They do blaspheme who say the Eternal Emperor is not divine. For has not the Lord of All given Him the covenant, has he not sent Him messengers so that He would reign for all eternity over our Grand Domain? Whoever strays from His righteousness, the Lord of All shall curse them for time immemorial, and the Fire will be his abode.

- Emperor Eternal 3:17-3:19, The Holy Dominion,

Kordan Virios, also known as Kordan Rex, the Herald of Zr'An'Kar, Zagdala's Bane. the Eternal Emperor, the Great Unifier and the Draconizane Emperor is the reigning head of state of the Draconizane Dominion Draconizane Dominion of universes 822912 and 822913, A caring leader and a ruthless tactician. He is a powerful descended being who has led his people from the course of the dominion's foundation over the course of one hundred thousand years to create an empire few could challenge.

An ancient and imposing being being, Kordan has ruled the Draconizane Dominion since its foundation in an alternate universe where the Draconis and Zazane homeworlds of Alcanti and Vollix were connected by a wormhole created by Kolossus. He is an entity of demigodlike power who balances his rule with wisdom and a firm hand, all the while being given deity-like status by his subjects despite the opposition such as Deicide. Since his rise ot poewr, Kordan - and ot an extent his numerous immortal offspring - have acted as servants to Kolossus, but largely unaware of his true alliegences. Ambitious, compassionate and ruthless to those that irk him, Kordan now turns his attentino to the Onuris Universe, with plans to add it to his expanding empire in the name of his master.


Kordan was born to a Draconizane broodmother while the species were still grounded on Alcanti. Raised from birth he was trained to be a soldier and within 35 years he rose up the ranks to become a centurion of the Minosian Empire. He gained a reputation in the field for his passionate loyalty to the empire, never questioning his orders and always believing the Draconis knew best.

That all changed when he was 38. While fighting Zazane in the jungles near to the Alcanti-Volix portal (a phenomenon unique to his timeline), one of his subordinates wuestioned his ideals and his passion. After being convinced by the words he heard he had his men turn on his own draconis comamnders and plotted for the downfall of the Mimidian empire, not caring that he was branded a traitor. He realised he had become a tool of the High Kind and planned to personally execute him.

His passions changed from unquestioningly serving the empire to believing that the Draconizane were the rightful masters of both Alcanti and Volix, the respective Draconis and Zazane homeworlds. he deposed High KIng Teronius by throwing the draconis from his thrown and then slowly snapped his neck. He then learned that the very soldier who had convinced him to rebel was noneo ther than Zr'An'Kar, the mithological supreme being of Draconizane belief. Decalring Kordan his herald, Zr'An'Kar told the new high king to conquer the lands beyond his side of the portal. Kordan wasted little time in expanding his domain. Conquering territories of the former Minosian Empire he set his eyes on the sands of Vollix, the zazane homeworld. 30 years after his ascension to High King he led an army through the portal and amrched on the capital belongingto Zagdala Breek.

What was originally planned to be a glorious decapitation of the Zazane leader was met with fierce resistance and Kordan had underestimated Zagdala's physical power. It is likely that were it not for the intervention of Kolossus, Kordan and his entire army could have been wiped out. Zagdala had feigned injury and transformed into a demon in order to demoralise his opponent, however Kolossus crushed Zagdala, granting him a warrior's death.

With Zagdala dead, Kordan felt relieved that a new era could begin. It is uncertain what prompted Kordan to drink Zagdala's still-warm blood but once he had done his life changedforever. For the first few weeks he discovered he had gained Zagdala's power and something in the transformatino gave him a fierce appetite, he ended up comsuming enormous amounts of food over the couse of a few weeks and ended up surpassing Zagdala's size while gaining roughly a quarter of his power. In the following years Kordan conducted many projects including constructing a palace that joined through the portal, which would be continuously expanded and improved as technology moved on. Once his domain had secured both Alcanti and Vollix, he rebranded his kindgom as the Draconizane Dominion and ordered them to colonise the planets beyond, encouraged by messages by Zr'An'Kar himself.

