Kara: "Laoi! President of the Republic yet?"
Laoi: "Give it time."
Kara and Laoi reunited prior to the Battle of Aldár

Laoi Cretacea is a male Libertus who currently serves as an aide to former Republic President Fleur Inviere, the Chancellor of the Royal Crown of Rambo Nation. The son of the renowned Apollo of Capricaerón and Gianne Inviá of Coruindia, Laoi—unlike his twin sister Kara—inherited his parent's penchant for diplomacy and politics and is poised to follow in their footsteps. Highly intelligent and gregarious, it is often said by those who encounter him that Laoi is destined to do great things, a compliment that the young Libertus often shrugs off, claiming that he will follow his own path in life.

Born on the Republic Capital Orbispira in 06 BNE, the young Cretacea unknowingly grew up in one of the focal points of the Great Cyrannus War against the Confederacy of Allied Systems; the Presidential Palace. Growing up under the loving care of President Apollo and Senator Gianne Inviá, Laoi and his sister Kara were deeply cared for despite their roles as the leaders of the free galaxy. Upon the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Laoi was forced to flee alongside his family from Imperial persecution, spending the next three years of his childhood on board the vessels of the Republic Remnant until finally his family moved back to Capricaerón. Though the young teenager was happy with Capricaerón, his mother would be assassinated by an unknown bounty hunter, prompting Apollo to move his children to the Rambo Capital, where the family would live with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation. There, Laoi developed into a highly intelligent young man keen to make his mark on history, resulting in his apprenticeship under Rambo Chancellor Fleur Inviere upon his coming of age in 07 NE.

During the Second Great Cyrannus War, Laoi was imprisoned on Pauvenris by Rambert Ramveral, and upon his rescue, returned to New Republic space to aid his father in the restoration of order. Laoi subsequently became a member of the New Republic Remnant, fighting against the tyranny of the Empire, and Zare'Anne's control over the once proud democracy.


Early LifeEdit

Laoi and his twin sister Kara Inviá were born on the capital planet of the United Republic of Cyrannus, Orbispira in the year 06 BNE. His parents, Apollo and Gianne decided to keep their birth a secret in order to protect the twins from the prying eyes of the media. Eventually however, Apollo revealed their existence in a press conference the week after their birth. However, evil forces eventually learned of this, with the demonic beast Shu'ytrogarva attacking Apollo and the family. Luckily, magical snakes appeared and fought off the creature. In later years, Laoi was too young to remember this event. Around this time, Laoí and Kara received their pet Dvottie, Tigarlu.


Laoí with his family during the Great Cyrannus War.

During the second year of the Great Cyrannus War, Laoi and Kara met Empress Ramashe for the first time. The two twins grew to love her to the point where Apollo named her the twin's godsmother, meaning that she would be responsible for their well-being should anything happen to their parents.

By the time the Dark Times began, Laoí was beginning to understand the importance of his parents, and joined the rest of his family on their voyage in the Republic Remnant. During their travels, Laoí and Kara managed to befriend Gorf, a mysterious and playful alien that joined their family. Laoi was somewhat glad when the voyage to the Quadrants ended, with the young teenager and his family being relocated to Capricaerón. He found much more at home in Libertopolos than in a fleet of starships and along with his sister was soon tutored by Senator Raen Magalen in the ways of politics.

Sadly their peace was not to last for long, as Gianne was assassinated by a sniper. When an Imperial Stormtrooper arrived at the apartment, Kara answered the door and at the news Laoi was paralysed by grief. The next day they were brought to Magalen's condo a few miles away. There they remained for a while until Kara reached word that Ramashe had returned from her captivity at Carnthedain.


Laoi and Kara meet Ramashe after the death of their mother

At once Kara took Laoi and the two travelled to the Rambo Capital where they met with Ramashe. Seeing Ramashe, both Kara and Laoi burst out in tears and were comforted by Ramashe who took them inside the palace and told them it was their home for as long as they wanted. Later that night Laoi had troubles sleeping, and Ramashe who was checking on them, cuddled him into sleep. The next day both Gorf, Tigarlu and the Adjunct arrived at the palace as well - much to the children's delight. Apollo later returned to Laoi and Kara, delighting both of the growing teenagers.

