Kos Achille is a male Lacertian who serves in the Starfleet of the New Cyrannian Republic, as the commanding officer of the C.R.S. Oenóen, an Intrepid-class star cruiser. A young and energetic officer, Achille is well regarded by both his crew and by Republic Command, being the captain who made the most first contacts with new species in Republic history.

Achille considers the Republic to be the perfect example of an intergalactic civilisation, putting no species on a pedestal over any other and working to ensure that the galaxy prospers under a democratic government ruled by the will of the people. For this reason, Achille is fiercely opposed to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, a belief compounded by the loss of his previous command, the C.R.S. Celestes, during the Second Great Cyrannus War.


Born on Laurantia in 25 BNE, Kos Achille spent much of his youth on his parents trading ship plying the rudimentary hyperlanes which crisscrossed Lacertian space. When first contact was made between the Lacertian government and the New Cyrannian Republic, Achille, who was completing his final year at the Lacertian Fleet Academy, quickly transferred to the newly formed Starfleet of the New Republic—becoming the first Lacertian to enlist.

By 06 NE, Achille had gained the rank of Captain and was placed in command of the newly constructed Odyssey-class cruiser, the C.R.S. Celestes, and was promptly assigned to exploration duties along the Republic frontier. Over the course of the next two years, Achille and the crew of the Celestes became well regarded by making numerous first contacts with alien species in the Unknown Regions, many of whom would later join the Republic.

Achille was pulled away from these duties in 09 NE, with the outbreak of the Neraida War. He was present during the meeting on the C.R.S. Aeolus, and later participated in the [Fiction:Neraida War/Defence of Angrenos Defence of Angrenos] and the Battle of Coruanthor. After the war ended with a decisive Republic victory, he returned to his duties as an explorer, though with the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, he returned to front-line service.

During the Battle of Coruanthor, Achille was seriously injured when the Celestes was attacked by the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera. Though his command crew managed to drag him to safety, the ship was lost, exploding under intense Imperial bombardment. After two months of rehabilitation, Achille returned to active duty, and was placed in command of the Intrepid-class starship C.R.S. Oenóen. After the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, he fled into Ecclessoth Convocation space, where he and the crew of the Oenóen became key members in the Ecclessoth resistance against Imperial rule.

Achille later returned to the fold and participated alongside his Ecclessoth allies in Operation Liberty.


C.R.S. Oenóen[]


The C.R.S. Oenóen is an Intrepid-class star cruiser launched in 14 NE from the stardocks orbiting Scorpiae. The Intrepid-class is designed to be a science vessel though also performs successfully as a tactical cruiser in the event of a battle. Equipped with antiproton beams, quantum and vortex torpedoes, tractor beam generators and an advanced computer system, the Oenóen is a feared threat to Imperial forces.



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