It was i nthe years after solidifying his rule that KOrdan gained desires for a dynasty, and over the centuries before the Gruggysul War he sired three of his greatest scions: Kragh, Yarda and Vetarion, discovering though their development that his nature coudl be passed on to his descendants as well as the people around him.

The Gruggysul War[]

The dominion was still in its infancy when it first drew the attention of the Gruggysul SOciety. At first approached diplomatically, Kordan felt offended when the envoy told hi mthat the price for an alliance with the society was to forefeit their sovereignty and distinct culture. Enraged, Kordan used his supernatural abilities ot torture the envoy and send a clear message that he had no intention of surrendering the Dominion's identity for the sake of peace.In the early stages of the war, while the Dominion was still relatively small, Kordan commanded the war efforts directly, but as the span of the war went form years to centuries of on-and-off fighting, Kordan focused his authority more on stabilising the empire while his children and Taskmasters acted as his generals i nthe field.

Kordan would grow in power as he took the time to understand his abilities, all the while siring more offspring as the millennia went by. He often watched as the Dominion evolved around him, evolving from a fledgeling interstellar territory into a power that was coser and closer to the level of the Society. But as the war escalated, he found himself engaging in a few of the battlefields once more as the Gruggysul began deploying their own immortals, who proved a deadly match for some of his offspring. For each scion they killed, Kordan grew ever more determined to wipe them all out. This pain was further escalated after the emergence of the insurrectionist group Deicide some 100 years before Mithra's birth, who like the Gruggysul's champions proved lethal to his immortal offspring. His determination to claim victory and show superiority made him initially indifferent to the increasing belief he was a demigod, later embracing the majesty entailed from being the herald of Zr'An'Kar.

When Mithra was born i nthe late stages of the war, Kordan returned to his duties as a dynast, doting her and caring for her not as a general, but for the first time in millennia, with the war reaching a turning point he saw one of his offspring in a different light. Since the birth of Mithra, Kordan began seeing his scions as dynasts who post a risk to the balance of power if there was no enemy to unify them. With her birth, Kordan put a plan into motion to divide up the Dominion into viceroyaltities, with the four largest territories going to Kragh, Vetarion, Yarda and Mithra. Kordan owuld later offer smaller territories to his less prolific offspring, but by the tiem the war came close to an end, Yarda, Kragh and Vetarion were the oldest offspring who were still alive by this point.

Kordan personalyl attended the attack on the Gruggysu homeworld. Before reaching it however, he faced one last barricated: The navies that were under the personal command of the Serpahim; the most prominent general in the Gruggysul Society and an entity even mroe potent than he was. Kordan and his family and crew were subject to terrible nightmares, brought on by the Serpahim's potent telepathic abilities. Even after overcoming these obstacles, Kordan endured worse alongside Yarda, Kragh and Lord Taskmaster Indricas when boarding the Serpahim's flagship and facing the general himself.

Overwhelmed by the psychic potency of the Seraphim, Kordan almost died had he not crossed the threshold into the Controlled Demon state, a combination of this and the Seraphim lowering himself to be at least moderately visible, Kordan engaged him in a close fight that left his companions in awe. After the fight however, the Seraphim claimed that he was mistaken, and came to belive that Kordan, not he, was the one destined for greatness and unification. Coming to realise that the Gruggysul Society was to only exist until something stronger challened them, the Seraphim died from the harmful Descension energy Kordan had channelled into his body.

On thep planet itself, all became clear. Kordan learned that the Seraphim was right, and that the entire war was a scheme devised by Kolossus to test his latest children. Immensely satisfied, Kolossus then informed him and his armies of the Onuris Universe and the dangers that awaited, before departing fro mthe material plane.

Kidnapping Tyraz Breek[]

SOme twohundred years after the end of the Gruggysul War, Kordan was informed by a scientist working ot chart other universes that they had come across one of Kolossus' description. Upon learning of this, Kordan ordered Kragh and Vetarion t oretrieve Tyraz Breek and bring him to Kordan's throne for judgement.

