Mentally unstable. Unfit for the military. Would cause more damage to allies than to enemies. Subject is to be sent to a mental institution in order to receive treatment. Repeat: unfit for the military.

- Official Spinker Empire reports

Koluap Cardoni was a famous retired Spinker soldier who once served as the highest authority of his people's military and as one of the Royal Admirals of the Indoctrinate Collective. Famed across the stars for being mentally insane yet still serving under the navy of the Spinker race, Koluap's quirky mannerisms and misadventures went from his home galaxy to even the depths of Hell as he fought face-to-face with the Xhodocto themselves. He later left the military in order to get his psyche treated and to take care of his family, but due to depression and guilt over his time as a madman, he eventually committed suicide.

Koluap's madness was born out of a tragic spaceship crash during his early days, though the tyrannic emperor at the time found it more constructive to keep him in service rather than to get him actual psychological aid. This eventually led to Koluap becoming the greatest warrior of Spinker history, something he came to regret as it has brought his race a bad reputation. Koluap always fought with great fury, no mercy and with a love for destruction, as well as a strange obsession with superheated liquids.



Koluap dreamed about being a captain since his youth. He was an average Spinker like all others when he finally got his captain title. However, an accident involving the crashing of his spaceship caused him to lose most of his sanity, forcing him to be retired into an asylum for the next five years. For this time, Koluap was plagued by monstrous hallucinations which tortured him for a long time until, out of pure will and stubbornness, he managed to deal with their existence. Koluap's determination caused the current Spinker dictator to order him to return to the military to test his abilities, which were proven to have been greatly improved by his new unpredictable nature.

He got his captain title back, and caused the destruction of several smaller empires. He got particularly bloodthirsty in the empire's war against the Ernai Empire, where he risked his life to destroy their homeworld. Koluap refers to these as the best years of his life. When the empire was taken over by Windey Spinkarius, Koluap started to follow more diplomatic ways and became overall a more controlled person. Koluap was one of the land troops who fought in the Battle for Planet Kaizox, being a friend of Drakley Charil, supreme commander of the Dracogonarious Empire. Around this time, Koluap also came across Uriel Ultanos XV during one of his his travels, developing a brief but true friendship with him.

Corruptus and Tabescere Wars[]

Koluap was one of the major heroes of the Second War of Black Fog, and a notable individual during the War of Claim. At the beginning of the war, Koluap joined forces with Jerkon to combat the Corruptus, leading the Spinker's forces on the war against the demons. At the same time, Koluap also helped lead the alliance against the growing Tabescere threat, showing much phobia toward the zombies. When Project Indoctrination was introduced, Koluap volunteered to donate his genetic material, leading to the birth of Maryah. During this time, Koluap's relationship with Windey Spinkarius became much deeper. As the war progressed, Koluap met with the legendary Kicathian captain Kithworto. Possibly thanks to their somewhat similar personalities, the two maintained a friendly relationship. Later, Koluap also met and became friends with Tyraz, the two fighting together both against the Tabescere and the Loron'Kikra. Following the death of Kolossus, Koluap, Jerkon and Herquie led the allied forces against the Marinoxidiz.

During the Cataclysm, Koluap followed Tyraz when he travelled to Mirenton, and had an encounter with Khazurhal Santorakh, who caused him to faint. After the Xhodocto left, Shu'rimrodir arrived on the scene and grasped Koluap in his claws, before being casted back into Inferno by Vi'Naherza and Vyro'Nazdea. Koluap was later present in the final battle of the War of Claim, where he helped Tyraz Breek and his allies in putting an end on Moxix, and later fought Shu'rimrodir himself in the Realm of Dreams. When the Dracogonarious, Spinker and Bonio reformed into the Indoctrinate Collective, Koluap was chosen to be one of its two Royal Admirals.

Great Cyrannus War and Marriage[]

Koluap and Jerkon meet Apollo

Koluap later embarked to the Cyrannus Galaxy to fight in the second year of the Great Cyrannus War. He, along with Jerkon, got a chance to talk to Apollo in person, and after this, centered his efforts in stopping the Neraida Empire from causing more damage to the Republic.

Koluap's participation was minor, though he developed a hatred toward the Neraida Marinox Khuenaten, failing to take him down in more than one occasion. Koluap later married Windey Spinkarius after many centuries of being merely boy and girlfriends. Many of Koluap's close friends and new allies appeared in the wedding, however, the event would turn into a battlefield after Kitoruka attacked it. Kitoruka was eventually stopped by Kithworto, and the marriage proceeded as normal.

