Ghhk. When the galaxy is in flames, I will have created my own paradise!

- Kravh Helljaw

Kravh Helljaw was a Varkorus and one of the lieutenants of Dark Grip, the special ops unit of the New Wranploer Legion.


Early History[]

Kravh Helljaw's past is unknown. What is known about him is that he was born at the Wranploer Legion and made himself famous as a wanted arsonist, who always escaped the Wranploer forces' attempts to capture him on various planets. As a serial killer, he never joined the Legion military nor had any involvement with the Borealis Consortium Network, until he was finally captured and arrested by BCN forces during the Second Borealis Galactic War. After the end of the war and the dissolution of the Consortium, Kravh would be approached by Torrent, who offered him freedom and power in enchange of servitude. For the sake of being free again, Kravh accepted Torrent's offer and was augmented with a lesser version of his nanomachines, turning him into a member of Dark Grip.

Ice Age[]

During the Ice Age, Kravh and the rest of Dark Grip captured scientists over the galaxy to work on Torrent's clone scheme. When Vekaron invaded his headquarters to stop the cloning and save Baptarion Light, Kravh confronted him, his team and Agent Chi. After a tense battle, Helljaw was defeated and forced to retreat. Once the planet was attacked by Vorius, Kravh and the rest of Dark Grip all escaped with Torrent.

During the seventh year of the Ice Age, Kravh Helljaw attacked the Rovegar Matriarchy in order to distract Vekaron and his team while Brakarion Gragon launched an attack at Hyperborea. Following this, Vekaron and his team had their confrontation with the Varkorus following the death of Torrent, with Kravh revealing himself to have strapped an anti-matter bomb to his own body in an attempt to destroy not only himself, but all Polar Crystal Alliance forces on the planet. The bomb was eventually defused and Kravh's nanomachines were deactivated, causing the Varkorus to burn himself to death after setting himself on fire to fight Vekaron's team.



Kravh appeared as a tall, heavily scorched Varkorus. His right eye had been replaced with cybernetics after he lost his real eye several years in the past, presumably after ripping it out his own socket in a psychopathic attack, and his skin had been scorched by the numerous times where he set himself on fire.


Kravh Helljaw was an homicidal, deranged psychopath who had no other desire but to arson everything on his path. The mere sight of fire filled him with delight, and he did whatever it took to spread fire and burn as many things as possible. Kravh had no regard for anyone and killed regardless of race or alignment, except for the rest of Dark Grip, who he saw as his "kill last" list. Kravh had shown cannibalistic and sadomasochist traits, enjoying the pain of setting himself on fire. Even the other members of Dark Grip preferred to keep their distance from Helljaw unless on a team mission.


Kravh had the standard Varkorus trait of being immune to virtually all diseases. Using his nanomachines, he could harden parts of his body at will, making himself extremely strong and tough to the point he could fight one-on-one with Kicath Agents. He was equipped with flamethrowers on his arms as well as guns which fired explosive fireballs at his enemies. He could also set himself on fire completely, increasing his melee power and speed. Kravh had shown to be capable to operate separate "clouds" of nanomachines which set themselves on fire and took a form similar to his own. These nanomachine clouds acted as scouts for him and relayed information about their surroundings directly into his brain.



Green face.pngGhhk! One with the flames!

  • N/A


Yellow face.pngHhhhhck. Speak or leave my presence.

  • Genrai Nal - The feel of battle is nowhere as satisfying as the feel of burning!


Red face.pngGrrek! Become ashes!

  • Vekaron - You troublesome thing! Burn!
  • Wragrot - Murgur are all idiotic beasts!
  • Kilchárunya - Get back to that dirty thing you call Milky Way, lizard.
  • Vansenk - My nanomachines burn better than yours!
  • Kamaris Vorava - Can't you SEE my beautiful flames?
  • Kirlisir - You can pleasure me by burning your head off!
  • Kitmnárochoaltánún - You taste like machine!
  • Kalcedia Myran - Can you make yourself look like a burnt corpse? That's what turns me on!
  • Dolgan Tuchaki - I knew you were bad!


You think you're hot stuff?

- Kalcedia Myran

Ngh, I hope he drowns.

- Tetra

Nobody can put down this guy's flame!

- Lemmo

Be glad I'm dead. I would have shown you the true meaning of Hell Jaw.

- Skhánaróton -01

You clearly have not been in the right battles if you think that.

- Genrai Nal

Fire, eh? Nice, me meal's already cooked! Unless, you want to do business, 'course.

- Billig Oltauris

1v1 me bro

- Drizz'pyrokirk





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