I lost everything at one point. Family, friends, my people. But, no matter what it takes, I will not lose what I have left. Not yet.

- Kradik

Kradik is a Bygorian Warlord native to Cyrannus, formerly living in the Mirus Galaxy as a high Ranking commander of the Zarbania Powers. How, he returned to his broken race, and reinforced them into something far stonger than they ever were: The United Bygorian Ascendancy.

Formerly a member of the Bygorian Royal Family, Clan Hakaras, and indeed, the last surviving member of Clan Hakaras, Kradik would be involved in the revolution against his father and family, losing everything to the rebels, and sent into exile, before being found by the Zarbania Powers. Upon his return, Kradik regained the throne he had lost so long ago, and plans to wage war upon the Empire of Cyrannus for control of the galaxy.

While Kradik prefers to keep the look of a savage brute and unintelligent monster, he hides behind his skull-like head an impressive intelligence and strategic mind, and deep care for the Troopers and militia placed under his command.

History Edit

Early life Edit

Kradik was born on the home world of Bygore Major, and would attempt to go enter into the school system. However, when it was found out who he was, he was captured and taken to the Emperor, where it was revealed he was his illegitimate child. Kradik, as such, would then be raised as one of the Emperor's Holy-born, one of his heirs, and groomed to rule at least part of the empire.

However, a small rebellion had started against the Emperor, despite his best attempts to fight it peacefully. During this time, Kradik became involved with a young women of his kind from another Clan, and sought to court her. However, the Captain of the Bygorian Royal Guard, Ancreest, would actually accept a bribe from the Rebels, and execute the royal family and all it's members, before personally "breaking" Kradik. This lead to his legendary nickname as Broken Warrior. Ancreest, as promised, was allowed to rule, but soon had the rebels executed, to prevent them from manipulating his rule, as a group of Bygorian split, as they where still loyal to the Emperor.

It is unknown what occurred next, but Kradik was left on a shuttle to the darker regions of the Cyrannus galaxy, but managed to kill the warriors sent to guard him. Having little memory of his past, and knowing he had no home to go back to within the Bygorian territory, Kradik charted a course for the closest galaxy he could reach; Mirus.

Escaping his galaxy was surprisingly easy, and he came to Mirus just as his fuel ran out. At first, believing he was to drift ceaselessly before his death, Kradik prepared for the worst. However, as he was about to abandon hope, a Fleet of black and red ships arrived. They belonged to Zarbania, and where on a scouting mission, while under the command of one of their rulers, Gridlock. Rescuing the Bygorian, Gridlock soon saw a kindred spirit within the Bygorian, and accepted him as a high ranking commander.

Channeling his anger towards his enemies, Kradik soon proved not only effective at leading, but also became famous among his men for the care he took in trying to preserve as many of their lives as possible. After he was allowed vacation for a while, Kradik disappeared, and returned to the Powers in a new body. Now called by his troops, the "Armored Titan of Zarbania", Kradik vowed to lead his men with all his new power that he could afford. However, High Command became increasingly paranoid of Kradik's so called Titan form, and made an increased effort to keep him out of the loop on government and military decisions, with some going as far as sending him on a suicide mission. When they thought he had died, Kradik returned, days later, his forces alive, and he all the stronger.

Realizing they could not kill Kradik, High Command accepted him as part of their empire, and his friendship with Lord Gridlock grew all the stronger. It was after this supposed suicide mission that Kradik would regain many of his memories from his days in Cyrannus, and begin to plot his return and his conquest of his own people.

War of Pirates Edit

During the war of pirates, Kradik lead many successful assaults on many the planets of the Pirates' enemies, such as the Staes of Cow and the Arkit Republic. He destroyed countless enemies, earning a reputation of a conqueror. Mercy never crossed his heart, as he destroyed and enslaved countless foes. However, when the war ended, Kradik was forced to retreat.

