Is he good? I wouldn't be surprised if I discovered he was hatched in the captain's chair.

- Unknown crewman

Larnus Analos Vontarion was a Draconis military officer. A Lord-Admiral of the Talon Aetheral corps of the Draconid Imperium, Larnus is a distinguished alumnus of the Gran'Thar military academy and a close friend of the incument paragon Uriel Ultanos XVI, who gained a reputation as one of the most skilled Talon officers of the present age before his death during the Great Xonexian Schism.

A man distinguished by a devious intellect, iron-handed attitude towardsp iracy and a legacy of innovative strategies to preserve as many lives as he could, Larnus has distinguished himself as a master strategist during several major wars including the Second War of Black Fog, the Great Andromeda War, the Great Tyranny War and the Great Xonexian Schism. Larnus' career ended during this last campaign as he was forced to told the line and prevent forces of The Civilisation from gaining a beach-head within Inner Andromeda. Although ultimately failing, his defiance to the Cooperative advance and his valiant sacrifice swelled morale and restored the confidence of the war effort within the Xonexi Allies. For his heroism, Larnus had a statue commemoorating his achievements installed on the Paragon's Promenade on Alcanti

Appearance and Personality[]

Larnus is of average height with dark blue scales, rounded features and bears a tapered snout. His eyes shine a clear sapphire-blue and his back scales are toned in a deep red. Across the left side of his snout is a faint scar he gained during the Mecha-Wasp War. He prides himself on his appearance and wears his uniform with pride. When not on duty he is drawn to fine silk and velvet. He prides himself on being immaculate and is drawn to dark blues and reds.

A conservative man, Larnus is first and formost a strategist; when confronted with a problem he will think it through (Considering his intelligence it doesn't take him that long) and comes up with largely plausable plans. When under pressure he is known to snap, bearing his teeth. He uses his strategic abilities in almost every situation and often closes his eyes when deep in thought. He speaks with a gruff RP accent along with the occasional minor sibilance. Depite signs of agression he is typically quite calm under tense situations - a by-product of serving in the aforementioned war - and can often be recognised as the voice of reason in tense situations. A devout believer in the cult of Drakon; it is unsurprising for him to occasionally appear aloof when speaking to non-draconis. A level of military respect and discipline keeps him from turning every encounter into an excuse to insult other species.


Early Life[]

Larnus Vontarion was born on the third day of Khalist in ID.219201 to an affluent family with a long history of serving in the navy. Although his family was visited by a Dragon representetive four months prior to his hatching, he fell short of the strength benchmark and was left behind. His early life was nothing short of luxury and he was considered one of the favoured by Alensia - his broodmother - who would comfort him him when his other siblings were cruel to him. At the age of 15 he trained at the Alavis academy and graduated as a low-ranking officer. At the time he was unremarkable and was first assigned as a lieutenant on board the starfury cruiser TNSS Chimeris, which spent most of it's time fighting pirates. He would transfer between two other ships - the TNSS Ultifara and the TNSS Amarchis - before heading to Alcanti at the age of 96 to study under lord-admiral Vanathias personally.

Larnus meets a young Uriel within the palace gardens

It was during his time studying in ID.219295 he came across the paragon's second son Uriel. He quickly grew attached to the young boy who was barely out of the broodmother's care. It was not long before a relationship blossomed and, upon seeing the relationship his student had with the young boy, the lord-admiral suggested to Uriel XV that Larnus would make a great mentor for his son. Uriel agreed and declared Larnus to be the boy's official guardian, which made the young officer proud. He would continue to juggle serving as the lord-admiral's aide and serving as the child Uriel's guardian until the boy was sent to the Khan'Thar academy. Being an aide to the lord-admiral Larnus would observe Uriel's development frequently and proudly attended his graduation. When Uriel was due to go into service in ID.219323 Larnus requested joining him on whatever fleet he was assaigned to. The lord-admiral agreed on account of the services and loyalty he had provided and they would travel the western rim for 32 years. When Uriel met Alensia at his father's funeral in ID.219355 Larnus was one of the first people Uriel told. When the two lovers married in ID.219360 Larnus was chosen as Uriel's best man. For twenty years afterward they continued military service when, in ID.219380, they were called to the Lorean system.