Adolescence Edit

Early Years

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Apollo decided to live in Ramashe's palace permanently, much to the children's delight. After the Cyrandia Conference, Ramashe and Ram'lendila took both Karka and Loai upon one of the hills of the higher levels of the Royal Palace. Both Laoi and Kara looked in awe, as from their position they got a nice panorama view over Tirithsiliiana. While looking above, they saw the towering walls and tower of the Royal Palace. Suddenly, from behind a tree Osha Stefani appeared and gave a private concert to the young Libertus. Ramashe arranged this private concert to lighten the mood and to give a boost to their spirits after all they have been through. Laoi later travelled to Mou'Cyran with his family, during which the Regellis Star Empire attacked the planet.

Almost a year into the New Cyrandia Wars, Laoi and Kara, alongwith the Adjunct, Tigarlu and Gorf travelled from the Rambo Capital to meet with their father on Mou'Cyran. Unexpectedly, the ship detected a lifepod with a single lifeform on board. As a compassionate young man, Laoi decided that it would be best to beam the individual onboard in order to provide medical assistance. The individual turned out to be the disgraced Cognatus shiplord Thaur Vicliquam, who almost attacked the group before being blasted back by Gorf. Attempting to reason with the zealot, the Adjunct revealed the true nature of his false religion and ultimately resulted in the group befriending Shiplord Vicliquam. Upon arriving at Mou'Cyran, Laoi and Kara directed Vicliquam to their father, who pointed the way to his old friend Voro Acetenus.


Laoi, Kara, Maryah and Ramanei greet one another.

Trouble in the Royal Palace
Maryah: "My my, indeed. I have not seen you since we were mere children."
Laoi: "Laoi! I-I mean hello! You have certainly... grown. In- in a good way, I mean."
―Maryah and Laoi

Some time later, Laoi and Kara were present during a state visit by Queen Maryah to Rambo Nation, which was organised by their father to help repair the relationship between the two powers which had been damaged by the rise of the Empire. Laoi was quite enamored with Maryah and behaved awkwardly around her, tripping over his own feet on more than one occasion. During the meeting between Ramashe and Maryah, bounty hunters unexpectedly attacked the group, forcing them to flee for their lives. Ultimately, the bounty hunters were repelled by Ramashe's powers, though her daughter Ramanei was badly wounded. To Laoi's surprise, Kara stepped forward and healed Ramanei using mysterious abilities she had only just managed to muster. When Ramanei was healed, Ramashe and Maryah continued their meeting, restoring friendly relations between their two empires.

Fleur Inviere's CabinetEdit


Laoi and other members of Fleur Inviere's cabinet.

By the time the New Cyrandia Wars ended, Laoi was at the top of his class in the study of Intergalactic Politics at the University of Tirithsilliana, eager to make his mark on Gigaquadrantic history. By the time he graduated, he applied for an internship in the Rambo Senate under Chancellor Fleur Inviere, the former President of the United Republic of Cyrannus. Impressed with his test scores, his diligence and intelligence, Inviere accepted. Though delighted with his new position, Laoi would worry about his sister, who joined a top secret element of the Republic Starfleet under the protection of the mysterious Master Ryen. Unbeknown to Laoi, Kara would begin training her powers under Ryen, setting in motion her own mark on galactic history.

Several years later, Laoi and Kara were reunited for the first time since coming of age, when they met on Aecor in the midst of the Cyrannian Cold War. Overjoyed with seeing his sister again, Laoi travelled with her and her companions, Aoirtae Valaeris and Ryen to the hall of the Zevian Skull. When Aoirtae touched the Skull, the group was transported to the mythical planet of Aldár, which was under siege by the Phaedric Order and Morgandaûr. Staying away from the conflict with Apollo, Dané Elenya and Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Laoi watched in awe as his sister unleashed her powers on the Phaedric Lord Meketanor, keeping him at bay prior to the arrival of Du'utahrovin, who dispatched the invaders. After the battle, Laoi awkwardly expressed his admiration for Aoirtae before sarcastically asking Kara if she fought battles like that for fun.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Almost five years later, Laoi was horrified to learn of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm—a cataclysmic attack by the Empire on the very seat of the Republic. He booked passage to Cyrannus, where he met with his father's companion Dané Elenya and Gorf, with the three searching the HoloDomain for any evidence of his father's survival. When Apollo returned to Capricaerón as the President of the Republic, Laoi was both shocked and immensely proud, watching the Capricaerón Address with great interest and hoping for the swift end of the Second Great Cyrannus War.

Trying times

This is precisely why both you and dad should just hide under beds instead of trying to defend yourselves!

