire. Being a flying Kelodhros, he will often take an elevated position in combat, inaccessible for land-dwellers, or scout the territory for his companions.

The young Klaxxa's true expertise, however, lies in the field of alchemy, which he has been fascinated with since his childhood. Although many in the Alchemists' Union once believed that Lekren only took interest in joining them because of his wish to emulate his mother, they were soon proven wrong; right until his infamous fiasco during the creation of the Stone of the Exalted, he had been an exemplary student, learning all the secrets of alchemy with great dedication. While Lekren has been banished from the Union and thus has not been able to reach the highest level of his education, he compensates it by using simpler, less sophisticated alchemical techniques creatively and efficiently. Conjuration of potions, acids and elixirs, transmutation of metals and iatrochemy (that is, medicine using alchemy) are his speciality.

In addition to the following, Lekren-Lax is among the select few Klaxxa alchemists that can create the mysterious substance known as Alkahest, the most guarded secret of clan Laxandsar that was taught to Lekren by his mother. A solution whose potency can only be compared to the similarily legendary poison Sidhe's Tears of clan Nimh, it is thought to be one of the strongest acids ever created by a Klaxxa alchemist. As the production of alkhahest is extremely costly (even the vials it is kept in have to be made from solid gold, lest it corrodes them) and Lekren's pockets are usually empty, he rarely, if ever, uses it. When pushed to an edge, though, he can take one of the golden flasks hidden in his clothing and with it, unleash apocalypse upon his enemies; the moment alkahest breaks from its containment, it ignites the very air in emerald flame and eats away flesh, metal and stone alike in seconds.


Ladies and gentlemen, to ensure our continuing survival, I suggest running away in a most cowardly manner.

- Lekren-Lax

One quality defines Lekren-Lax: pride. He is proud of his family, proud of his noble status (unjustly taken from him) proud of his achievements, proud of his alchemical prowess and proud of his clearly superior intelligence; he surrounds himself with an aura of sophistication, culture, and wisdom. His accent, his code of conduct, his manners are all becoming of a true Klaxxa gentleman; courteous, noble, loyal to his country and the Lord Protector. He wears a tie, smokes a pipe, has a monocle, speaks softly, quotes classics. At times, Lekren may even exaggerate the persona he wears, appearing even more of a gentlemanly Klaxxa than actual Arkenholdt nobles, sounding a little too eloquent, being a little too obsessed with etiquette.

The reason Lekren acts like he does is because, in truth, he is not what he really wants himself to be. No longer a noble, no longer a subject of the Sky Empire, he has long since become an outcast, and in actuality has no reason to adhere to the Klaxxa code of conduct, other than to convince himself that his exile was never justified. His eloquent exterior conceals a fragile ego, broken by his grievous failure, and a burning desire to restore his status and right the wrongs of the past. He still holds great resentment towards his lifelong rival, Bitrax-Nimh, and believes that his Stone's explosion during their final test was his doing. Even now, Lekren dreams of returning to Arkenholdt, revealing Bitrax's supposed dishonourable conduct, and claiming the heart of Karva-Gem at last.

Lekren also possesses great curiosity and a scientific bent and despite not being a mage is greatly interested in the Source (which is fairly unusual for a Klaxxa), even if he considers it inferior to technology. Notably, Lekren is one of the few Koldenweltian scholars who have ever attempted studying magic like a natural phenomenon, like fire; his research has led him to create multiple theories about it, including the so-called Ley Line theory that postulated that magic is spread unequally throughout the world and, like water, is concentrated in multiple "rivers". Lekren is also fascinated by various supernatural creatures from the lowly Smeevers to the dreaded Simulacra, and always seeks to know more about them, which annoys the more ancient beings of Koldenwelt (who would much rather prefer such information to remain secret for the younger races' own sake) to no end.



LoveRelation.pngMy devotion is well known across the lands.

  • Karva-Gem - “One day, you will learn!

Friends & Family[]

Green face.pngFor clan Laxandsar!

  • Dyniroth - “Grandfather.


Blue face.pngGreetings and salutations, good friends. Do you want a cup of tea?

  • Riad - “A savage man from the north, yet also educated and knowing. We could learn much from each other.
  • Sea Witch - “Madam, you mortify me. To endure the death of your entire race with such resolution and bravery is becoming of a hero - and you are a hero.
  • Valdemar Mistwood - “You have a yearning for knowledge in your heart. That is admirable.
  • Kinmorunddraver - “What a wondrous man you are.
  • Norrigan of Visonia - “Allow me to research your essence, sir. I promise it will not be painful...


Yellow face.pngGood day, sir, I say.

  • Hachi - “If you absolutely must indulge your masculine urge, you would be better advised to seek out a lady-in-waiting.
  • Ryza Yazzalarn - “Where did you take that pistol of yours from, ruffian?
  • Vultusk Kychtdar - “...Interesting...


Red face.pngHave at it, you loathsome varlet. My alkahest is conjured and ready.

  • Bitrax-Nimh - “As soon as I effect my return to Ar-Klith, I shall find you and we will settle our dispute in the ancient manner afforded to men of honour - not that you have any, I am sure.


I am victorious.

- Bitrax-Nimh

Teeny. Teeny but not a bad person at all.

- Sea Witch

I like your hat.

- Norrigan of Visonia

His accent makes me feel a little angry, but other than that, the know-it-all isn't really that bad.

- Hachi

I am forever astounded as to the amount of knowledge this keldhoros holds inside his tiny body.

- Marcos Ridgewood


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