Aterro Dominatus Edit

When to Drakodominatus Tyranny came fully under attack, their allies, the Imperium of War, asked the Powers to help them out. Many Highlords were hesitant to do so, not trusting the Tyranny, Gridlock being neutral towards it, but Kradik eventually managed to convince all of them of the advantages when they did. He, Bisarko and Bisarko's son Teridaxias were soon able to get into contact with the Tyranny, with the help of the Imperium of War. While Bisarko was more interested in the Dominatus' ideology and policies, Teridaxias and Kradik were more into the Ultima Servillis Serum and in how the Overseers were created. In order to gain the Tyranny's trust, Kradik participated in many battles alongside them, once again proving himself to be a capable commander. The Tyranny was impressed by this, and he was allowed to replace his Zarcosian wardens with a cadre of Praetorians of Azuris. He himself grew especially close to Azuris, and made him his favorite in the same way many Dominatus had theirs. As the war continued and it became clear that the Tyranny was doomed, Kradik used the fracturing of Dominatus command to add Beholders of Oculon, Leviathans of Scyllraken and Doombringer of Fenris to his retinue, appearently hoping to use them as a personal guard after the Tyranny's fell, but it is unknown if any survived the glassing of Demogogrgon Prime.

Just before the allies attacked Demogorgon Prime, the homewold of the Tyranny, Kradik and Terridaxis managed to unlock the secret behind the creation of the Overseers, allowing them to start a similar project. When the attack begun, Bisarko and Teridaxis did not intervene, knowing the Tyranny was lost. However, Kradik was unwilling to leave his overseer retinue to die, and valiantly stayed behind, but not before donating a sample of DNA to his aid, Kul'talis. While he and his overseer guards put up a good fight, they were eventually killed. Kradik buried under a fresh landslide, being insta-fossilized as a result, with his body becoming a new natural landmark. The planet was glassed soon afterwards, and so was Kradik's corpse, making the landmark permanent. Some months after the fall of the Tyranny, the Powers used Kul'talis' sample he had saved and brought him back.

As the Centurion Project, the one based around the Overseers, Kradik trained one of them, a Bachyeon named Kamal on how to use his powers and abilities to fight for the Powers. As he trained the young Bachyeon, who he named Kamal, Kradik began to see the telepathic creature as a son, as Kamal saw him as a father. Thanks to Kradik's influence, High Command even warmed up to the Centurion, originally seeing him as a monster that could turn against him.

Coming of Eternal War Edit


Kradik discusses things with Caligustus

Following the war, Kradik was cloned back to life after Gridlock was ordered to save his ally, the Imperium of War, from the continuous attacks from the Troodontid Empire. Kradik was chosen for "knowing the land best", and would lead a fleet into Cyrannus to help defend the IoW colonies there, and gain colonies for the Powers. On this mission, he woud take Headmistress Gorash and Teval with him, as well as Terridaxias and his Centurions. In case anything would go wrong, Bisarko as well as Bisarko's offsprings Makatus and Heterrah would come in with their fleets as extra support. Kradik, however, exclaimed this would not be needed, and heeded to Cyrannus in order to put an end to the Troodontids. However, in his mind, he had formed a much larger plan...

New Cyrandia Wars Edit

KP 01

Kradik's plan begins

I finally see potential in the mother-galaxy. It finally has the right...Texture. To be my throne. To become my prize in the Zarbanian quest for domination. Yes, the broken Bygorian returns, and he shall lead a nation to glory!

- Kradik

During the New Cyrandia Wars, Kradik finally saw his oppurtunity to strike the home galaxy with a full invasion fleet. Contacting Gridlock and High Command, he quickly expalined the situation, hardly able to contain his excitement. The 3 Highlords and High Command accepted his plan for invasion, and sent him out to claim the galaxy.

Kradik carefully choose his lieutents to help carry out his plan. He choose high ranking Headmistress Gorash, as well as experianced Fleet Marshalls Toccos and Darcao, and Admirals Tarsik and Jiraso, impressed by certian aspects of their personality and their commitment to the Zarbanian vision.

Kradik organized his fleet, named the 13th Fleet of Reclaimation, and began a plan, one with him as the victor over every civilization in the Home-galaxy, starting with the unification of his people.

Year 1
KP 03

Kradiks' officer reports the discovery of a potential supply base.

Kradik began by bringing his forces close enough to Bygorian territory, but careful enough not to be detected by any native races. With this completed, Kradik ordered his fleet to send out surveyor drones, in order to find a suitable planet. He then tasked Kul'Talis, his second-in-command, and a group of Changelings, with infiltrating both Bygorian Imperium and Royal Army, so as to know when to strike the 2 at the right moment, and unite them with the least amount of blood shed.

He would also find a planet to colonize to act as the first of many supply and military bases for his units.