Larnus prepares to defend his bridge.

The 187th fleet (of which he served on) was sent to defend against the mecha-wasp. The fleet was documented as the first to engage the mecha-wasp - a race of cybernetic wasps bent on consuming the Ohlon-2 sector and beyond. Both of them fought in different ways; Uriel preferred getting up-close-and-personal while (at first due to his position) he preferred commanding from orbit. Larnus was part of the fleet that bombarded the first hive and he would later serve as a captain five years after. While patrolling the Paltaris system his fleet was attacked by a wasp swarm, as the invaders boarded and made for the bridge, Larnus drew a longsword and told his men to stand their ground, as the door was eaten away the wasps flooded the deck. Watching his crew scream around him and desparate to end the fight quickly before serious loss he charged for the largest, slid under it's belly and impaled it in the abdomen. As he was oaked by transmission fluid the other wasps screeched before collapsing but he did not emerge unscathed: In an attempt to stop him the wasp opened its rebreather to try and bit Larnus, scratching his the left cheek with a scar that would never fully heal. He gained distinction on numerous occasions and after nearly a decade was promoted to admiral for his dedication and zeal. For thirty years after he would command the 175th fleet (along with six others) to hunt for the remnants of the mecha-wasp, again his zeal gained notice by his old friend Uriel (now a paragon after his brother's death) and he became an executive-admiral for the Ohlon-2 sector.

Career as Lord-Admiral[]

Larnus was chosen by lord-admiral Vanathias in ID.219454 to succeed him, passing away three months later at the age of 435. Now aknowledged as lord-admiral Vontarion he proceeded to clamp down on piracy and preferred to serve near to hotspots. Upon Uriel's return from the galactic edge in ID.219455 Larnus was the first man Uriel told of the Dronir. Bewildered at the revelation he clearly stated law is law but genocide is not the answer. Instead he suggested cutting off contact with the dronir, believing that Uriel's actions would not only provoke public outctry, but draw the attention of the inquisition. His meeting with the paragon made him curious as to what made these "Drallivians" so special, it was weeks later he discovered the secret Purity Crusade that had been hidden from the general public. This revelation ony made him more adamant that isolation from the Dronir was the only way to preserve peace.

After finding out Uriel knew of the purity crusade, their relationship hit a low point. Knowing that the sector had not yet been colonised he arranged for a blockade over the gateway to the sector and to disable the bridge between the sector and the rest of the empire. Furious that his lord-admiral and mentor was attempting to limit the empire's growth, Uriel ordered for the operation to stop. Larnus was convinced this was the only option and eventually the two of them brought to blows. Uriel's escort separated them and the paragon offered a new alternative: mark a 20-parsec radius around the Drallivian homeworld as 'restricted'. Larnus agreed to the plan, the wormhole was opened again and colonisation of the sector would begin.

In ID.219480, Larnus believed Uriel's words that integration betwee nthe Draconid Imperium and the United Drallivian Republics was possible and lifted the exclusion zone, watching as Maxios Telvenum became firm friends with Uriel.

Andromeda War[]

Larnus primarily played an executive role during the Andromeda War. After hearing of the Brood of War's arrival, Larnus agreed with Uriel to amass an armada to protect the Divinarium, during the Battles above Crepusculum and Alcanti he personally commanded the defending fleets from his flagship, the Warlord-Class TNSS Dominax. After the battle of Crepusculum he returned to find Uriel once again in his chambers and became one of the few people in the Imperium, along with Uriel, to see both Tyraz' and Iovera's true forms and has been encouraging Uriel every time he has felt low.