Vault and Amemorian[]

Koluap at Amemorian

Koluap was invited to investigate a Xhodocto Vault located in Mahanaya, with the help of Kithworto, Hachiman, Kan'Kun and briefly Inquisitor Kelsos. Going into the depths of the Vault, Koluap fought demons and recovered many Xhodocto relics before escaping. Eventually, Kelsos betrayed the group, and later Koluap and Kithworto were both sent to Chaos by Anzilanarus. However, Koluap managed to escape with Kithworto's help.

Koluap at Tyraz and Iovera's wedding

Koluap later travelled once again to the Cyrannus Galaxy, where he would assist in rescuing Apollo from the Neraida Gigamatrix. Joining forces with experienced soldiers such as Willelmus Cretacea and Voro Acetenus, Koluap aided in saving his Libertus friend from the clutches of the Neraida. With his mission complete, Koluap returned to the Milky Way.

Koluap was also a guest on Tyraz and Iovera's wedding, where he wished luck for Tyraz's future by exchanging several Spinker traditions with him. At this day, Koluap met once more with Apollo and Kithworto and met Arkarixus for the first time. He found out about the possibility of the Xhodocto returning, and volunteered himself to help defeat them if it was really the case.

Tantummodo Mortem[]

Koluap at Anatezc-ji 0

Koluap was one of the first individuals to join the infiltration team during the Tantummodo Mortem, with the objective of weakening the Dominion of the Xhodocto from inside out. In a contrast to the rest of the group, Koluap retained an almost cheerful, belligerent attitude through the mission, openly challenging demons and Dominion soldiers up front, and being delighted to be in another adventure with both Kithworto and Apollo. During the team's trip through Inferno, Koluap attempted to attack Theruskrayathos, but was stopped by Arkarixus. After the group left Inferno and invaded a minor Dominion planet, Koluap killed several Dominion soldiers with the Xhodocto Axe he obtained during the Mahanaya Vault exploration, claiming he did not have a chance to test it by that time. By the time friendly reinforcements arrived, Koluap was also delighted by Macin Xermilin's arrival, but was quickly berated by the elderly Klamb for not calling her sooner.

Koluap remained acting as a soldier for the group and aided it through the mission. However, experiences such as the encounter with Santorakh and Macin's death caused Koluap to begin questioning his own chances of survival and considering retirement if he survived through the whole adventure. Going through many planes of Chaos and facing all kinds of demonic threats, Koluap's team eventually succeeded in their mission, and the Spinker returned to the Milky Way galaxy. True to his words, he retired from the military and decided to spend his days with Windey. The two of them would give birth to their first actual baby, a male Spinker who was given the name of Koliren. Koluap would later take part of an infiltration of the Draconizane's home universe for the purpose of rescuing Tyraz, and while him and his team succeeded their mission, the event ended with the Spinker becoming even more resentful of Tyraz, believing him too incompetent for his own good.


As the years passed, Koluap's insanity was cured, though it ended up being replaced by severe depression as he came to realize the atrocities he committed through his military career. No longer fit to fight and no longer wanting to feel the weight of his conscience over him, Koluap committed suicide through a shotgun shot to the mouth. A funeral was prepared by the highest delegates of the Indoctrinate Collective to honour his feats, with news of his death spreading like fire across the Gigaquadrant. He was buried at the graveyard of the Imperial Palace, where all of the highest ranking individuals of the capital are given their final rest.



Koluap appeared as a rather short male of the Spinker race, being considered of below average height. Under his skin, he had numbers of cybernetic enhancements which included armored scales and mechanical organs which allowed him feats such as breathing underwater. Koluap's attire was typical to that of the Spinker race's admirals, who were considered their highest ranking warriors and soldiers. Due to his advanced age, wrinkles were visible across Koluap's body, most predominantly near his eyes.


Koluap was famous across the First Gigaquadrant for his former volatile behaviour, resulted from a spaceship crash which damaged his psyche. Motivated by a desire for conflict, Koluap used to be prone to fits of anger and was extremely bloodthirsty, enjoying the feeling of killing the enemies of his race as well as anyone who might have displeased him. Highly antitheistic, Koluap also enjoyed vandalizing or otherwise destroying religious idols, likely due to trauma left by the Ernai war. Koluap received treatment in order to cure or at least lessen the effects of his insanity, though it led him to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder which eventually culminated into his suicide.