Finally, after monitoring the situation, Kradik would make several moves, including the in sighting of rebellion against the Imperium, diverse of it's navy from important zones, and, under disguise, convincing the Rebel Movement, who was still loyal to the Bygorian Royal family, to join his forces. Finally, Kradik would make a move against the Capital of Bygore major, and move in.

While at first facing trouble, his troops where allowed to land, and he, still in disguise as a servant of himself, and Kul'talis, as well as the Rebel leaders, moved into the Capital to discuss a peace treaty for reunification.

However, discuss degenerating between in-fighting between Kradik and Ancreest, until Kradik revealed his past; He was the last surviving son of the Royal Family, betrayed by Ancreest and left to die, before the Zarbanian saved him. Still in a normal Bygorian body, he provided much evidence, and convinced the leaders of both sides to join, and had his guards arrest Ancreest.

Kradik, over the next few weeks, would reorganize his forces, government and empire, creating the United Bygorian Ascendancy, with plans to attack the Galactic Empire. Unfortunately, as a back-up plan, he pretended to cut ties with the Main Powers, so his new empire could be seen as a native civilization in case he had to withdraw. But first, he had another problem to deal with...

Bellum Componere Corpus Cyrannus
Blood Before Expansion
The Liberty vs Kradik

Kradik faces Commander Miru in the Mobile Liberty Suit

After consolidating his control of the Cyrannian colonies of the Imperium of War, Kradik was quick to move out and reclaim artifacts for the Thirteenth Holy Ones, wanting to use them to increase his power. Of course, with his old rivals in Mendel Pact, Waptoria and Vanara colonizing, Kradik had to tread carefully with his former enemies, signing non-aggression pacts with the former 2, but ignoring the Vanara, not knowing they had actually colonized the galaxy, and believing them still in the planning stages. Still, he had plans to deal with them, in case they arrived early.

Things indeed lead to this when one of his fleets encountered a Vanara one. After a short skirmish, the Commander of the fleet called Lord Kradik on how to proceed. Kradik told the young officer, Grosha, to seek out the Vanara's colony, and utterly destroy it. Taking with him ground commander Shilwitz and Commissar Tlic, the Deutzalanian made his way there.

Finding the Vanara colony well defended by a fleet, and it's own natural atmosphere, the Bygorian forces had to land troops, as the atmosphere would throw off their targeting systems, and even disperse plasma fire. For this, Commander Shilwitz lead the charge. Landing his forces, Shilwitz and Commissar Tlic made their way forward, cautious step by cautious step. Arriving at the colony, the forces dropped down to the caverns, facing the Vanara in their own domain. Aided by 2 Bygorian War Titans, they quickly engaged the Vanara, before reinforcements arrived from the Manipulators of Kamal, sent there by Kradik.

After being ordered to retreat, Kradik himself arrived later, intent on righting the wrongs of his troops and helping the Vanara. However, their antagonism towards him lead him to lash out in anger, and ordered his fleet to engage them, as he went down to the planet, intent on recovering his troops bodies and finishing the Vanara. However, before he could do so, he was confronted by Miru, the commander of Vanara forces, piloting a new battlesuit design, and confronted him in 1-on-1 combat. Almost defeating her, Kradik was none the less enraged to find the bodies of his soldiers all but destroyed in the battle, and threatened to destroy her, before she revealed a nuclear device inside the armor that would kill them both. Knowing Kul'talis could handle the leading the empire in his stead, but wanting to lead his people personally to glory, Kradik accepted to start peace talks at once.

After it Kradik, returned to his people, weary and angry as ever, yet fully ready to lead them against the empire.

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

Kradik is noted for his great intelligence, brute strength (even when out of Titan form), and savage aggression. He is haunted by the loss of his family and lover, and has a deep hatred for any usurpers and liars, and, he himself believes the Emperor Tyrómairon to be one of these usurpers, though many point out it may perhaps be more of a jealous towards the Emperor's success and his power-base, rather then anything else. Kradik is willing to do anything he can to make sure his people rule the stars, no matter the cost. While he hates most royals and emperors, despite he himself being one, Kradik is extremely close to Gridlock, and even considers him a brother, and the Space Dragon returns such ideals back.

The loss of his future mate, Ulsia'Carna, was a deep shock to Kradik, and still haunts him to this day. Due to this, Kradik has forsworn marriage to any other females, still in-love with Ulsia, and not wanting to marry, believing they will be reunited once he dies.