- Kara Inviá

When he returned to Fleur's cabinet on the Rambo Capital, Laoi sought to convince her to persuade High King Rambert Ramveral to openly declare for the New Republic in the war against the Empire, honouring the alliance signed during the Trucinex War. However, Rambert had grown increasingly unstable as the war progressed, and when the treasonous Praesator Adelheidis initiated open rebellion against Apollo's government, Laoi was horrified to learn that Rambert instead declared support for her True Republic. When the Republic came under attack by Adelheidis' rebels and the Rambo, High King Rambert executed Ambassador Tadgh and imprisoned Laoi on the desolate planet of Pauvenris.

SGCW Precipice 04

U-Wings and the Silent Retribution rescue the group from Pauvenris.

However, while he expected to toil in the salt mines, he was instead placed in a comfortable estate, with no contact with the wider galaxy. Several weeks later, Kara led a rescue mission along with Aoirtae Valaeris and the Saviki known as Qurik Skel. When they entered the room in which Laoi had been hiding, he tossed a plate at the door, hitting Kara in the head. Apologising profusely, he greeted his rescuers and was ferried off Pauvenris and returned to New Republic space.

In 17 NE, Laoi was present on Capricaerón when the Empire launched a surprise attack on the Twelve Worlds, and managed to send a distress call to his sister on Aldár. Fortunately, Kara and Aoirtae arrived in the Presidential Pyramid before the Imperials could execute Laoi and the remaining members of Apollo's administration, ferrying them off Capricaerón to the Republica, where Laoi became one of the first members of the New Republic Remnant.

During the Battle of Cognalorilos, Laoi accompanied Dané and the rest of the Republica's civilian complement and fled to the Star Destroyer Aeolus, where they were protected against the assault of the Great Star Dominion—a new and militaristic force commanded by the dreaded Zillum. In the aftermath of the battle, which resulted in both his grandfather and Gorf's death at the hands of Zillum, Laoi and Kara attempted to restore their father's faith in the fight to restore the Republic, though they underestimated the emotional trauma he had faced.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Laoi Cretacea strongly resembles his father Apollo, though possesses a darker feather colouration inherited from his mother's family. Like both his father and his mother, Laoi is considered to be attractive to his fellow Libertus, though he does not tend to give much thought to his appearance in comparison with his father. Nevertheless, being the son of famous and renowned politicians, Laoi is most commonly seen wearing formal suits, even during his daily activities. His favourite outfit is an embroidered lavender suit made of a high quality cloth, well suited to his role as intern to the Chancellor of the Royal Crown of Rambo Nation. Unlike his father, who speaks in a clipped Capricaerónian accent, Laoi's accent reflects his childhood on Orbispira, while some of his inflections are similar to those of Libertus such as Garan Andarch and Fleur Inviere, who have spent large portions of their lives in Rambo space.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Mild-mannered, polite, diplomatic, gregarious and an intense intelligent are often characteristics ascribed to Laoi Cretacea, who is often said to be destined to do great things in the future. At a young age, Laoi was highly inquistive about just about anything, from the amount of stars in the Cyrannus Galaxy to the average amount of feathers on a Dvottie, entertaining visiting dignitaries with his encyclopedic knowledge on a wide variety of subjects. An idealistic young man, Laoi shares many of his parent's political views, such as a rejection of needless conflict. Nevertheless, Laoi is also quite willing to debate with his father on policy matters where they disagree, much to Apollo's pride. Nevertheless, Laoi is quite socially awkward and has been known to trip over himself when in the presence of beings he finds attractive, such as Queen Maryah of the Indoctrinate Collective, much to the amusement of his more outspoken sister Kara. Indeed, unlike his sister, Laoi is far more likely to think things over rather than make impulsive actions.



LoveRelationMy best friends and family!

  • Apollo - Like my mother, my father symbolises where I want my life to lead.
  • Kara Inviá - She may be a bit of a bully, but I love her all the same.
  • Gorf - What a funny little guy!
  • Willelmus Cretacea - He always has a wise word to say.
  • Ramashe - I consider her family.


Blue faceHello friend!


Yellow faceI don't know what to make of you.

  • Ryen - Keep her safe...


Orange faceHmph.


He reminds me of myself when I was younger. Still, I will make his future a better one.

- Apollo

My loving son has all the best qualities of his father.

- Gianne Inviá

He needs to liven up a little!

- Kara Inviá

You have great future. Easy to tell.

- Gorf

Heh, I remember this one. Not often do you forget memories like that.

- Kithworto




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