After the TIAF attack on Vanexia Prime Larnus met Tyraz and Iovera once again aboard his ship and all of the magreed to fight the Tybusen united. His plan had been to lure the TIAF to a remote planet with a decoy artifact harbouring a tracking beacon. The beacon was used to track the TIAF to Avanti where (alongside other forces in the coalition) he would launch an overwhelming assault on the planet that quickly placed the planet under imperial control. The battle was not without consequences and after Tyraz returned with the body of Admrial, Rumabus Dorastion to the fleet Larnsu attended the admiral's funeral before returning to Alcanti with news that Tervos Valocanus was to be tried before an Imperial tribunal of law.

As Lord-Admiral it was Larnus' duties to be the military representetive on the judicial panel for the trial of Tervos Valocanus. Old blood resurfaced when Taremanon Valocanus - Tervos' uncle and an imperial praetor - spoke out and declared injutice against his family, pointing out that Larnus was born from a union between a grand and a common house. As the trial progressed Larnus was surprised to discover that when it came to sentencing Tervos for treason, Tyraz himself made the request to be his executioner. Remembering the incident that lead to Tyraz despising Tervos and acting out of respect towards one of Uriel's allies, he accepted Tyraz's request.

Larnus was put in charge of the execution that occuared a few days later, overseeing Tyraz and the transfer of Tervos to the stage. When an assassination attempt on Tyraz went awry due to beign immortal, Larnus ordered for a team of Domestic Security forces and ITN marines to apprehend the would-be assassin while he continued overseeing the execution, watching with an unnervingfeeling as Tyraz had opted to kill Tervos sloely and painfully, reportedly flinching alongside the crowd when Tyraz had slammed Tervos's severed leg into the Draconis's grinal area. Doused in blood from Tervos' gory end, Larnus returned to the stage and continued execution procedure, stating that Tervos' death was to serve as a reminder to anyone who would ever consider betraying the Imperium.

During the Mechovirus crisis, Larnus kept at an administrative location managing crisis-response fleets to infection hotspots, growing slowly solemn as the plague claimed aliens and Imperial citizens alike with horrific speed. When a meeting was called to discuss a rumoured cure to the mechovirus, Larnus opted to remain behind to continue battling the mechovirus pandemic while a combined fleet searched for the cure on the planets Nocturnia and Cahthamera.

Larnus interrupts Kithwortos' card game

While the fleet progressed towards Nocturnia Larnus was doubtful that what they had gathered would not be enough. Requesting a cadre of diplomats, Larnus travelled to Khéyaruzi-2, an ecumeneopolis of the Kicath Empire. Entering a packed bar somewhere in one of the city's commercial districts, Larnus met with Kithworto while the latter was in the middle of a card game. Being a man of protocol, Larnus insisted that his matters were mroe important than Lithworto's card game. Unfortunately, a few of the other playsers disagreed and Larnus bore witness to Kithworto's power when one gamer attempted to hit him only for the gamer to be punched backwards and embedded into a wall. Larnus discussed the situation in a private apartment Kithworto owned on the tower's upper levels. Putting state matters above complying with Kithworto's offer of a drink, Larnus had indicated the odds of success were almost impossible. It was though his determination and a sense of duty that Larnus was able to convince the Kicath operative to supporting the Cathamera assault.


After the creation of the mechovirus cure. Larnus was responsible for organising the logistics neccessary to distribute the cure to both infected and lost planets as the cure was also lethal to the Grox themselves. During this time Larnus remained mostly wtihin the core systems. Not long after the battle of Cathamera, Larnus was overseeing 1st Fleet manouveres on the TNSS DOminax when a wormhole opened in orbit, spewing forth a deadly invading fleet. Riled into action Larnus coordinated as per draconid protocol to target the fleet's flagship and decapitate the invaders. The battle lasted several hours with both sides losing numbers, the New Iteok Glory being an extremely advanced force. Larnsu was able to use tactics to minimise losses and was in fact thrilled to be fighting such a deadly aversary, believing that a victory would prove that firepower is not the only way to win battles. He achieved his wish in an ironic fashion, with the Dominax close enough to the Glory flagship, Larnus ordered for the main gun to fire, obliterating the flagship in an orange inferno.

