All hail Chairman Vostok! Leader of the People and it's Revolution!

Please stand up to acclaim the arrival of Krasna Vostok, Leader of the People, Great Commissar of the Iron Navy, Hero of the Popular Republic and Chairman of the Supreme Council!

- Strategos Anasta Zaitsev, at the first APR visit to Mou'Cyran

Krasna Vostok was a algolurn politician that lived during the end of the 27th century, 28th and 29th centuries. The crowning achievement of his life was acceding to the highest seat of power in the Popular Republic: Chairman of the Supreme Council or simply Chairman of the Popular Republic.


Early lifeEdit

According to the demographic archives of the Popular Republic, Krasna was born on Brikarda, in the Ruka system. Like most very high graded statesman, his precise birthday is kept a secret. Born in reproduction vats, he made his scholarship amongst the young's colony and showed great intelligence early. When he completed his basic education, he joined the Iron Navy Land Army. Vostok was assigned one of the APR penal colonies after it's training. 2 years after being assigned there, a revolt broke out amongst prisoners, which got from bad to worse. Krasna's courage this day saved many lives and prevented a whole city worth of criminals from fleeing the planet and the Supreme Council granted him the title of Hero of the Popular Republic He was assigned to the economical management department of the colony. Showing great promises in the management, he was sent to further study economy into greater academical institutions, where he became a proeminent students. It was deeply marked by his economical and philosophical classes that he finished his educations years later.

28th CenturyEdit


The Red Office in the Supreme Council Parliament.

Krasna Vostok finished his education during the first quarter of the 28th century. He was assigned to the Departement of Economy. His work also lead him to be in contact regularly with the Preshtia Secret Services and the Iron Navy Command. In 2739, he was managed to get chosen as the new Comrade Director of the Departement of Economy. With shrewd dealings and just treatments with his comrades, director Vostok got quite popular and the Popular Republic's economy was booming more than ever. His brilliant performances along the good relations between Vostok and the Iron Navy Command and the Secret Services provided him a good amount of support amongst the Supreme Council. Vostok had long lasting meetings with the Chairman of the time, sometime lasting whole days. Affection grew between the two of them. Only 12 years after he was made director of the most important departement of the republic, the Chairman, on the 30th of December 2751, the Chairman officially announced Krasna Vostok as his intended successor as Chairman. Upon the death of old age at 252 years old on the 21th of January 2752 (only a year and 22 days later) of his successor, Krasna Vostok, backed by the High Command, the Department of Economy's staff and the Preshtia Director entered and claimed the Red Office, reserved for the Chairman of the Supreme Council. He was officially recognized as Chairman of the Popular Republic and Leader of the Revolution by the Comrade Senators the following day.



Chairman Vostok, in the Red Office.

Krasna Vostok is a communist to the core. He was deeply marked during his higher studies by his philosophy classes. His predecessor lead the Popular Republic in a situation with lot of potential. The economy is booming thank partially to Krasna's previous work, the high leadership of the state was strongly united behind their new ruler.


Poziratel Cruiser

Chairman Vostok is also the captain of the Poziratel cruiser. Although smaller than most APR battleships, the Poziratel still impress with it's 1.9 km long. More armoured than any of the Iron Navy's dreadnoughts, the cruiser is a symbol of the algolurn tradition of building the most resistant ships in the galaxy. The shields of the beast are reputed to be almost unbreakable and commanding officers can further strenghten it by leeching more power from secondary systems and engines toward the shield generators.

Equipped with hundreds of hyperlasers batteries along dozens of ghost torpedoes launchers, the Poziratel can easily defend itself until nearby reinforcements arrives


In 2810, Vostok travelled to the Dymchaty, in the Bies-2 system, to attend the celebrations surronding the Popular Republic victory during the Red Crusades. The Poziratel entered the orbit around Dymchaty, but communications cut between the planet and the ship. Officers assumed it was because of the powerful ionic storms Dymchaty is know for. Couple minutes later, citizens watching the cruiser from the surface noticed the Poziratel raised it's shields, although no signs of threats were to be seen.

And then the impossible happened. 23 minutes later, a breach appeared at the back of the ship and soon spread to the rest of it, cracking open the whole hull. The shields and generators began to fail, engolfing the remains of the hull in a powerful deflagration. No signs of life from the Chairman were monitered amongst the ruins.

Although there is a multitude of theories concerning what happened aboard the Poziratel on this tragic day, the truth still eludes even the highest placed officials and the wisest scholars.


Chairman Vostok is seen by his a beacon of wisdom and intelligence by his entourage, although there are several "stains" on this impression. Calculative, cold and brutal against opposition, Krasna still hold the People in his heart and no sacrifices are to small for it in his mind. His military life and what he did in this time also shapped him, although he seems to deal with it. Cloaked in a veil of mystery, Chairman Vostok has few friends to share the dark secrets of the Popular Republic.


LoveRelationMy true love is the People.


Green faceComrade! Take a seat!


Blue faceI could see you as comrades.


Yellow faceYes?


Orange faceCome at me!


Red faceTraitors!

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