He is the infinite monster of time, one who takes glee in tormenting reality with his dark powers. While the rest of his kin are all devoid of emotion, Zr'An'Kar is an deliberately malevolent and wrathful god who greatly amuses himself by causing chaos and misery. And there are still idiots across this universe who worship him.

- Unknown

Zr'An'Kar, most known by the moniker Kolossus was a famed High Traffphyd originally created to serve the Corruptus, acting as the internal leader of the dreaded Dark Five and last served as a general of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Widely known as the direct creator of races such as the Loron'Kikra and the Draconizane, Zr'An'Kar was a malicious entity with a thirst for revenge against the Onuris Universe due to the multiple defeats he had gone through in the modern age.

Extremely calculating, intelligent and with a complete lack of empathy for mortalkind, Zr'An'Kar was among the most hostile and dangerous of the Vyro'Ralza, with his actions being responsible for the deaths of billions of sapients through the universe in the late 2700s. Despite his numerous defeats and being weakened more than once, he remained an extremely threatening force until his eventual destruction, plotting his vengeance on his nemesis often through the most painful ways he could imagine.

History Edit

Past Edit

Zr'An'Kar's first known records were during the First War of Black Fog, where he was a servant of Shu'rimrodir and a member of the Dark Five. During his early years, he became a student of Vyro'Ralzora, increasing his power. Zr'An'Kar's killing spree against the Vida'Rra lasted until he was defeated by Rhigeo Fuerq. After being defeated, Zr'An'Kar was frozen in a Dream Energy prison and became inactive for 9 billion years. However, once Shu'suvreca was awakened, him and the rest of the Dark Five also returned to activity.

Zr'An'Kar had the opportunity to spend his free time plotting his own schemes while he awaited for Shu'wokerama's orders. One of his acts was to fool the Loron into making him their "God of War". After this, Zr'An'Kar abandoned his name for his own security, now only calling himself "Kolossus". During this time, "Kolossus" also appeared to Gratz'kaoz, where he led him to the path of darkness. Kolossus later indirectly aided Hez'Kalka in cursing the Vyro'Narza known as Mac, however, without letting Hez'Kalka know of his presence.

Second War of Black Fog Edit


Kolossus fighting Demon Tyraz

Prior to the events of the Second War of Black Fog, Kolossus captured and imprisoned the Taldar Elder for his future schemes, and was given one of Laminoula'Fuerq's Dream Energy Shards to guard. He made his first move in the war following the death of the rest of the Dark Five, where he then traveled to the Ottzello Galaxy to look for Taldar artifacts and planets. His goal was to use these artifacts to revive his Dark Five brethren and avenge their deaths. Making an alliance with the New Kralgon Empire to get their artifacts, Kolossus later double-crossed them. During this time, he also met and fought Tyraz for the first time at the Third Sovereign Domain capital of Icarus, which ended with Kolossus being victorious.

Kolossus eventually got all the artifacts he wished, and used them to locate a Taldar planet with enough power to bring the rest of the Dark Five back to life. However, before he had to chance to do so, his plans were interrupted by Jerkon, Koluap, Herquie, Kithworto, Agent Mu, Titanozor, Thea'Nhirara, Tyraz Breek and Mac, who raced Kolossus into the planet's core and then caused it to collapse into him. Despite this, Kolossus managed to survive, albeit heavily wounded, and escaped to deep into Marinoxidiz territory. Following this, he used his powers to create a portal to an alternate dimension on the Milky Way, leading to the arrival of the Loron'Kikra.

Kolossus' survival was suspected by Jerkon and his allies for they had never recovered the Dream Energy Shard on his possession. He would be revealed to be alive during the invasion of New Draka, when the Loron'Kikra attacked the planet with the intention of destroying it. Kolossus was found to be the leading force behind the Loron'Kikra, and it was there where he explained his nature as a Vyro'Ralza student of Zargoth and how he was the one who had cursed Mac. Following an intense battle, Kolossus was killed by Tyraz Breek and Mac, which caused his Loron'Kikra to be removed from time.

