I serve democracy and the people of Cyrannus.

- Laege Shavalera

Laege Shavalera was a male Libertus who served in the naval forces of the New Cyrannian Republic, as the Fleet Admiral of the Third Fleet. Shavalera was one of the most famous figures in the United Republic, having made his name well known during the Second Galactic War, where he defended the Republic from the attacks of the Imperial Alliance. Eventually, he became one of the leaders of the Fleet of Retribution, alongside Willelmus Cretacea, one of his close friends.

When the Empire was formed, Shavalera watched as everything in his life crumbled. Unsure what to do, he retreated to what remained of Republic space in the Quadrant Galaxies, becoming the military leader of the Republic in Exile in the process. When the Exiled Republic was merged into the New Republic, Shavalera was pleased that he could once again freely travel in Cyrannus, doing what he loves best; travelling the stars. Commanding the battlecruiser Arbitrator, Shavalera made first contact with many new civilisations, including the Ecclessoth Convocation.

When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted upon the destruction of the Republic capital Mou'Cyran, Shavalera was recalled back to Coru Secundus, where he was placed in command of the Third Fleet from his new flagship, the C.R.S. Layné Borellian, a Legacy-class Star Destroyer. Committed to the fight against the Empire, Shavalera was the mastermind of many of the Republic's most daring assaults against the Empire during the early stages of the war, though he was killed in action during the Second Battle of Lianna.


Early lifeEdit

Laege was born on the colony of Cancerti during the last year of the Mortalitas War. During his youth he was very crafty and somewhat troublesome, however he eventually became matured greatly as time went on. He always wanted to become the captain of a starship and explore the universe, like his father who was unfortunately killed during the war with the Mortalitas. Shavalera went on to become a cadet in the Navy of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, after 7 years of arduous studying on Lunasa, the moon of Capricaerón. He met many friends at the academy including Willelmus Cretacea, who would eventually become a good friend. He eventually was promoted to lieutenant on the CSS Hunter under Captain Hord, a strict captain who was ruthless and unforgiving, however after spending over 10 years rising up the ranks on the Hunter, he befriended Hord and became his executive officer (XO). Unlike most XOs, Shaw became a popular figure among the crew of the Hunter, and Hord recommended to Fleet Command that Shavalera be awarded his own ship.

Trucinex WarEdit

CSS Hunter vs Trucinex

A Trucinex Basestar attacking the Hunter.

Just as Shavalera was about to receive his own command, the Trucinex launched their devastating attack. The Hunter regrouped at Canceron with a fleet of ships from Rambo Nation and the Delpha Coalition of Planets against a huge Trucinex armada in orbit over Scorpia. The ensuing battle was going well, until the Hunter was hit with numerous Trucinex weapons. Hord called on all the crew to get to the escape pods, while he stayed behind to lead a kamikaze style attack on the lead Basestar.

Shavalera was sad to leave a good friend to die, obeyed Hord's order nonetheless. As the Trucinex War drove on, Shavalera gained the CSS Diplomat, which despite its name was a fully armed Arquitens-class Frigate. Soon afterward, he was promoted to captain. While a relatively small ship, the Diplomat had unrivaled speed and was often used as a blockade runner bypassing enemy fleets in orbit over a planet.

As the war dragged on the Diplomat was nicknamed the Old Lucky due to its luck and the amount of times it escaped impossible odds. Shavalera's skills as a captain were noticed by High Command and he was promoted to Rear Admiral. Although he could have given up the Diplomat for a larger Star Destroyer, he refused due to the love he felt for his ship and his crew. Near the end of the war, he participated in the Second Battle of Nex, helping the DCP destroy the Church of the One in an attempt to demoralize the Trucinex. Soon afterward, the Trucinex War came to an end.

Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic WarEdit

It was during the Second Galactic War that Shavalera became famous. During the war, he enacted the "Shavalera decree", a command enacted by Shavalera to prevent the Imperial Alliance and the Vartekian Empire from finding the location of the important colonies in Cyrannus. Enacted after the defeat at Caldari, the command stated that any vessel that needs to retreat from battle must do so without leading the enemy to any major population centres. Any ship in danger of capture must self-destruct. Though the Imperial Alliance eventually did attack Capricaerón, the command was successful enough to be used against the Cognatus Alliance during the Intergalactic War.

Shavalera was promoted to Vice Admiral during the Intergalactic War, with his first major engagement being during the Battle of Scorpia, during which he tried to aid in the evacuation of the civilian population with the aid of Rambas II of Rambo Nation, though he was kidnapped by an elite Cogsangui during the battle. During the evacuation Willelmus Cretacea arrived and aided Shavalera in defeating the Cogsangui who had kidnapped him. Though they thought the battle was won, the Cognatus began to glass the colony, killing millions. Luckily however, over 15 million citizens were saved thanks to Shavalera and his allies, though the Diplomat did not survive the battle.

Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Third Battle of Acrocanthaí

Two Venator-class Destroyers destroy the ULE flagship

When the war ended, Shavalera received command of the Venator-class Star Destroyer, Valorous. Shavalera was secretly glad when the Great Cyrannus War began due to his hatred for the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and ordered the Valorous to be on alert for battle. Shavalera fought in battles over Capricaerón, Cyroenia and Nosiso, ultimately becoming a major asset to the Fleet of Retribution. During the third year of the war, Shavalera led the attack on the United Lanat Empire-held world of Acrocanthaí, ultimately liberating it against the ULE. When the battle ended, both Shavalera and Helo Roslia were reassigned to the Quadrant Galaxies to protect the Republic-held colony worlds.

Dark TimesEdit

Shavalera was shocked that the end of the Great Cyrannus War resulted in the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Due to his loyalty to democracy, he refused to serve the Empire and was relieved of command by his first officer, a woman he considered a friend. She abandoned the admiral on an uninhabited ice planet and took the Valorous to Imperial space. Left to die, he watched as everything in his life crumbled away. Luckily, Captain Roslia managed to rescue him and brought him to the Republic in Exile, where he became the military leader of this small faction.

Several weeks later, Shavalera and Roslia met with Adelheidis and decided to declare her the new President in the hopes of restoring normalcy to the Republic. Shavalera eventually gained command of the strongest ship in the Exiled Republic fleet, the Arbitrator, a Senator-class Star Dreadnought. Later, Shavalera encountered the Liberty II, flagship of the dreaded Lizaconda near the borders of the mysterious Ghost Nebula. A small battle began between Lizaconda and Shavalera, which resulted in the Liberty II suffering extensive damage, including the loss of one of the ship's two conning towers, though it managed to retreat.


Shavalera makes first contact with the Jenassians.

When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Shavalera gladly joined, becoming one of the first Fleet Admirals under the suggestion of Admiral Cretacea. However, he was also saddened to hear that Captain Roslia and the Avenger went missing. Eventually however, Roslia returned on the eve of Shavalera's voyage into the unknown regions of the galaxy. On the second week of his journey, the Arbitrator came across unknown ships which identified themselves as the Jenassian Regency.

Though he had heard of them before, it was the first time visual contact was made. The Jenassians were cautious of the "reptile" and warned him not to enter their space. Unnerved, Shavalera agreed and continued his journey into the unknown. Shavalera would later come into contact with the Ecclessoth Convocation soon after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, meeting with a top Ecclessothi scientist known as Cormon, who sought to overthrow his government, which had fallen under the influence of an advanced alien civilisation.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

SGCW Liberation of Coru Secundus

Fleet Admiral Shavalera's fleet liberates Coruaan from the Empire.

A year after the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm and the outbreak of war between the New Republic and the Empire, Shavalera was recalled to Republic space, where he gained command of a Legacy-class Star Destroyer Layné Borellian. Retaining much of his command staff from the Arbitrator, as well as the artificial intelligence Múren, Shavalera quickly outfitted his new flagship with the latest in Republic technology. In the weeks after the Battle of Coruanthor, Shavalera led the campaign to liberate Imperial-occupied Coru Secundus, capturing Coruaan and a large number of other worlds, before decisively defeating Imperial forces at the Second Battle of Thaehos. However, within a week, he was recalled to the eastern sectors, where a rogue Republic faction under the leadership of Praesator Adelheidis openly attacked Saxhleel station, sparking the New Republic Civil War.