Despite the casualties, Larnus felt relieved the battle was won, somewaht surprised that the forces th enemy sent were not fulyl large enough to manage to dominate orbit. After the battle Larnus oversaw the restoration of the first fleet as well as the refurbishment of the TNSS DOminax with new and more powerful weaponry. It was Larnus' reccomendation that allowed captain Arnas Volkamen to be assigned to The New Dawn, a newly commissioned Dawn-class science vessel tasked with mapping out Segmentum Exterioris. Larnus believed it would be an extreme honour for a Draconis of her calibre to lead an expedition to map out uncharted space.

The 1st Fleet was once again called into offensive action in ID.219504. After a surprise takeover of Deep Core - a manufactururing nexus around Andromeda's resident supermassive black hole - Larnus led the 1st fleet as part of a coalition to retake the station, however unaware tha Drakodominatus Tyranny had engineered the entire takeover to abuse the production facilities. After several months the 1st Fleet was called into action again in an enormous coalitionary force that were able to decimate both in-cosntruction vessels and most of the resident Tyranny Fleet. Due to the hostile actions of Angrus Mortarius on Uriel, Larnus requested that Angrus be transported back to Commonwealth space on the Dominax to later stand trial.

Great Xonexian Schism[]


At Uriel's request and selected for his tactical advice, Larnus was present during talks of the formation of the Alcanti Triad, which made him one of a small number of people aware of the union's existence. Larnus contributed by lending his tactical expertise into the development of several planned contingencies against the DCP were war to ever erupt.

When the Draconid Imperium officially joined the Great Xonexian Schism, Larnus was selected to be the Imperium's representative at the Allied High Command and commander of Allied forces in Andromeda. As lord-admiral he also assisted in coordinating Imperial forces during the Battle for the Milky Way and has been largely accredited with its successes and failures during the conflicts with the DCP. Larnus was able to coordinate an effetive defence of Tholfame-22 and the Katar Sector GITO wormhole until a political coup orchestrated by the Goa'uld system lord Ambigasrus resulted in Tholfame-22 surrendering to the DCP, with the other Imperial territories in the Milky Way subsequently surrendering as the Civilization continued to mount pressure on Allied forces.

Returning to Andromeda, Larnus became suspicious of Uriel after when he notest moments of odd behaviour. His supicions were reinforced during subsequent discussions with Vesperon Maltris, who had begun gathering conspirators who agreed that Uriel was gradually losing his capability as a leader. Although he was not caught with these conspirators, Larnus was reassigned to the Umbral Passage in order to ensure that a DCP foothold coudl not go further than the New Tertamian Alliance. Larnus however, knew that he had falled nout of favour with the Grand Senate and that his posting in the passage was penance for his failures in the Milky Way. When the Civilisation arrived in Segmentum Umbra after failed peace talks, Larnus used his position as commander of ANdromedan forces to mount a capable defence against Civilization forces. He focused on the defence of the Umbral Passage after New Tertamian Alliance forces were overwhlemed.

Despite facing a facing numerically superior opponent with very few reinforcements from Inner Andromeda, the First battlefleet under his command was able to repel fourteen separate assaults on the Umbral passage, relying on choke points and enemy artillery crossfire to maintain the passage, scoring significant victories time and again despite the numerical odds and aminimal amount of support. It was only after a whittling down of his own artillery by DCP counterbattery fire that Larnus' luck eventually ran out. In the closing month of ID.219507, a close range battle with DCP forces resulted in his demise after a close to an entire day of close range combat. Determined not to give the DCP any salvageable advantage, he ordered an overcharge of the Dominax's beam cannons and shields. Thoughout the day, Larnus kept his personnel inspired as the first battlefleet crumbled around him. He was reported to have gone down fighting, as when the secondary reactor was ruptured by a subluminal volley, Larnus ordered for his crew to engage the battleship's warp drive and plow into the closest Gargantuan class on the sensors - the DCN Warmaster. The titan's shields held up until the final impact with the Warmaster, when the Dominax's primary singularity reactor overloaded with the ensuing tital forces destroying both ships and leaving no survivors on board. Larnus himself had reputedly stayed withi nthe DOminax's command room as the ship self-destructed around him.