Conflicts of Borealis Edit

Kolossus was revived by Zelfron and Roshisiz following the events of the Annihilation. He disguised himself as a member of the Unified Nation of Ottzello and claimed to have created a new 'weapon', which was in fact the revived Loron'Kikra in the form of the Dark Loron. These Dark Loron would later join Da Rogue Boyz. When confronted about it in Da Rampage, Kolossus revealed himself and murdered Tuolog. Kolossus later appeared in a Tralkik training base, where he destroyed the original remains of Falrik Zaarkhun. He then fought Mac, Yogtam and Thr'aloy, but retreated after Tuolog came back to life.

Spore 2011-09-06 16-15-50

Kolossus murders Dakster

During the Clash of the Crimelords, Kolossus was summoned into the new Ottzello Sector by Kol. Falrik Zaarkhun wanted to use him to destroy the Wranploer Legion, but Kolossus decided to just destroy everyone in the planet, Zaarkhun included. This attack resulted into the death of Dakster and the extinction of the Ottzel. Kolossus was forced to retreat after the Vyro'Narza came after him.

Kolossus' next move was to kidnap and corrupt Feldosia into infiltrating UNO and stealing several pieces of information involving Essences and the Grand Troopers of Foreign Origins. Kolossus attempted to corrupt Mac and Tuolog, only to be stopped by a baby Taldar's family. Kolossus once again retreated, but he had all the information he needed anyway.

Second Borealis Galactic War Edit


Tantummodo Mortem Edit

The heavily weakened Kolossus would become a relatively low-ranking member of the Dominion of the Xhodocto during the Third Xhodocto War, where he discarded his servant Gratz'kaoz, leading to the beginning of Da Blak Kroozade. When Gratz'kaoz obtained godhood, Kolossus attempted to regain Gratz'kaoz's servitude, but the Loron god dismissed Kolossus instead and went on to be his own master. During this time, Kolossus also separated himself from Zargoth, seeing him as a failed master, and was given control of Antagonar. During the Mass Armageddon, Kolossus briefly restored his power by devouring Billig Oltauris's Time Secret. He then confronted the Polar Crystal Alliance and several individuals from other timelines in battle until he was, once again, cursed, this time by an alternate timeline Mac.

Following his defeat, Kolossus was taken by Santorakh to Insomnia, where he was imprisoned against his will for an indeterminate amount of time before managing to escape. It is assumed Kolossus was kicked out of the realm by Santorakh, presumably due to being too moody for the Xhodocto's taste.

Creating the Draconizane Edit

Around the time of the Vague invasion, Kolossus turned his eyes to an alternate timeline and decided to experiment on it. Travelling to thousands of years in the past, Kolossus opened a portal between the Draconis homeworld of Alcanti and the Zazane homeworld of Volhix IV, causing the two species to meet and clash. Using his manipulative powers, Kolossus caused the two species to have hybrids with each other, leading to the creation of the Draconizane.

Guiding the Draconizane known as Kordan, Kolossus made the hybrid species take over Alcanti, then Volix, and then their entire native timeline as the intergalactic empire known as the Draconizane Dominion. Proud of his new "children", Kolossus ordered them to invade the Onuris Universe, with the intention of taking on the Draconid Imperium and the Brood of War, and ultimately destroy Tyraz Breek. When the Dominion invaded the Onuris Universe and kidnapped Tyraz, Kolossus ordered his imprisonment though his plans were foiled by the acts of Mithra Virios and Yarda Virios, who took the Zazane away from where Kolossus had ordered to be placed which eventually led to his escape. The failure caused the Traffphyd lord to lose faith on the Draconizane and vanish from their universe.

Golden Movement Edit

During the Golden Movement, Kolossus joined Crispy's Insurrection disguised as a distinct four-horned Zazane named Hildrazar Konorem who pledged himself to Crispy and served as a spy inside the ranks of the Brood of War, with the ultimate objective of killing Tyraz Breek and exterminating a large portion of the Zazane race with him. The Traffphyd would remain undetected for the entire event, though Essence-attuned members of Crispy's forces such as Tagutan and Shikan would note over his apparent immense power, causing some to be wary of him.

Kolossus' attack culminated in a an ambush, where he convinced Tyraz and Crispy to battle one another before revealing himself to them, finally stating his intentions of destroying them both as well as both of their empires. Only by working together did Tyraz and Crispy defeat the time demon, who, after being cursed by Mac during the war at Borealis, found himself unable to escape their combined power and was finally destroyed. In his death throes, Kolossus cursed the Zazane race and unleash what remained of his energies in order to exterminate all Zazane forces in his vicinity, though Tyraz and Crispy managed to survive.