Kradik sees his new body as an inspiration to his troops, believing his massive form and supposed immortality would inspire his troops to believe a demigod fought with them. He believes that if he where simply a normal Bygorian, anything could kill him, but with his new power nothing could touch him. Because of this, his troops take to calling him the Armored Titan, and it is a title he takes pride in, for it shows his troops trust in his power.

Kradik had a large amount of respect for the Overseers of the Drakodominatus and the Dominatus themselves, unlike other members of High Command, who thought of them as mutated monsters. The reason he had such respect for them was because he once was considered a mutated monster, and only achieved such position in High Command through hard work and conquest. Despite having a generally positive view of the Tyranny, he was secretly revolted revolted by abominations that the Occult Operations produced, and stood in open opposition to the creation of Biodrones, harshly rebuking and even outright killing those who dare advocate the continuation of this practice in the Ascendancy. Kradik believes the reason that the Tyranny failed was not because they lacked might or cunning, but because they ultimately did not care even for their allies, a mistake that he is keen to avoid.

Like all of his kind, Kradik is a strong believer in the Oikoumene as gods, and as even introduced the religion as a sect of the Zarbanian Powers' own religion.

Appearance Edit

As a Bygorian

As a normal Bygorian, Kradik was fairly attractive for his species, possessing dark green scales, with a red glossy finish over them. His eyes are highly focused, and very cold in appearance. He is very tall for his race, and towers over most others. He has the royal family seal tattooed on the back of his neck. He is notable for having 3 large scars across his chest, though keep his other scars hidden through use of his powers. If he runs out of energy, they will begin to show once more.

As a Monster

Standing at 50 meters, Kradik is one of the most massive beings in the Powers. With rock hard, green scales, and pure red eyes, Kradik's back bristles with spikes, and spikes grow from his shoulders as well, both of which he can disattach and regrow them. It's unknown how he achieved this form, as all leaders are required to enter into Science Command logs when they receive genetic upgrades and the like. He has a floral pattern on his chest, red in color, and surrounded by bony projections, and his claws are noticeably thin compared to the rest of his body.

Abilities Edit

Kradik has extremely hard skin and scales. These scales, which are quite rigid, can be actually control by himself to do certain things, for example, hardening them to allow projectiles to deflect off, or softening, so as to reduce damage from impacts by projectiles or falling. His eyes and inner-mouth are soft, softer than his skin in soft state even, and his only weak points. He can detach spikes from his back as swords, or shot is own claws from his fingers, to act as boomerangs. All of these regrow near instantly. He can also fire explosive rocks from his maw. Kradik is also fairly fast on his feet, and use many of his martial arts and fighting prowess in his giant form, and though is hampered by his own size and mass.

Kradik can also create miniature versions of himself called Fake Kradik to guard himself. While weaker, they can be created easily, though, he is uncomfortable with making them, implying it is strange process to say the least.

Kradik can seemingly create the same Synapse field as advanced warrior beasts, allowing to control the monsters bio-engineered by Zarbanian Science Command. His field causing the monsters to have further durability, at a cost of speed, as well as the standard ability to command and control them. When he does transform, this Synapse appears as a massive energy storm around Kradik, blocking all attempts to trace him or use long range, guided software on him.

Command and combat style Edit

While Kradik prefers to use his massive power and overwhelming abilities, Kradik also enjoys subterfuge and pin-point strikes before moving in with his ground force. Kradik will often fight alongside his men to inspire them.

Zarbania Cyrannain Expidition Fleet formerly under his command Edit

  • Ulciscor - His flagship
  • 3 Mothership-class Dreadnoughts
  • 3000 Kaiser-class Cruisers
    • The Devastator - Tarsik
    • The Shadow of Wrath - Jiraso
  • 2300 Devastator-class Frigates
    • Hand of Infinity - Toccos
    • The Destroyer- Gorash
  • 5000 Marauder-class frigates
    • The Shadow Claw - Darcao
  • 600 Despair-class Dreadnoughts
  • Thousands of Haur-class Strike bombers
  • Thousands of Zarbanian Skitter Fighters
  • Warrior-Beasts
    • 10 specimens of Rondok
    • 5 Guartok specimens
    • 5 Orgak
    • 3 Ordanto
    • 5 Gagadalphon
    • 3 Kagrax
    • 2 Burtegotos

Relations Edit

Green face Allies Edit

I shall make the most of our friendship.

