Born of blood and fire, Kragh is the twin of Yarda. Inheritor of the Eternal Emperor's rage, only death and destruction follows his wake. Those who stand against him guarentee themselves a painful end.

- Dominion cult's passage on Kragh

Kragh Virios is the one of the godlike Archons of the Draconizane Dominion of universe 822912-3. He is a powerful descended being who has a fearsome reputation for violence and one of the most cold of Kordan's children.


Kragh was born alongside Yarda to Kordan and a Draconiane mother. He was raised within the palace and preferred the Vollix wings of the palace. He showed eagerness for combat from a young age and showed a strange enjoyment for fighting. As he grew up he became a cold and ruthles commander who showed little flexibility with the soldiers under his command. His treatment of the soldiers and his attitudes strained his relationship with his father until Kragh came to the conclusion that, although a good fighter, his father was old-fashioned, nostalgic and out of the times.

Kragh was on Vollix when the Gruggysul first attacked the dominion. When he recieved reports that the planet Balkarra was attacked he summoned his brother Vetarion to discuss the after-battle report. He was then assigned to defend the outer system from

Several years later he joined Yarda to assimilate the Cyrodi into the dominion. After fending off an ambush he proposed to weaponise the Cyrodi by giving them more advanced weapons.



Standing 5.5m tall, Kragh is a large and intimidating figure. His blood-red scales are marked with countless notches and scars from battle. He wears armour most of the time and always carries his personal weapon"anarchy" around with him at all times. His large muscles only add to the air of intimidation that surrounds him.


Like his father, Kragh is a ruthless character. Unlike his father he is often impatient, confident to the point of arrogence and quick to anger. He has no care for the soldiers he commands, seeing them as more machines than anything else and he relishes in acts of violence. On the outside he finds anyone who is not either himself or Zr'An'Kar weak and is often quick to remind them of that. Around his family though, this is a sig nhe cares and desires only to make them stronger. he believes that cruelty is the best way to toughen them up.


Although descended, Kragh typically wears a set of light but strong Shidium armour. He wields a 3m long shidium-edged longsword named "Anarchy" that he uses fondly. The blade itself is made of a red shidium-edged material marked with numerous black inscriptions with a spaiked handle bound in black leather. Like the other weapons of his siblibgs the blade is empowered with descension energy, making it formidable beyond mortal standards and powerful enough to turn flesh and concrete alike to ash.


Honing his energies as a warrior, Kragh is a supernaturally strong and resilient killing machine. While most descended beings bear an abnormally high rate of resilience and regeneration, Kragh displays an enhanced version of this; his scales are hardened enough for most forms of small-arms fire short of explosives to simply bounce off his body while any injuries save for the most grievous of wounds that he does suffer are unlikely to slow him down. Every fiber of Kragh's being is honed to deliver and withstand immense levels of carnage, and like his siblings he can channel his energies into his weapons such as Anarchy to create extensions of his power. He is far from a brute however, as well as a resilient body Kragh also possesses an expertise with close range melee weapons and a variety of firearms, with his greatest proficiency being in the use of a greatsword to deadly effect. Kragh is a strategist despite his brutality. Unlike his sister Yarda's proficiency however, Kragh's strategic sense is much more limited, often preferring the much more violent or destructive resolutions and thus displays significant knowledge regarding siege and shock-and-awe battle tactics.

Extending beyond martial prowess, Kragh's proficiency with Descension energy primarily revolve around the manipulation of metals and geology. When in a combat situation, Kragh's talent over both gives him an immense formidability, especially in artificial environments such as cities or starships as this control over metals and the earth can extend to related or compound materials such as concrete or even blood. This talent combined with an immunity to toxins and a penchant for food and drink that mortals simply cannot consume without killing themselves, one of Kragh's defensive abilities is to erupt large shards of metal from his body, making him dangerous to hit or grab and breaking up his profile when visibility is low. Kragh has over the years demonstrated an affinity for telekinetically shredding tank battalions and entire fleets of starships. It could be argued he holds an artistic or engineer side to him as well, as much of the Spinebreaker has been assembled through his control over metals, and would have arguably been simply a hideous accumulation of scrap metal were Kragh not capable of reshaping the material into a structure that would hold itself or remain spaceworthy for individuals that do not bear the hallmarks of his supernatural nature.

While he does hold a degree of strategy, Kragh lacks the strategic or dynastic sense of his sister. Because he would rather spend his time reveling in the act of violence rather than managing the minute details of an empire, Kragh often prefers to leave the management of his realm's government to advisers. Kragh is however very proficient at directing tournaments and spectacles. Organising these grand spectacles however is similar to his ability to organise his empire's government, preferring the stages of tournament design that involve coordinating who goes where and who are to be paired up against each other.



Blue face.pngTogether we are unstoppable.

  • Zr'An'Kar - No-one is stonger than you!
  • Kordan - You are an old man past his time.
  • Vetarion Virios|Vetarion - A whiny soldier-lover too confident for his own good.
  • Yarda - You think just because i'm your brother you can constantly criticise me?


Orange face.pngStay otu of my way, if you know what is good for you.


Red face.pngAnarchy will taste your blood.

  • Free draconis and Zazane - Scum in every sense of the word!


I do not want you to become like the generals who commanded me before Zr'An'Kar, but that is the path you are taking

- Kordan


- Agent Alpha

Respect your family and your species, you insect.

- Kolossus


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