Due to the remote location where the battle took place, few took note of Kolossus' demise. However, the Dark Loron's Flashiez did notice a disturbance in their powers, as did the greater demons of the Dominion of the Xhodocto. Da Rogue Boyz remain ignorant to the death of their god and believe him still alive, but merely in hiding.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

Kolossus differed greatly from other Traffphyds, as his preferred physical avatars were much more alike to that of a Loron. In these avatars, Kolossus was an incredibly gigantic individual, going up to 25m tall in height, but was most commonly seen manifesting himself in not much more than 6m tall. Kolossus' body was inflicted by thousands of scars from Mac's curse. Kolossus had a hidden pair of wings which when opened, had a massive wingspan sporting a skeletal-like look with darkened flames replacing the areas where one would expect webbing to exist.

Personality Edit

Kolossus, like most Vyro'Ralza, preferred to lurk in the shadows and strike rather than to mindlessly go in for the kill. He was also widely known for his arrogance, and often boasted about his incredible intelligence, beyond most even of his kind. Despite this, however, Kolossus was known to be ruthless when he wanted to, murdering entire species out of sadism and amusement. While he took part of the Vyro'Narza/Vyro'Ralza "game", he seemed to care little for it, and would not hesitate in destroying a Vyro'Narza out of cold blood. One notable trace of Kolossus' personality was the fatherly bound he shares most with his creations, the Dark Loron and the Draconizane, and while he rarely cared for a single member of either, endangering the species as a whole would cause him to intervene personally, with a rage similar to that of an angry father. Kolossus' personality was, overall, bipolar and unpredictable.

Abilities Edit

As one of the more powerful of all Vyro'Ralza, Kolossus was a master of Dark Chronoscopic essence. With it, he could offensively unleash terrible blasts of power, change the past to fit his needs, predict his enemies' moves and potentially unthink rivals out of reality, though he rarely used this power for not finding satisfaction in it. Kolossus' body was nearly invulnerable to damage with the exception of his eye, a famous weakspot on him, and his physical strength was great enough to shatter worlds. While he lost his immortality upon being cursed by Mac, Kolossus remained godlike in all other aspects, remaining far more powerful than any of his servants.

Loron Religion Edit


How Zr'An'Kar is portrayed in Loron religion

This will describe Zr'An'Kar's reverance in Loron religion.

Role Edit

Zr'An'Kar is the God of War, and is the second most important and revered Loron god. His role and position, however, depends on the Loron society in question.

Reverence Edit

In Da Rogue Boyz he was respected even more when it was discovered that he is Kolossus, due to the Loron'Kikra's relation to Kolossus, and the fact that Kolossus helped them during Da Moovment. While the Loron'Kikra originally did not know about Kolossus, they were informed about his involvement with them later.

In the Unified Nation of Ottzello's Loron, when they discovered he was Kolossus, they ceased worship of Zr'An'Kar immediately, believing him to be a false and untrustworthy god. It should be noted that Da Rogue Boyz in turn ceased worshipping Roz'Tah'Flok in the Second Ottzello Galactic War, making them opposites.

Zr'An'Kar is worshipped by offering Bling, rapping "Da Zr'An'Kar Rap" before and after battle, ripping foes apart as brutally as possible in his name, and making loud noises "so he can hear".

Ceremonies Edit

Pizza party

The Zr'An'Kar Pizza Party is a day celebrated on Da first of da second of the Loron calendar. It celebrates the day Zr'An'Kar won a huge war against the Galot Gods, eating 2 of them. This is a happy day for Loron, where all Da Boyz go to have a pizza party at the nearest pizza hut owned by a Pizzaboss.

Mythology Edit

This will describe the Loron's mythology of Zr'An'Kar, the Loron God of War.

