Kyrsá Nimrais is a member of the Osteola race and a former Duchess aligned to the United Republic of Cyrannus. A loyal follower of the beliefs of diplomacy, she was deposed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and replaced by a Duke loyal to the Emperor, which led to her persecution and eventually to her aligning herself to the Cyrandia Resistance. Devoted to the freedom and the safety of the Osteola race, Kyrsá wishes to see an end to all conflict in the galaxy, though she is aware her dream is becoming more and more unlikely to ever be fulfilled.

History Edit

Early History Edit

Kyrsá Nimrais was born in the year BNE on the Osteolan capital of Mandatine into a climate of war. The Osteolan Imperial Forces was cracking down on the rebel forces of the New Osteolan, a pacifistic group that refused to use violence. As she grew, she became the leader of the New Osteolan and began to muster the Osteolan citizens against the cruel regime, driving them off world. During this time, Raen Magalen was sent to Mandatine to help the New Osteola rebuild the world, which led him and Kyrsá to fall in love with one another, though they were forced to part ways due to his incapability to stay by her side. She was made duchess and was very popular with her subjects.

Great Cyrannus War Edit

Osteolan Plot 01

Senator Magalen and Duchess Nimrais witness the explosion.

In the third year of the Great Cyrannus War, there was suspicion in the United Republic Senate that the Duchess was supplying secret information to the Confederacy of Allied Systems. They sent Raen Magalen, Kyrsá's old friend and love interest, to discover the truth to these rumours. Immediately after meeting Kyrsá, Magalen began to doubt the suspicions and began to rekindle his romantic relationship with her. The two walked through the city and yet they were nearly killed by a terrorist attack. After talk that the senate was planning to send a Republic fleet to protect the system was discovered, she traveled to Corunnia to inform the Senate of the situation due to her opposition to the idea.

An Osteola Plot 02

Kyrsá speaks before the Senate.

She came to a clash with Senator Guolivian, who wanted to send the fleet, and the Senate began to turn in his favour. However, after an assassination attempt being made on her life and a passionate speech from her senatorial allies led to her being chosen rather than the Basileus Senator, much to her delight as she returned to Mandatine. Later in the war, she began to court with Raen Magalen and the two planned to be married, which took place in the weeks prior to the defeat of the Confederacy.

Following the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the absorption of the Osteola race into it, Kyrsá was deposed by the Empire of her position as Duchess and replaced by a more loyal Duke, being persecuted out of Mandatine which led her to lose all contact with Magalen for several years. However, with the rise of the Cyrandia Resistance, she resurfaced from hiding and has pledged her allegiance to it, hoping to oppose the Imperial juggernaut in all ways she could muster.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kyrsá appears as an average sized female of the Osteola race. While her species is known for their green scales, Kyrsá's body is instead covered in darkened cream-coloured shells, which are considered typical to her family and beautiful by most other Osteola. Her cream scales have given her the nickname of "Osteolan White Stone" by her supporters, something she has accepted as a very positive compliment.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Kyrsá Nimrais is, first and foremost, devoted to the Osteola above all else. While a pacifist, she is not afraid to speak her mind as shown by her open speeches against the old Republic Senate, with her showing disapproval of their actions which led to the Osteola keeping a neutral stance in the Republic's war with the Confederacy. As a defender of democracy and peace, she abhors the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus for their actions, and while she understands how much order it has brought to Cyrannus, she believes its leadership is corrupt and tyrannical. This all led her to join forces with the Cyrandia Resistance, with her being an open supporter of the New Cyrannian Republic.



LoveRelationYou are something truly worth fighting for.

  • Raen Magalen - Not even the Empire can tear us apart again.


Green faceI always remember when someone does something kind.

  • Sesoka - I know of his great feats, and he is a most optimal leading figure for the Resistance.
  • Apollo - He knows war is inevitable. I merely hope he is ready for the day it ensues.


Yellow faceMay I help you?

  • N/A


Red faceYou are truly deplorable!

  • Tyrómairon - Destroyer of democracy. Your good publicity is a farce.
  • Guolivian - He betrayed us all for the Empire.

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Quotes Edit

A strong woman indeed, with admirable principles I respect.

- Apollo

The talk of an idealist...

- Guolivian

A very beautiful duchess, whom I... knew in the past.

- Raen Magalen

Another snob with a love of peace and pacifism, in the end they all beg for mercy.

- Morgandaûr

Her fight to restore peace and prosperity to the Osteola is just. No war can be won purely through strength. Ideals are equally important.

- Ryen


  • Owned by Cyrannian, Kyrsá Nimrais was updated by OluapPlayer at January 2016 to serve as a character of the Cyrandia Resistance fiction following her disuse after the Great Cyrannus War.
  • Her title of Osteolan White Stone is a reference to her original name, Kyrsa Whitestone.


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