When the two did return, bringing with them Tyraz as promised, Kordan interrogated the Zazane warlord before ordering him to be kept in a prison cell. He later presented Tyraz to Kolossus, having Indricas place the Zazne o na sacrificial altar to Kolossus in a subterraininan great hall, where both Kolossus and Indricas proceeded to torture him, with Kordan watching. Kolossus ordered hi mto construct a device designed to torture Tyraz every day, to which he complied, having Tyraz returned ot his cell as the device was prepared. WHen he discovered a few days later that Mithra had smuggled Tyraz to Amesai, Kordan travelled to Mithra's palace, where he encoutnered Tyraz's rescuers for the first time. Dissapointed in Mithra's behavious, he entrusted Tyraz to Yarda's safekeeping and left the Onuris rescuers to battle with Indricas, who had by now become Yarda's consort.

Kordan was furious not long after when he discovered that Tyraz had been rescued again from Yarda's castle. Instead of entrusting the imprisonment ot someone else, Kordan took the Unifier's Edge, the blade of Zagdala Breek and one of his favourite trophies, and had his personal dreadnought take him to a remote planet where he downed the rescue teem's starship and landedon the planet himself with the intent of killing all of them.

Kordan proved a significant challenge to the rescue team, even with Deicide joining the rescue team and the Draconizane EMperor calling upon his own legions and a Taskamster retinue bound to his own soul. He proceded to severely injure Tyraz even with the latter in a Demon Form before the rescue team exploited his weakness to Dream Energy to the point of deabilitation. While on the floor he endured a threat from Tyraz, who promised his wrath should Kordan do anything ot spite hi mever again. In retaliation, Kordan ordered Indricas to destroy the planet, teleporting back to his dreadnought jsut after the rescue team left the firestorm. Out of a feeling of immense rage, used what strength and power he could msuter to rip the planet into several large chunks using his mind before the dreadnought set a course to return to Alcanti.

During an interrogation of Yarda and Mithra, he was visited by Kolossus, who expressed his dissatisfaction into recent events. He watched as Kolossus caused immense pain to Mithra for the key role she played in Tyraz's escape. After Kolossus had finished and dissapeared, he was reluctant ot comfort her as he was fully aware that it was her naivete that had allwoed Tyraz to escape fro mhis prison in the first place. He silently vowed however that every participant of the rescue of Tyraz Breek would one day feel his wrath.



At seven metres tall, Kordan is a giant of a being consisting of roughly three tonnes of firm well-defined muscle. Despite the presence of a layer of thick, scratched scales of a deep dark crimson coloration, the contours of his phisique are clearly visible though the layering. He is humanoid in stance, with two muscular digitigrade legs that end in three large clawed feet, while a thick, muscular but fexible tail extends from his rear and descends downward to the floor. Set into the sides of his head are two golden eyes that are almost white, and glow softly with a supernatural flicker to them, while a pitch-black sclera is hidden at the very back of the eyeball, which is rarely seen due to the position of the eye socket. Extending from a head consisting of squared, chiseled features are two large pairs of horns. One set extends laterally from the back of the head while the other curls around the protrusions that are the first pair. Extending form his shoulders and back are two enormous wings of Shidium plasma that can be summoned at will and when fully extended reach a span of forty metres from tip-to-tip. When unveiled, the plasma currents are noted to dance in psychadelic patterns that extend as waves from his back.

Kordan carries himself with a nair of pride and confidence, standing straight at all times and always sitting with a disciplined posture. WHen not wearing ceremonial battle-armour, Kordan prefers wearing finely-tailored outfits that compliment his physique and his sense of majesty. He displays a particular fondness for sleeveless coats with ankle-length tails, open shirts and an ensemble of full trousers and ankle-length boots. As well as fine garnaments, Kordan wears a small amount of jewelery, primarily around his neck.