When word of the events in the Umbral Passage returned to the Imperium, Larnus was heralded as a martyr on numerous exonet forums for his heroism in the face of uncertain odds and for his fearless sendoff. The destruction of over a quarter of the Civilization's Andromedan forces by his hand fueled a belief that the war was in fact winnable, boosting morale thoughout the remaining Xonexi Allies. The odds of his success resulted in the Grand Senate eventually agreeing to pulic pressure and - despite his loss of favour with the paragon for his defeat in the Milky Way - had a statue dedicated to him erected along the Paragon's Promenade a year after his death.



Green face.pngRespect is earned, I don't hand it out lightly.

  • Uriel Ultanos - I will always stand by you, as your friend and mentor.
  • Arnas Volkamen - She may be lacking in some areas, but she has ambition and potential.
  • Commander Yarik - You're good, but you rush into battle too early.
  • Telvenum - At first I was doubtful of your species. But you've warmed to me.
  • Arnas Volkamen - When you return from Segmentum Exterioris I may make you my protege.
  • Hel'Bre'K Ce'So'Va - It is glorius to have such an equal!


Yellow face.pngYou have some skill

  • Tyraz Breek - An interesting man, and he knows his strategems.
  • Rumarbus Dorastion - You died honourably, and for that I respect you.
  • Taremanon Valocanus - I would rather not get into a blood feud, thank you.
  • Warlord Kilnok - An impressive individual.
  • Kithworto - The Remnant is in good hands, if my experiences are anything to go by.
  • Emperor Wormulus II - Either you are a very eloquent leader or you have not yet let your power go to your head.
  • Vesperon Maltris - You are our Imperium's chancellor and as such, I will follow your requests.
  • Iovera IX - May you and Tyraz live full and fruitful lives together.


Red face.pngMy strategies are unmatched, pray I am not forced to use them against the likes of you

  • Admiral Tzena - I will have to thank Tyraz for giving me your eye as a trophy.
  • Angrus Mortarius - Bah, your tactics are effective but underhanded. Thus, you can never match my level of expertise.
  • Admiral Kaios - You are a slippery one...yes. But your time will one day come, for you play with fire little Cohan.



  • "Give me a moment, strategy takes time"
  • "Blades and rifles have never been my style. When it comes to starships, watch out"
  • "Unless you have a plan to use those guns all you get is a meatgrinder"
  • "Interersting tactic, it won't help much though"
  • "I always plan ahead"


He's a fine officer and a great friend to the boy, he'll go far

- Torfus Vanathias

He is a fine friend to me, and I have seen few that can compare as a commander

- Uriel Ultanos

Note to self: if anyone is going to take me down, make sure it's him. Nobody else is worth it. Addendum: Fuck.

- Admiral Jayraan Kaios

I remember him being present in the great Grox push. His efforts are commendable.

- King Rebaris

Interesting. Serve us.

- Commandant Kolger

He would be a worthy challenge for plenty of my admirals.

- Tyraz

As much as I respect his strategic genius, I don't think people like him understand what's the fight like down there on the frontlines.

- Jahric

There are few strategists that I consider equals, but the Lord Admiral is one of them.

- Venoriel

I am sure that the Talon Navy is in the right hands, Lord Admiral. Continue protecting our grand Imperium.

- Vesperon Maltris

Arnas isnt lacking in any areas, she's just a reptile.

- Quendor Telnhao


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