  • Emperor San'krais - Everything I do father, is in your memory.
  • Gridlock - A true brother, and a true friend.
  • Kul'Talis - A fellow Bygorian, and another true friend. With his assistance, the mother galaxy will be mine.
  • Cravidor - You died well, Cravidor. A pity your kin have taken the path they took...But I will rectify that.
  • Skali'Draz - Even the most formidable of forms can fall. I mustn't allow myself to make the same mistake.
  • Kamal - I have trained you well. Annihilate our foes, my loyal pupil.

Blue face Friendly Edit

Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

Yellow face Neutral Edit

Watch your step, and I'll watch mine.

  • Medusa Heimdall - You are quite...incompetent, to be honest.
  • Mortrig Malevon - Were has all your plotting lead you to? Right. Nothing. I will not make the same mistake as you did.
  • Cruon - I normally don't like your kind. I'll make an exception for you.
  • Glaran - You unnerve me.

Orange face Disliked Edit

Your world ends, and I begin.

  • All of the Cyrannus Galaxy - I have returned, and I shall be such a generous god to you all.
  • Tyrómairon - Keep my throne warm. I'm coming for it.
  • Emperor Ancreest - For the death of my family, I'd be content to let you rot away. For stealing my future family, I shall bring much worse.
  • The Rogue - I am free of you.
  • Caligustus - You're winning back my respect. Slowly.

Red face Enemies Edit

Death. So many must face it. Even I. But you will not just face it. You will embrace it.

  • Imperial Emissaries - Intolerable. Absolutely intolerable. Bow to your rightful Tyrant, Overseers.
    • Azuris - I take it you are ignorant of my existence. Very well then - even after this betrayal, due to your uniqueness I will not kill you. When the Empire falls, you will stand at my side...Azuris.
  • President Draicon - The weak-minded president of the Troodontid Empire. Maybe I'll keep you as an personal slave.
  • Samrrak - You are obsolete, android. You lack warrior spirit.
  • General Thor - I will bring pain to you, and when you pray for death, I will make it worse.
  • Kvasir - I will loot your remains, Troodontid, and after I'm done, your precious Androids will belong to the Ascendancy!
  • Mentrex - I will destroy you, "Demon of Truxn".
  • Miru - I will destroy you. But not before I tear you apart. From your fingers, to your limbs. Then, that's when the fun begins!

Quotes from others Edit

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I must admit...You are pretty good. I'm sure Caracalla enjoyed the match.

- Cruon

The Volver are not afraid of you, beast.

- King Brygon

It seems the Drakodominatus were not the only ones who did try to upgrade themselves into biological monsteriosities. However, they are dead. He is not. Let us hope we can put an end to his reign of terror...the sooner the better. However, as with the war against the Dominatus, I sadly can't see it happening anytime soon.

- W'tze

Don't think next time you will catch us so unprepared, next time we will be stronger and more prepared. Next time I will make sure to take you down myelf or at least play apart in your downfall.

- Miru

Ahh, shut up, fatty.

- Phase-Hunter

You actually think you can defeat Tyromairon? That's hilarious!

- Drakan Thel'Vimicelnes

This monster you made me, I hate it, I hate every last bit of it and so I hate myself. So I'll destroy you, you and the others so I can kill this monster you made. And then, maybe, I can be truly loved and love myself.

- Ourohime

That thing must be kept away from the holy ones with everything we can muster! A devil as manipulative as he is cannot be good for anyone!

- Hashah Tur'ask

Quotes from himself Edit

I need not worry of magic sages and witches. I yield power beyond such supersitious things.

Fall, like all enemies do!

I was born for this day, to win!

I am the rage of my empire brought to form.

Such spirit! Such anger! Perhaps I shall gift with my same titan power and let you rage against me, little one!

Trivia Edit

  • Kradik's design was inspired by a mixture of Godzilla, Gamera, and Kraid of the Metroid series.
  • This video Inspired Kradik's personality and design.
  • Considering the Bygorians' new backstory, he is technically the first character of ZF's from another user's galaxy, as well as the first Bygorian to have a page made for him.
    • The original concept for Kradik was a Ugandalorian named Kradlock who had no memory and was a distant relative of Barda Clett, who became mutated into what he is now. However, this was changed for the current concept.
  • Keizer Ghidorah Appears fits Kradik best.
  • A lot of his characteristics and personality where contributed, and improved upon, with the help of Monet47.

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