If you are in my way, stand down and die. You will not like what happens otherwise.

- Kralgon Emperor

The Kralgon Emperor is the leader of the Kralgon, former leader of the Kralgon Invasion Force, the New Kralgon Empire, a member of the UNOL (leaders of the Unified Nation of Ottzello), and finally the emperor of the Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello. A stubborn and hostile emperor with a short temper, the Kralgon Emperor is a clever and cunning overlord who will not hesitate to destroy anything and everything in his way. The only one in USO with more power than him is the Omega Commander.


Early lifeEdit

The Emperor was born into a royal family but not treated as such. His mother was executed for giving birth to a son, and his father, Roshisiz, disliked him for a single reason; he was a son, and Roshisiz wanted to rule for eternity. Rather than killing him, he simply ignored him, and sent him to a foster home in the poorest part of Kralgon territory, and didn't bother giving him a name.

First Ottzello Galactic WarEdit

When he grew older, he was allowed to return to the palace for some time. He was ignored by his father alot, but had been raised strictly to believe his father was a hero and always in the right. When the Kralgon fell in the First Ottzello War, Roshisiz' son (still lacking a name) was taken by a mysterious figure (who later turned out to be Emperor Zargoth) and taken to a freezing chamber, where he was frozen for 5,000 years.

Perils of OttzelloEdit

These were the times of the Perils of Ottzello.

Second Ottzello Galactic War

In the Second Ottzello Galactic War, he was unfrozen (also by Zargoth), and awoke to find his planet in ruins, his species extinct and very little Kralgon technology left. Using what was left, the robots automatically constructed a military by his command, cloning pods and cloned him, creating vast armies. While the technology was 5,000 years old, it was far more advanced than anything Ottzello had. In his Kralgon Invasion Force, he conquered the galaxy with the help of his allies, the Tokzhalan Empire, the Daleks and many others, including the Vartekians.

Third Ottzello War

In the Third Ottzello Galactic War, the Emperor had founded his empire, the New Kralgon Empire, by using Chronoscopic crystals to cause a time anomaly, brinnging his entire race back besides his father (who he had learnt hated him). The Emperor ruled the galaxy, until a new threat came out of nowhere- the Hostile Xenoform Threat. The HXTs caused much distress in the galaxy, and opened a way for the Emperor's enemies- United Nations of Ottzello- to return. Eventually, the New Kralgon empire was toppled, and joined the United Nations, who together, defeated the HXTs.


As a result, the New Kralgon Empire joined the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and the Kralgon Emperor became a leader, part of UNOL. He was significant during the Second Borealis Galactic War, and defeated his revived father Roshisiz.



He seems to be an ordinary Kralgon, who often dresses elegantly in gold and uses automated walking robotic thrones on certain occaisions. He has been described as the 'spitting image of his father', which originally inspired him, then insulted him.


He now has a rather calm personality, and is very inquisitive. Despite his work being mostly dedicated to research, his personality suits a war officer. He is bad tempered, often obsessed with making others feel pain and discomfort, and loves punishing others for doing something he dislikes.


The Emperor has no special abilities.


He seems very surrounded by technologically advanced equipment, possibly involving The System.



Green faceThese are great people.

  • USO Supreme Leaders - Bow to me, subordinates.
  • Apollo - He is a superb leader of his republic.
  • Mac - An excellent warrior.


Orange faceHuh. Idiot.

  • Fre'kloar - Grrr, it'd be better if him and his band of idiots weren't gaining power. But honestly, I have no respect for him at all.


Red faceNnngh... DIE!


We're all glad to have him on our side!

- Yogtam

YOR SIK...or at leest yoo were. nao yor dum as fuk

- Zr'Ahgloth

Bah. You are so easily angered, it's not even amusing.

- Kolossus

yor a stoopid peppa Roshisizs way betta dan yoo

- Hagto'Zhl

You, despite the fact that I can't get over the appearance of your people, sorry, are one of the greatest emperors ever known. I hope you tread on the lands of the Asdian capital.

- King Dianus



  • While Wormulon created the Emperor in Spore Galactic Adventures, it is for Technobliterator's fiction, who designed him, and also made the Kralgon creature
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