I am in the position I want to be in, and I get what I want. It is good enough for me.

- Lamenar Reminocles

Lamenar Reminocles is the prime minister and the head of government of the New Tertamian Alliance, and the former leader of the Tertanai Ascendancy, an honour which since the formation of the Alliance has passed to Nelana mi Anar Satelemene. One of the founders of the Alliance itself, Lamenar is an intelligent, strong leader, who is however known for being deceitful and manipulative.


Early life[]

Reminocles was born on Il'larion, the current capital of the Tertanai. When Reminocles was a child, his homeworld was nothing but a backwater planet lying in the shadow of the Tirarian Empire, which was at that point the strongest Tertanai nation in the Ascendancy space. Living in a rich (by Il'larionian standards) family, Reminocles's parents were wealthy enough for him to recieve education on Tirar; as such, he saw the contrast between his own poor homeworld and its filthy rich oppressor from his childhood. Vowing to change this injustice of fate, he devoted himself to his new dream: to make Il'larion a jewel in the crown of the Tertanai species.

In the following decades, Reminocles made great successes in both economics (becoming a CEO of the IlCorps, now one of the most influential corporations in the NTA) and politics, eventually granted the title of the Lord Chancellor, one of most important positions in his homeworld's government (the fact that most of his opponents had suddenly found controversial information regarding themselves revealed in mass media is, of course, completely unrelated to this). Under Reminocles' rule, Il'larion thrived and eventually unified the entire species under its rule, forming the Tertanai Ascendancy.

Andromeda War[]

Reminocles's empire met a crisis, however, during the war against the Crystalline Hive, the alien species that devoured entire worlds as it marched through space. With billions of Tertanai - including the Ascendancy's nominal leader, Archon Nalarem Menali - being killed by the invading aliens, Reminocles's ratings began falling rapidly. The chancellor, however, made a risky decision to survive the Crystalline threat and led his people into hiding. This strategy, however, was compromised by the intervention of the diplomats sent by the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, who alerted the Hive and as such caused a massive Crystalline attack on the Tertanai worlds. Strangely, however, this intervention also changed the tides of war, not only driving the invasion back but also allowing the Tertanai to join the galactic community.

Reminocles, quickly realising the opportunity, quickly started scheming and eventually, together with other leaders of Segmentum Umbra, proposed the formation of a democratic federation that would unite multiple species and become a superpower akin to the Highlord empires of the Andromedan Galctic Commonwealth. Soon, this proposal became real, and Reminocles, after a series of elections, found himself in control of the new superpower.

Reminocles now stays on Pheon, the newly founded capital of the Alliance, busy with state affairs.



Reminocles is a middle-aged Illarian Tertanai, distinguished among other members of his species by his stern facial features (something that aliens tend not to notice), a sand brown coat, his elaborate, gilded clothing of Tirarian origin - during his offworld education, Reminocles grew to like his alma mater's posh fashion - and a high-class Trans-Tertamian accent. Although Reminocles definitely takes pride in his appearance, he does not like to maintain an image of a rich, refined person, as he understand fully that to survive in the world of politics, one must be connected with the electorate.


A supreme bureaucrat and a head of the NTA government, Reminocles' face rarely appears on the holovision, but his power is great and in some way, exceeds S'nar's. He acts like the president's advisor: telling him what to say, providing him insight on politics and informing him of events to come. S'nar trusts his prime minister greatly, and the two share supreme power over the Alliance equally. Reminocles' position also allows him to easily get what he wants; he is not above taking a million or two out of the Alliance's government budget when he wants to. Despite this, however, Reminocles is greatly devoted to his species and the NTA and will go to great lengths to protect its interests.

Reminocles sees his president both as a powerful speaker to be admired and as a naive child; sometimes he acts like a mentor to him - when he cares, that's it. After all, years of warfare eventually made bitter, and then, cynical and uncaring; he does not believe in any ideals and considers politics to be a dirty business where everything is allowed to succeed. Neverthless, when impressed, he can be a good friend and will lend a hand to those who he cares about; the only problem is that impressing Reminocles is practically impossible.



Blue face.pngLet us conversate.

  • President S'nar - I stand at your side, sir.
  • Jahric - I owe you, War Predictor. My entire species does.
  • Arkarixus - You... saw... the Ancient Ones... in flesh?


Yellow face.pngInteresting...

  • The Andromedan Light - As long as you don't control us, we are at your side.
    • Uriel Ultanos - A wise leader.
    • Iovera IX - She is somewhat... strange, but I respect her none the less.
    • Tyraz - The Security Force is at your command, Grandmaster.


Orange face.pngI have nothing to say.


Next time we meet... please, don't threaten to kill me.

- Jahric

He may have been a little grating at first, but he has an intelligence sharper than any sword I have seen.

- Alessa Ultanos

Hold up! If you come within five metres of me, I'm not afraid to cut a bitch!

- Kara Inviá


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