Fighting Roz'Tah'Flok

Well yanno wat Roz'Tah'Flok he saw all dem ova gods an dey was actin like all bad an all dat but really dey was just dum den. So wat he done da god Zr'An'Kar was actin all hard an stoof but he was strong tho basically he goes "ROZ MAN I IS GONNA KILL YAS DUMBO I IS BETTA" and roz got all mad an stoof so yanno wat dey have a gang bang. Zr'An'kar got all his boyz which was Da loron Fighta Boyz but Roz'Tah'Flok got da godz so dey decide dat dem two just fight each ova cos dis was wen da Loronz wasnt very good. Dey have a massiv fite but in da end Roz'tah'Flok won cos he shot him wiv da staff fingy yanno Da Loron Staff of Powa yanno?? And den Roz'tah'Flok smashed Zr'An'Kars hed wiv it so dat dere was no war fer a bit den all da Loronz got mad so Roz'Tah'Flok brought Zr'An'Kar bak ta life ennit?? So we got all da fightin and da good stoof.

Struggle against the Galot
Loron tale

Well ya kno dem Galot Boyz yanno how deyz jus so geeky an all dat? Well dey go to Da Loronz dey go "hello how are you" or somfin dum we didn't understand den we go "YOR SO THIK THIKOS" an dey get all mad ennit??!! Dumbos.

So yanno wat Zr'An'Kar done he got all of his boyz which is Da Flying Fingies and Da Riding Fingies yanno da good stoof an den da Galotz was like "Step back fiend!" or somet wat we lot dont get how dum dey is so Zr'An'Kar he attacked an absolutely MURDERED all dem stoopid galotz so dey died. Dumbos. Dat was like da best fight eva cos he smashed dere heds off an cut dem all ta bits basically dere was blood everywhere i wish i was dere.


In an attempt to boost his own ego as well as to fool the Loron for his own amusement, Kolossus shapeshifted into a Loron and attacked the Galot, defeating them in an iconic fight. No one ever knew Zr'An'Kar was Kolossus until it was dicovered by Tuolog.

Revelation as Kolossus
UNO Loron


Da Rogue Boyz


Relations Edit

Serving Edit

Blue faceServe to survive. Serve to achieve.

Neutral Edit

Orange faceLeave.

Enemies Edit

Red faceDIE.

  • Jerkon - I don't forget.
  • Koluap - Ridiculous. Mad or not,, you are pathetic.
  • Herquie - I killed your ancestors for a living.
  • Tyraz - You will beg for me to kill you quickly.
  • UNOL - Didn't achieve fate. Now will achieve extinction!
  • Vekaron - I grow sick of you and your race.
  • Xerkea - Literal insect.
  • Baby Taldar - He lives. Why must he live.
  • Dakster - He pursuits me. He will fail.
  • Crispy - You were a functional pawn. Now die.

Wary of Edit

Face threatenedNo... No!

  • Angazhar - Must please master... must obtain master's forgiveness...
  • Santorakh - Unjustified punishment.

Quotes Edit

From others

I'll destroy you. I don't know how, but I'll destroy you!

- Mac


- Hez'Kalka

What a vile individual.

- Apollo


- Fre'kloar


- Zr'Ahgloth and Thr'aloy

*growls*... If you dare touch my wife... dare do anything to her... I'll make you pay! I don't know how, but I will!

- Yogtam

No, Kolossus, you are wrong. Peace is possible, you just refuse to allow yourself to accept that it is. It is because of that opinion you have that you fail to defeat us.

- Valzo

Processing your opinion... Us? Use and abuse? Laughter in progress.

- Tralkik Commander

I've never hated someone so much...

- Feldosia

Shatter my existence? Last time you try this, your attempt was what not only kept me alive, but made my soul stronger. You must learn, Kolossus, and it a shame that we have to kill you because you cannot.

- Tuolog

I've heard tales of you all the way to Quadrant 82.I hope to fight you one day, and hopefully become more successful at defeating you then Mac.

- Basvila

On the verge of oblivion. Torn by circumstance. A thread thinned to strands. A sun setting on the horizon.

- Angazhar

I'm beginning to find some use for you, demon.

- Anzilanarus

Do you know not of who I am? You should fear me.

- Kithworto

Within a time beyond now, the known war we have waged shall come to end. Whether standing high or strewn broken beyond repair, overcome with tooth and nail shall I to ensure the bitter hate between our souls dies with you.

- Tyraz

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Trivia Edit

  • The original concept of Kolossus was only of a possessed Loron with psychic powers.
  • Kolossus possesses a Fantasyverse counterpart in Zran Kar, who is widely seen as the superior version between the two.
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