A ma nof several faces, Kordan displays himself as many things: A doting father, a loyal servant to his master, a respectful leader and a ruthless opponent. When engaging in diplomacy, Kordan displays an air of respect and grace wehn speaking to foreign dignitaries, but quickly becomes defensive if he senses that he is being palyed or undermined. As a battlefield commander however, he is a ruthless warrior, showing minimal hesitation in killing any who defy him. When his subordinates fail him, he has been shown to be firm, but rational, preferring the severity of the punishment ot be proportional to the magnitude of failure, but often prefers to keep the puished alive unless he feels that the failure or mistake wwas so severe that death is the only resolution.

As a father, Kordan is deeply compassionate, outwardlyshowing a desire for all of his children and their descendants to become respected dynasts themselves and not hesitating to demonstrate how proud he is of his relatives. This does not make him soft however, the supernatural nature of his kin means that he has demonstrated displays that would injure or hospitalise a normal being, knowing full-well that for the individuals in question it is about as serious as a bruise or a sudden shock.

He displays a pathological hatred for Zazane and Draconis, hating both for the trials he suffered before his rise to emperor and believing that both are past their time. When it comes to demonstrating his opinion of them for what they did to his kind, he is utterly ruthless and without restraint, and is quite happy to break bones to assert his low opinion of them. He considers the employment of those species in his palace to be a form of irony for their cruelty and harsh rteatment to his kind, Draconis especially for his life as a servant legionnaire under the banner of the ancient Minosian Empire.


For combat and for ceremonies, Kordan wears a series of highly decorated battle armours. Each set consists of plates made of an alloyed mix of solid Shidium, ceramic, titanium and arcanised with Descension energy. Despite the armour rivalling vehicle armour in terms of thickness and resillience, Kordan himself does not entirely require it for protection due to his Descension. Most often he wears it as a symbol of intimidation or majesty. For hi mit is a way to make an impression on whoever he has schemes for. The armour itself is intrinsically decorated with scripture and baroque patterns depicting significant events in the history of the Draconizane Dominion

Kordan's weapon of choice is the Shidium-edged Grestsword Deliverance. A six metre long mosnter, the blade's shidium edge has historically been arcanised wih Shidium energy for a variety of devastating effects on the environment. Along the flat of the blade is further scripture fro mthe texts of the ancient days of the Dominion. These scriptures talk about peace on one side and violence on the other, with each side of the blade being occupied by one of the two facets. The blade has spent so long in Kordan's posession that it has by now become an extension of himself, capable of being summoned and dismissed at will and acting as a nextension for his abilities.

Before he lost it to Tyraz, Kordan's prize item was the Unifier's Edge; the warglaive wielded by Zagdala Breek. Unlike Deliverance, the Unifier's Edge was largely kept as a trophy in Kordan's palace and taken out for what he predicted to be the most mighty or memorable of battles. While Deliverance acted as an extension to Kordan's body, the Unifier's Edge empowered Kordan with the residual Descension Energy of Zagdala Breek and could further amplify his abilities by being wielded. Kordan ultimately lost the warglave after being bested in battle by Tyraz and his cohorts.


Spending over 100,000 years to master the Descension he gained from drinking the blood of Zagdala Breek, Kordan is quite possibly the most potent Descension Energy user known short of Zagdala himself. He demosntrates a wide number of abilities with the energies including weather manipulation, abnormal strength, telekinesis, intergalactic teleportation, a near-deific level of endurance, rapid regeneration (including injuries cuased by weapons such as the Firesword), telekinesis and the large-scale manipulation of rock. Weapons of even those with Draconizane origin have proven to have no effect on his physiology, often either bouncing off his scales or embedding to cause no damage, with only the most severe mortal weapons causing some form of scarring.

