The world of the living... no longer comforts me.

- Ma'fest

Laurinn Ma'fest was the most powerful Exarch in the Divinarium and second only to Iovera herself - a charismatic and malevolent fanatic seeking to bring the bloody times of Jaharan yet again upon the Radeons. In addition to it, he was also the High Master of Hereticon, the Divinarium's intelligence agency.

A master of deception and manipulation, Ma'fest's plans had nearly come to fruition when Iovera IX was almost killed during the war against the Devourer's Chosen. However, the intervention of Iovera's lover, Tyraz, led to Ma'fest's downfall; now cursed with Descension by Tyraz, Ma'fest has been sent into exile, his current fate unknown.

Biography Edit

Ma'fest is rather old for a Radeon, although he does not show physical signs of aging - either due to medical treatment he is getting or due to his fiery spirit supporting his life. His birth was during the late reign of a tyrant War Predictor, Jaharan, and he was separated from his family fairly early in his life, being chosen to become a cleric when he was 16. Jaharan has trained him to be his right hand, a hammer judging heretics and enemies of the state, and Ma'fest was sharing his mentor's ideals and goals. He has proven himself extremely efficient at controlling Hereticon, and he has been responsible for many purges that happened during Jaharan's reign. When Telfar started his coup d'état against Jaharan, Ma'fest was not executed or sent to the prison but instead stayed on the same position, due to his organisation talents and passionate speeches that could help Telfar to secure his place on the throne of the Clericarch.

However, as Ma'fest continued to serve his new lord, he soon was disappointed with Telfar's politics. New ruler of the Church was, from Ma'fest's point of view, weak and liberal; Telfar has assembled the Autarchate, the first elected parliament in the Radeon history, has allowed non-believers to become the citizen of the Church and has weakened goverment censorship on the media - and Ma'fest believed that liberalisation would strip Radeons of their national identity and will make their society crumble. When Xhodocto attacked the Church during the War of Ages, he saw it as a sign of Spode to punish Radeons who have fallen to heresy due to the weak rulers. During the Siege of Sulphinne, Ma'fest was hit with a Xhodocto bomb, barely surviving the encounter.

After the Cold War, when Xhodocto have started their new attack on the Radeon worlds, Ma'fest had escaped Vendespode and has come to the planet Sanctuarium in the Milky Way. There, he found another Exarch - Iovera, who became a temporary ruler of this world and offered haven for him and other Radeon refugees. When the Divinarium was formed, Ma'fest once again became the master of Hereticon.

During the Andromeda War, he was commanding his network of agents from behind, getting important information about Draconis, Brood, Khaxvis and other warring empires for the Divinarium. Thanks to him, many victories were achieved against Iovera's foes, and he gained a certain level of respect. After the Andromeda War's ended, he was now essentially Iovera's second-in-command, and planned his next moves.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit

Ma'fest started watching the events coming in other galaxies, and one of them, Borealis, has got his attemption. Working with the forces of Order by aiding with several Divinarium detachments and later withdrawing them to other places when the threat was gone, he later found himself quite puzzled when Clericarch Iovera herself arrived there, seemingly to deal with the Devourer's Chosen threat: why would such a high member of the clergy be interested in a small galaxy, especially when her only retinue was her loyal Celestians? Neverthless, Iovera returned almost lifeless, crushed by Dark Apostle Geltastra.

Seeing this as an apportunity, Ma'fest, seemingly reluctantly, accepted his regentship and became a temporarily Clericarch - until Iovera would heal. With all power in his hands, Ma'fest started shaping the Divinarium into a new form: a warmachine unlike any other. However, a threat to his rule appeared, in form of a machine, called the Forge, in the Borealis Galaxy; the machine that could possibly heal Iovera's wounds and restore her to life. Realising that his rule, status, and even his life were once again endangered, Ma'fest quickly dispatched a Dei'Ar taskforce, led by commander Venoriel to retrieve this machine.

However, not only Ma'fest seeked the Forge. Tyraz, the Grandmaster of the Guardians of Light, and Lemmo Meronis, a Tertanai treasure hunter, sought its power too, to save Iovera and N'ras, Lemmo's first officer, respectively; when they found the place where the Borealis Grox hid the Forge, Venoriel's squad confronted them. After a long battle, both sides were interrupted by the awakened sentience of the Forge itself, which managed to convince them to stop fighting; leaving with the power of the Forge granted by it, Tyraz turned to Crepusculum, the capital of the Divinarium, to revive Iovera and face Ma'fest. With his treachery revealed, the sinister Exarch was at last brought to justice, cursed by Tyraz to become descended. No more hope left in his life left, Ma'fest was exiled from the Divinarium, and his current whereabouts are unknown.

The true story of Ma'fest's fate is not widely known in public: most believe he was simply exiled or executed for his crimes against the Divinarium.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Ma'fest, once known for being quite youthful-looking despite his age (attributed to his iron will and fiery spirit), has now turned into what appears to be a living, burning corpse clad in what remains of his Exarch robes: the fire of Descension, coupled with despair, scarring Ma'fest heavily. His face, now more resembling a skull with orange lidless eyes, has lost its former sternness and energy, being almost completely emotionless; few can scare or impress or anger the one who has lost all.

Personality Edit

Ma'fest was darkly determined, fanatical and ruthless. He was devoted to the power of his nation, his own power and the power of the true faith and won't hesitate to do anything to increase one of these three. A fervent Spodist believer, he despised unbelievers and heretics and also carried a small belittling attitude towards non-Radeons, being a bit speciestic.

After losing his power, Ma'fest's will to live has been shattered and broken, leaving few, if any, feelings in his heart but hate; hate for Tyraz, for Iovera, but most of all, hate for himself, a demonic abomination that has no right to live. It is unsure why hasn't Ma'fest committed suicide after his descension, but it is believed that a certain spark of his former will and spirit still remains in him, the last thing that keeps him alive.

Equipment Edit

Ma'fest is dressed in tattered remains of his former Exarch robes, and uses little else.

Relations Edit

Neutral Edit

Orange face...

  • None

Enemies Edit

Orange face...

Quotes Edit

Himself Edit

Those who can, must obey.

Do not question the will of Spode, do not question the will of the nation.

The Heretic and Blasphemer can offer no excuse for their crimes.

Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics.

Others Edit

How... could you...

- Iovera IX

What an idiot animal! He must be killed for the good of logic!

- Commander Eko

Such a fate for a zealot. Humoerusly ironic that his blinded drives have damned him for eternity.

- High Inquisitor Arsac


- Kithworto

You brought this fate upon yourself, witch.

- Macin Xermilin

Hahahaha! What a fitting end for the Exarch!

- Dark Apostle Geltastra

You should be content. Your punishment would have been far worse if you were in my old empire.

- Arkarixus

Share the fate of demons.

- Tyraz

What a dick.

- Captain Lorrelas
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