Koluap was a war veteran with nearly eight hundred years of experience. He was specialized in ground combat, and while he was fit to lead spaceships, he preferred to do the former as he found it more thrilling. Koluap's weapon of choice was an advanced equivalent of a double-barreled shotgun with customizable ammunition, which ranged from typical pulse and plasma fire to incendiary ammo, which was Koluap's favorite. The shotgun was also fit to fire Pseudothoi rounds in order to combat demonic entities. Regarding physical strength and endurance, Koluap was strong for his size and his enhancements allowed him to ignore pain more easily than a normal Spinker.



LoveRelation.pngMy life would be nothing without you.

  • Windey Spinkarius - My beloved wife.
  • Maryah - They grow up so fast.
  • Koliren - Grow, little one. And don't follow my footsteps.


Green face.pngIt's good to have you around.

  • Jerkon - My best mate ever, though he is too calm sometimes.
  • Herquie - Pretty rough, and that's how I like it! Wait, that sounded wrong.
  • Kithworto - We've been through a lot together. I have to wonder how he has not gonna batshit insane yet though.
  • Mimi - Adorable critter.
  • Apollo - Good luck on whatever you're doing.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Impressive.


Blue face.pngNot bad, not bad.

  • Willelmus Cretacea - I like your style, mister.
  • Voro Acetenus - A rather honourable warrior, no matter how creepy his race's jaws may be.
  • Baptarion Light - I heard he's doing fine.
  • Agent Mu - You take care of that hand now.
  • Tharaqím - You're so calm, I kinda feel jealous.
  • Arkarixus - Well, you're damn powerful for sure.
  • Agent Psi - Rather fun.
  • Hachiman - You've grown on me, I gotta admit.
  • Titanozor - Heheheh. He's a Spinker in a Grimbolsaurian's body.


Yellow face.pngDon't bother me.

  • Gerden Kole - I like your attitude.
  • Kan'Kun - You're not half-bad after all.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Your father was a good man.
  • Adjunct - You're one crazy little something.
  • Agent Tau - Reminds me of Windey when she's mad.
  • Sarec - You and Hachi are just friends, right?
  • Kalcedia Myran - You act like a teenager in heat. And you don't look like a teenager to me.
  • Corteus - Pretty angry fellow.
  • Agent Nu - You went from fun to extremely annoying really, really fast.
  • Iovera IX - Eh.
  • Dragon Captain Davius - I can see you're devoted to your job.
  • Crispy - You're taking too long to get rid of Tyraz.


Orange face.pngI said don't bother me.


Red face.pngUgh. I've had enough of you.


There used to be a time when I absolutely detested Koluap. Then I only detested him when he was being irresponsible, which was often... Now I have a Koluap-shaped hole in my heart.

- Jerkon

My father was a hero to us all, regardless of whether he believed it or not. I only hope he cleared his conscience when he pulled the trigger that separated him from us forever.

- Maryah

I swear I was planning to rip him to pieces once I found a way to get the Dracogonarious out of my tail back in the Corruptus war... Yet I came to amuse myself at his presence. It is not one easily replaced.

- Herquie

Mistakes and regrets bombard the tattered barracks of life, unrelenting and unending; aye, one of the more devastating bombshells dropped upon my path was the one that tore apart and upturned the seeds of friendship we had once sewn.

- Tyraz

Koluap was many things; a destructive pyromaniac, a reckless and gung-ho soldier, and someone to fear whenever they stepped onto the battlefield. But he was also a patriot, a man who cared for his family, friends, and brothers-in-arms, and one of the greatest heroes of the modern Gigaquadrant. ... Let both his friends and his enemies remember him for what he has done for us all. We must now brave a darker universe without him and he will be sorely missed by all.

- Hachiman

Pay with money, or pay with blood. Joke.

- Iovera IX

Koluap was, for the lack of a phrase that I can think of, what I could have considered as my best friend. Though I had saw it, his death nonetheless came as saddening. But he had won his battle. May the gods grant his rest.

- Kithworto

Yes, have your revenge... turn on them... kill them... kill them ALL...

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

It was an honour to fight alongside you, unstable one.

- Voro Acetenus

Friend of the creators!

- The Adjunct

An old friend of my father's and a dependable warrior. I'm surprised he was allowed on the field, however.

- Uriel Ultanos

I like keeping the human company, so what? Doesn't make me a masochist.

- Sarec

Whenever he next visits, I really should hide the valuables.

- Apollo

I like your attitude lady. You remind me of a young Erissare. Sensual, voluptuous, desperately looking for superheated liquids to pour over your body.

- Erissare





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