For the past two hundred years at minimum, Kordan has lived in the Vardashakudalikra state, having no need for a Demon form but demonstrating qualities and abilities beyond what is normally witnessed among Zazane that undergo the state while retaining all of his sanity and control. Kordan has control of every state of his being. Like all Descended beings, Kordan has no need for sleep or nourishment, the former he has for millennia substituted with a form of meditation in order to maintain his sanity and awareness as wel las centre himself during times of quiet.

In the eyes of those with the right vision, Kordan's aura is massive. Shining like a star, Kordan's very presence has been kown ot corrupt the world and people around him. His aura is one of the primary sources for the Taskmasters and his near vicinity can unsettle mentalists to the point of the more weak-minded and opposed ot him suffering panic attacks. When channeled, his aura has been known to be potentially lethal in the shot-term, feeling like a pressure force on the victim's body with symptoms including claustrophobia and suffocation. Kordan's nature is further modified by the souls and minds of eight of the Draconizane Dominion's most promiment Emperor's Witnesses being bound to his, which he can summon forth for council or to aid him in battle. The nature of the sol binding means that they all share their emotions, potency and pain.

As a being of negative Essence, Kordan bears an increased sensetivity to positive Essence such as Dream Energy, which can wound him, severely injure him with enough force and slow his regeration. Aside from a stronger opponent, prolonged exposure to positive energy has so far proven to be one of the few things that can slow Kordan down and potentially incapacitate him.

As well as supernatural ability, his extreme age has forged Kordan into a master strategist and a wise leader. His talents have absorbed empires into his domain and his ferocity in battle with his greatsword gives him few opponents in his native universe. Through his Witnesses and a myraid number of advisors, Kordan uses his intelligence and his long-view to carefully craft his empire into a dangerous force.



Green face.pngWith your help, the Draconizane will reign supreme.

  • Zr'An'Kar - My lord and master
  • Virios Dynasty - My children, my legacy!
    • Yarda Virios - You take after my own heart. My blessings to you.
    • Kragh Virios - How many times do I have to knock sense before you learn?
    • Vetarion Virios - My Dominion is not a game.
    • Mithra Virios - If only I could cradle you in my arms for eternity. My sweet Mithra.
  • Lord Taskmaster Indricas - I could not ask for a finer Witness. Immortality will come for you.
  • Other Draconizane - My brothers and sisters, we shall make the empire great.


Yellow face.pngYou will last longer so long as you keep respecting me.

  • Maktanshatinaknatazán - You see me as a reflection of yourself. Perhaps there is wisdom in your suggestion of defiance.


Red face.pngI will grind you to dust in my very palm.

  • Tyraz - How dare you shake my domain!
  • Crispy - Your toying with my daughter will not go unpunished.
  • Sarec - What are you...
  • Iovera IX - I am no god. But I am close!
  • Koluap - Chowder for my Koda.
  • Jerkon - You think I am unaware you desire genocide?
  • Herquie - An ally of the Apostate is an enemy of mine.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Your empire will make a fine addition to my domain, "master king".
  • Hachiman - I was sent groundward by a child?
  • Deicide - Damnation is too good for you all.
  • Free draconis and Zazane - All of you are vermin who's time has passed.


So what you get when you mix a Draconis, a Zazane and a big bowl of anger? This guy. We should preferably keep the empires defended just in case.

- Koluap

You have grown too soft for my liking, Kordan Rex. I will seek victories elsewhere.

- Kolossus

His very presence inspres dread while his gaze annihilates a hope of victory. That is all before he truly demonstrates just why a universe of souls bows before his command.

- Uriel Ultanos

Committed many wrongs have I, all for reasons multitude, yet I recall not once irking that fierce rage of yours prior to the incident you instigated. ... 'Tis a great shame to deem you another of my dreadful nemeses, Rex, for I see great care and caution clasped in the very hands that carved your kingdom.

- Tyraz

I dread to think if there are any others like him living in the Quadrant. ... Hell, it scares me just thinking that guys like this live in worlds outside of the universe, let alone inside of it.

- Hachiman


  • Kordan is primarily shared between Lucario of the Gods and Monet47 who often alternate control.


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