New Republic Civil War

Coordinating closely with Primarch Voro Acetenus of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, Shavalera amassed a massive fleet of New Republic vessels, and countered Adelheidis at the Second Siege of Saxhleel, which resulted in Adelheidis' defeat and the end of her short lived alliance with the Jenassian Regency and the Rihanaen Star Empire. After a week consolidating his forces, he finally moved through the wormhole to the Quadrant Galaxies, and ordered Lianna station to surrender all True Republic forces. He was shocked with a Rambo armada, led by Commodore Malegras arrived and, siding with the True Republic, began attacking Shavalera's fleet. However, the timely arrival of Kara Inviá and former President Apaltar's reinforcements, consisting of Andormaru and Adelphi warships, managed to turn the tide, resulting in a hard-earned victory.

SGCW Second Battle of Lianna

The final battle of Admiral Shavalera.

Remained assigned to Lianna throughout the brief but deadly war against High King Rambert, Shavalera coordinated the Republic's response to the Imperial invasion of the few remaining Republic colonies in the Quadrants, though pulled his forces back to Lianna in preparation for the Empire's inevitable assault on the station. During the subsequent Second Battle of Lianna, Shavalera bravely held off the Imperials in order to buy time for his fleet to escape into the wormhole, ultimately sacrificing his life to prevent the Empire from following.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Shavalera was a male Libertus standing at 3.2 metres, making him above average height for members of his species. Unlike most Libertus who possess russet protofeathers, Shavalera possessed golden feathers, similar to many other natives of Cancerti. When he became admiral, he began wearing a variation of the common Republic Navy uniform with many Cancertian touches, such as a large, noticeable hat and prominent shoulder pads. Shavalera took great care in maintaining his appearance, but wasn't considered to be vain.

Personality and TraitsEdit

First and foremost, Shavalera was a deeply loyal and friendly individual, popular among his crew and those who he has served alongside in the many conflicts he fought in, such as Willelmus Cretacea and Rambas II. Though much of his adult life was defined by conflict, Shavalera was an explorer at heart, and a diplomat and longed for a return of the ages of exploration and scientific discovery of the past. Shavalera was also a keen warrior on the bridge of a starship, with his tactics finding recognition and respect from allies and enemies alike.

Intensely loyal to the United Republic of Cyrannus and later, the New Cyrannian Republic, Shavalera harboured a deep hatred for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with particular disdain for Tyrómairon, whom he blames for the near-collapse of democracy at the close of the Great Cyrannus War. While he deplored warfare, he believed that the New Republic's fight against the Empire was one of the few examples since the War of Ages as a clear-cut confrontation between good and evil and was resolved to play a key role in the final and total destruction of the Imperial Order.




Green faceIt is a pleasure to know you.

  • Willelmus Cretacea - A figure I have served beside for many years, and hopefully for many more.
  • Rambas II - Secretly, I support his struggle against that intolerable Empire.
  • Apaltar - I have worked closely with him in the Exiled Republic. I am sure he'll be a successful President.
  • Val Niathan - A fellow Fleet Admiral who I served with in the Exiled Republic.


Blue faceGood day!

  • Apollo - I've never met him, but his reputation is legendary!


Orange faceUgh.


A good friend and a cunning commander.

- Willelmus Cretacea

I see him as one of my mentors. Someone who I can look up to with respect.

- Helo Roslia

We work closely together as Fleet Admirals of the New Republic and we both share the same opinions about that... Empire.

- Val Niathan

You have a reputation. However, a reputation cannot shield you from bullets.

- Tyrant


  • Laege Shavalera was once known as "Leland Shaw", until Cyrannian decided that it didn't sound Libertus enough.



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